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  • Petite 6" x 2" size
  • Durable 19 gauge aluminum supports entrees and desserts
  • Material evenly distributes heat and prevents burnt food
  • Straight sides create smooth crusts and cake edges
  • Ideal for individual serving pizzas, small cakes for layering, or dessert cookies
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54 reviews
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Depth 2 Inches
Top Diameter 6 Inches
Coating Uncoated
Gauge 19 Gauge
Material Standard Weight Aluminum
Oven Safe Yes
Pan Type Solid
Shape Round
Style Straight Sides
Type Pans

Customer questions about this product

How can I properly care for this item?
Handwashing is recommended for all aluminum products. If using a dishmachine, you must use metal-safe detergents and sanitizers.
How do I “prepare” this pan for use?
Prior to your first use, this pan should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased, as well as seasoned once or twice. Check out our "How to Season Your Pans" video for more information. Our Pizza Pan buying guide also provides great use and care tips.
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Bake your cakes, desserts, or deep dish pizzas in this 6" x 2" round aluminum pan. Made of durable 19 gauge (0.9 mm thick) aluminum, this pan firmly supports your entrees or desserts during preparation and baking. Plus, the material evenly distributes heat throughout the pan, avoiding burnt or undercooked cakes or pizzas. Straight sides enable you to create cakes with perfectly smooth edges or deep dish pizzas with supportive crusts holding in all the gooey toppings. This pan's petite pan size is perfect for individual serving pizzas, small cakes for layering, or warm chocolate chip cookie cakes for ice cream sundaes.

Overall Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 6''
Depth: 2''
Gauge: 19 (0.9 mm)

Hand wash recommended.


Hand Wash Only

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: 6" x 2" Round Aluminum Cake Pan / Deep Dish Pizza Pan ( 4.9 stars from 54 reviews )

    This 6inch pan was used to bake the top tier of a two tier birthday cake and it was perfect! I would absolutely recommend! Am going to buy more for myself as well!

    from Events by Cat Posted on

    Love Love Love this little cake pan. It is the perfect size to make a 4 layer cake in and I only have to use 2 pans.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    Great quality for the price. I have been using pans from local stores and these ones are much mich stronger than the average and don't dent easy

    Posted on

    Purchased these for our catering business. They are the perfect size for making smash cakes for parties. They have a very good weight to them and the cake releases easily. Definately a great buy.

    from A Bite on the Side Posted on

    Great pans. Got them to make a coconut layer cake for the groom's cake at my sister's wedding. Even heating and no issues whatsoever. I'm not sure if I've used aluminum cake pans before, but they get VERY hot--still not cool enough to handle 10 minutes out of the oven, and I think that was a good thing for the baking process. Great value for the price.

    from Natural Comfort Kitchen LLC Posted on

    Great little pans! I always love the look of tall yet slim cakes so i picked up three of these and I have no regrets with my purchase. I've made a few cakes with these so far and none have stuck to the side or bottom or have burned.

    Posted on

    We use a TON of these to cook the kids cakes in for our cake decorating birthday parties. The cakes come out easily, they always hold their form and are fabulous to use time after time. Highly recommended for this price.

    from Shancakes Posted on

    These are great quality pans, I ordered several sizes to use when making layer cakes. The only issue I had was that the aluminum transferred to the bottom of my cake. I found a workaround by using parchment circles.

    from Elegantly Sweet Pleasantries and Events Posted on

    Great size for a wedding tier cake. Fits nicely on top of an 8" cake. These pans are the way to go when it comes to a nice clean bake.

    Posted on

    i use these pans more than any of my cake pans. The portion is perfect a 2 layer cake in the G21 7" cake display container. they clean up well.

    from Kali Kakes Posted on

    These are a great size baking pan to have on hand if you want to do just a small couple of cakes (I haven't used them for pizza yet)

    Posted on

    Great Pans! They are good quality and sturdy. Cake comes out nice and clean. They come in many different sizes, I also purchased the 8", good buys!

