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Beer Glasses Every Bar Needs

Drinking beer is a lot like drinking wine, it just tastes better out of the proper glass. Just as there are wine glasses for every type of wine, there are also a ton of different beer glasses designed to make your beer look and taste its best. Here are a few examples of beer glasses that no self-respecting bar, pub, private club, or beer snob should be without.

Taster Glasses

Tasting Glasses - Small tasting glasses are great for microbreweries and restaurants with a variety of beers on tap. Allowing your guests to select a few beers to sample before they buy the whole pitcher is a great way to increase impulse sales, and it also appeals to beer connoisseurs who are looking to try as many brews as possible. Try using a beer serving paddle to present multiple sample glasses in a convenient and attractive way.

Mixing Glass - Perfect for porters and lagers, mixing glasses are probably the most frequently used glasses in any bar. They're often referred to as "pint glasses" in the US. The mixing glass features gently sloping sides for easy gripping and stacking, as well as a thick, heavy base to resist tipping over.

Nonic Glass

Nonic Glass - Ideal for stouts and ales, nonic glasses are easily identifiable by their slight bulge at the top of the glass, apparently for an improved grip and better aeration. The ridge also makes these glasses easier to separate once they've been stacked for storage.

Pilsner Glass - Great for pilsners and light beers, the pilsner glass is a tall and slender to show off the clean, sparkling quality of light colored beers while maintaining the beer's head.

Belgian Beer Glass

Belgian Beer Glass - Belgian beer glasses, also known as a tulip glasses are perfect for more than just Belgian style beers. The bell-shaped curve of these glasses helps to maintain a thick head on the beer. Use them to enhance the tastes and aromas of thicker, more robust beers like imperial stouts, double IPA's, and barley wines.

Specialty Glasses - Who doesn't love drinking out of a cool glass? Whether you're looking for a glass specifically made for IPA's, ciders, or you want to offer half yards of ale, these specialty glasses will do the trick.

Although there's nothing wrong with serving most beers in your typical pint glass, customers, and beer connoisseurs in particular, will appreciate having the proper glassware for their beverage. So, whether you're thinking of offering beer sample flights or you just want to add some unique glassware pieces to your inventory, it's never too hard to find the perfect glass for the perfect pint!

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