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Top Products for National Food Safety Education Month

Did you know that September is National Food Safety Education Month? Maintaining an establishment that complies with food safety requirements not only allows you to keep guests happy and healthy, but it can also help your business avoid potential lawsuits and bad publicity. Be sure to check out our inventory of food safety supplies, which includes allergen-safe items, sanitizing chemicals, first aid products, disposable supplies, and much more. Keep reading for a list of the top ten products every business needs in order to pass health inspections and maintain their compliance with food safety standards.

Food Safety Books
Food Safety Books from $9.49

1. Food Safety Books

Looking for a little light reading? We offer food safety books that cover food preservation, hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), sanitation, and more.

Food Safety Disposables
Food Safety Disposables from $2.26

2. Food Safety Disposables

From disposable apparel and food thermometers to day of the week dots and product labels, our inventory of food safety disposables will help keep your restaurant sanitary.

Food Handling Instructions
Food Handling Instructions from $3.15

3. Food Handling Instructions

Food safe handling instruction labels help you educate your customers on how to safely handle their purchases after they leave your business and are perfect for delis, butcher shops, and grocery stores.

Food Grade Chemicals
Food Grade Chemicals from $3.69

4. Food Grade Chemicals

USDA-approved food grade lubricants are designed to keep kitchen equipment that comes into contact with food operating quietly and efficiently without making customers sick.

Color-Coded Cutting Boards
Color-Coded Cutting Boards from $13.65

5. Color-Coded Cutting Boards

Purchase color-coded cutting board sets in a variety of shades to avoid cross-contamination in your foodservice establishment. Many of these kits also include charts to help your employees keep track of which cutting board they should be using.

Ice Scoop Holders
Ice Scoop Holders from $1.46

6. Ice Scoop Holders

These handy products can be clipped to the side of your ice bins or mounted to the wall and are intended to keep your ice scoop (and the germs that may live on it) out of the ice used in your customers' drinks.

NSF Listed Knife Stations
NSF Listed Knife Stations from $15.50

7. NSF Listed Knife Stations

NSF Listed knife stations are more sanitary than magnetic bars and stainless steel or wooden blocks because they're dishwasher safe. In addition to keeping knives clean and away from contaminants, their closed design also helps keep your staff safe.

NSF Listed Meat Thermometers
NSF Listed Meat Thermometers from $1.95

8. NSF Listed Meat Thermometers

NSF Listed meat thermometers are waterproof, so you can easily sanitize them after use. Some options even include a cover to keep the thermometer safe from dirt and other contaminants.

Color-Coded Sanitizing Pails
Color-Coded Sanitizing Pails from $2.03

9. Color-Coded Sanitizing Pails

These sanitizing pails come in a variety of colors to help your employees distinguish between the different areas of your restaurant (kitchen, bathroom, dining room, etc.) each pail is supposed to be used in.

Disposable Gloves
Disposable Gloves from $3.89

10. Disposable Gloves

Last but certainly not least are disposable foodservice gloves. These easy-to-use products are ideal for food handling and preparation, but your staff can also use them for janitorial tasks.

Whether you're breaking down meat at your butcher shop, cleaning your restaurant's bathrooms, or maintaining your kitchen equipment, observing proper food safety protocol is essential to the daily operation of any foodservice business. Doing so will not only help you pass health inspections and keep your establishment running smoothly, but it can also help you impress customers and drum up new business. September is National Food Safety Education Month, so now is the perfect time to stock up on the top ten food safety items mentioned above!

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