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How to make an Egg Cream Video

By 1904, the first egg creams were being made with Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup. This famous drink has been a New York staple ever since. We sell lots of U-bet syrup here at the WEBstaurantStore. Not just to New Yorker's either--we actually sell more of it to New York transplants all over the country, and folks newly turned-on to this fantastic drink. U-bet Syrup can be tough to find outside of the New York region, and other websites charge way too much for it. Like many of our products, we have the lowest pricing on the web on Fox's U-bet syrup. We not only have the chocolate syrup in both squeeze bottles and gallons, but we also stock vanilla syrup, sugar free chocolate syrup,strawberry, raspberry, black cherry, and malt syrups. Any can be used in an egg cream, but chocolate is the traditional choice.

What do you need to make an Egg Cream? Here is a list:

Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup
Whole milk
A soda siphon and chargers
Chilled Soda glasses
Iced teaspoons

How to Make an Egg Cream Video

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