    Posted on

    These pans are quite impressive; definitely better than the ones you get from your local stores. I bought 2 of the 6" pans and did a test run the day I got them. They baked the cakes evenly and came out of the pan in one piece. Can't wait to buy more.

    Posted on

    These were perfect for making individual pizzas! They were easy to clean up and we loved them!! We recommend them to any looking for a great product!

    from B & D Goats Posted on

    this arrived very quickly, much sooner than I expected. It was nicely packaged but had a teeny tiny dent on the side. It still worked perfectly as a cake pan for a "cake smash" on a 1st birthday. The price was excellent. I have no complaints, I would buy it again.

    Posted on

    These pans are fantastic! They are both inexpensive and perfect for a 6 inch round cake. Purchased six but plan to order more during my next shipped buy... If you are a baker these pans are lovely as the cakes come out clean and level!

    Posted on

    Cake baked with my 6" round pans

    These pans are great for baking cakes in them. When greased up the cake comes right out of them along with lining them with parchment paper.

    from Barton's Flowers and Bake Shop, LLC Posted on

    I love this size. I am buying two more of these because i want to make small tall cakes. When filled just right, the cakes bake up dense ad do not fall in the middle.

    from Dancing Cats Cafe Posted on

    beautiful thick layers!

    SENSATIONAL!!!!!! I found high quality, even heating, 6 inch deep dish cake pans...and I bought 6 of them for less then the cost of 2 pans at my local cake supply shop. These are very strong aluminum and preformed beautifully. I couldn't be happier with our purchase and we will be ordering all of our pans from the Webstaurantstore.com in the future. Thank you so much for being here for us!!!

    from Summit Christian Church Children's Bread Ministry Posted on

    The pan is not as heavy as another brand I own. When I received the pan it wasn't in a perfect circle. The flaw can be masked with frosting but definitely leaves me disappointed with the quality.

    Posted on

    6" smash cake for Alice in wonderland theme 1st bday.

    Thank you for your review! A member of our Customer Solutions team will be in contact with you to arrange a replacement.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    Great pans for baking cakes. Smooth finish and they clean up very easily. And at the price you can't go wrong! I've baked hundreds of layers in them without any problems. Nice even bake and work great with the pre cut wax paper circles.

    from Let Them Eat Cake LLC Posted on

    These are great pans. I use them every day for small cakes in my bakery. They produce great, even results. They also wash up easily

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    Since I only live with one other person and love to bake a lot, it doesn't make sense to always bake larger 8 or 9-inch cakes. I love these pans for making smaller cakes for just us and a few friends. I’ve also used these to bake a mini wedding cake for a friend so that they would have something to cut during the reception (the bulk of the wedding treats were cupcakes and cake pops). You can bake a 2-layer 6-inch cake with HALF the batter needed for an 8 or 9-inch 2-layer cake. Just bake for less time, usually 18 to 25 minutes.

    from 6 Bittersweets Posted on

    This pan are so useful, not only to bake a cake but also to color the icing, and they are so cheap. is just the best I got.

    Posted on

    I love using these 6" pans to make small (but tall) adorable cakes. The cakes bake up perfectly and the release is good. My only very minor complaint is that the pans are not sized evenly - one of my pans fits snugly inside the other (even though the sides are perfectly straight). This has not been a problem at all when assembling cakes.

    Posted on

    Easy to clean , a bit cumbersome to stack/store. The price is an excellent deal. Have been using these for many months and no problem.

    from Carniceria Mexico LLC Posted on

    A nice size cake pan that's good for baking cakes, flans and puddings. It's a nice pan that holds it shape and doesn't warp when full.

    from PHR Posted on

    This pan is every bit as good as the wilton one I bought, and it was less than half the price of wilton's. I bought this to make quick layer cakes in a smaller size. Next time I will order more sizes because you just cant beat this price!!

    Posted on

    We bought the larger sizes a few months ago to test these pans. We wanted to make sure of their quality. Now, every time we place an order we add a few of these pans to our product list.

    Posted on

    You just have to get your pans from websterant I check the other stores for the prices webstaurant was the cheapest for the same pan I got two pans for the price of one of theirs

    from Deions Treats & Sweets Posted on

    this is my backup 6" pan for dual layered cakes. It is well made and bakes up a nice cake, especially wrapped around the sides with wet terry cloth strips.

