China Requirements

Buying Guide

Restaurant Dinnerware is an essential component to everyday food service. From plates to platters, bowls to creamers, the pieces you choose to serve your culinary masterpieces on emphasize the image you've worked so hard to perfect. But how much dinnerware do you really need to keep your business running smoothly? Use this handy chart to find out!

Suggested Minimum China Requirements for a 100 Seat Dining Room

China Type Suggested Requirements
9" or 9 3/4" Plates 25 dozen
7 1/4" Plates (Salad or Dessert) 33 dozen
6 1/4" Plates 33 dozen
Platters (Size Optional)
4-8 dozen
Cups 33 dozen
Bouillons 20 dozen
Saucers 33 dozen
Fruits 25 dozen
Grapefruits 20 dozen
Soups RD 8-16 dozen
Oatmeal Bowls 4-8 dozen
Sugar Bowls 4-8 dozen
Creamers 4-8 dozen
Total 250-278 dozen