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Holiday Table Centerpieces

Dear Santa:

All I want for Christmas are the prettiest centerpieces a Caterer could ever ask for. Now, I know your elves are busy and everything (with it being only 4 weeks until Christmas), but I really, really, really just want to dazzle the guests at our next big event. Is there anything you can do?


“Last Minute Catering”

Dear “Last Minute Catering”:

It sounds like you have quite the dilemma before you! Unfortunately, the elves are already working overtime in the workshop just to get all of the toys ready for the big day. After consulting with the Mrs. though, I think we have a solution for you! And, it will only cost your business pennies a piece to create these eye-catching table accents.

What you need:

  • A variety of old wine glasses (I’m sure you have some of those lying around your storage room)
  • Some low-cost votive candles
  • Tinsel (any color will do)
  • Decorative mirrors

What you do:

  • First, fill one wine glass with a hearty amount of tinsel.
  • Then, place one mirror (shiny side down) atop your wine glass (completely covering the opening).
  • Now, holding the mirror securely in place with one hand, grasp the stem of your wine glass with the other hand and turn the whole centerpiece upside down so that the mirror is right side up and the glass is upside down.
  • Finally, place a votive candle on the flat foot of the wine glass.

Place a few of these nifty centerpieces on your banquet tables, light the candles, and prepare to be amazed at how quickly the holiday spirit fills the air.

Merry Christmas!



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Deborah Johnson Says:

Simple yet nice.

Mary Daniels Says:

this is a great idea, i will definte try this at our church function

Leidra Horton Says:

Thanks Ladies! These would be beautiful at a church function! For a refreshing look during the warmer months, replace the tinsel with elegant rose petals. And, if you don't want the expense of throwing the petals away, try using silk petals. You can get them in a variety of colors to match any decor!

Sandra Verrier Says:

Thanks for the tip about using silk petals - much more useful throughout the year. I like it!


With the silk petals after use you can spray them with your favorite smelling oil, perfume or scent. To freshen up a room.

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