    Posted on

    The 6 x 2 was the first size pan that i bought in the round aluminum cake pan .The were a little lighter weight than i expected but these pan are awesome.The pans bake nice and evenly and my cakes do not stick to the pan and clean up is a breeze.

    Posted on

    I needed extra 6" pans for my busy weekends and didn't want to spend a fortune on cake pans. These are great and are a heavy material and bake my cakes very nice!

    Posted on

    The sides and bottom come out perfectly golden all around every time and as long as you know how to deal with a "stick" surface (e.g. butter and flour) you will be very happy with the results. I love these pans and am blown away by their quality and performance.

    Posted on

    This pan is really great quality. Its non stick and cleans easily. I will be buying more very soon.

    Posted on

    Another cake pan we purchased from webstaurant store. Non stick sides helps cakes come out nice and smooth with out tearing. Just another great purchase from this site.

    from KAMI Cakes Posted on

    This pan is amazing...what can I say. I have a lot of webstaurants stores pans but this came out amazingly and Im just so excited to buy more to make more cakes

    Posted on

    A very light weight but hearty pan. Doesn't stain easily and it holds its shape. This is a great price for a long lasting pan.

    Posted on

    I really can't believe how inexpensive this is! A great pan to make smaller cakes with or to use with a 9 inch for a two tiered cake look

    Posted on

    WOW! what a great deal this is! When I first saw it I simple couldn't believe it! I was so shocked and wondered, how could they do this? I'm so thankful they can! I will continue buying pans forever here! I love the deals! I don't think it gets any better! if you are looking, look not further this is a deal you dont wanna pass up!

    Posted on

    These are nice cookie pans or mini pizza pans for great party's. These can be used for a variety of items. A bakers best friend.

    Posted on

    I just love these pans! I already bought the 9-inch pans and these pans are no different except for the size of course. They perform beautifully!

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    Fabulous pan! Bought other sizes like this pan and they are all WONDERFUL. I wanted to check whether they would stick with me having to line it with parchment and the cake came right out! It was beautiful. Even baking. I will be investing in more of these for sure! I highly recommend.

    Posted on

    My favorite pan. I use this for everything, all sorts of cakes, big cookies, pizza, mini flat breads. Nice baking results, even temperature distribution. Easy to clean, non stick(I use non- stick spray)

    from Tedy's Mix Posted on

    my upside down cake using 6" x 2" Round Aluminum Cake Pan / Deep Dish Pizza Pan

    Good aluminum pan for smaller cakes, guarantees very good even baking resulting in level cakes. Perfect basic cake pan and great quality for the price.

    from Pink Poppy Posted on

    These pans were are a great addition to my collection. Nice size for individual cakes. Good pans at a great price. I am ordering more in all sizes.

    Posted on

    Really good pan!

    Love these pans-price was too good to be true, but we gave them a try. The quality is great and they bake great cakes, and come clean in the dishwasher. Everyone's happy!

    from The Black Forest Posted on

    I have used these pans in professional kitchens, and I think that they are practical and sturdy. The price is great for the great quality.

    Posted on

    Very heavy guage pans. I ordered 4 of these. They are top quality for the price of cheap tin. They bake evenly without fail everytime.

    from The Busy Little Baker Posted on

    Excellent small pans. They cook my cakes evenly, and the cakes easily release from the pan. I like the deepness just in case I want to make taller little cakes.

    Posted on

    Pretty good pans, especially at this price! I use these often for cakes and they've never given me any problems. Not dishwasher safe, though. It leaves a dark coating on the pan.

    Posted on

    These are great pans for making small cake with adorning cupcakes to circle the small cake for a great eye appealing kids occassion bday cake

    Posted on

    Great value for the price. They are a very sturdy cake pan. The size is small enough to use for more than just baking cakes.

    Posted on

    This is a GREAT value for a strong straight sided cake pan! I am happy to have found these. I will definitely be buying more.

    Posted on

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