How to Peel Ginger

Ginger is a popular ingredient in a variety of different ethnic cuisines, and as a result, you can find this versatile root in many restaurant kitchens. While ginger is very popular, it can be difficult and time-consuming to peel with a traditional Y peeler or paring knife. Fortunately, there is an easier option: peeling ginger with a spoon. In this blog we'll show you how to peel ginger skin easily and answer all of your other ginger-related questions.

How to Peel Ginger with a Spoon

Below is a video that will show you the easiest way to peel ginger:

Peeling Ginger with a Spoon Step by Step

Here are step-by-step directions for peeling ginger with a spoon:

  • Hold the ginger root in your non-dominant hand.
  • Grasp the spoon with your dominant hand just below the bowl of the spoon.
  • Run the tip the spoon down the side of the ginger root.
  • You can also use the tip of the spoon to reach into the nooks and crannies of the ginger.
  • Once most of the ginger skin has been peeled, you're ready to use your ginger.

When peeling ginger, you don't need to remove every bit of skin, and as long as you get the majority of the ginger skin, you're ready to use it in your recipes.

Benefits of Peeling Ginger with a Spoon Instead of a Knife or Peeler

Using a spoon to peel ginger is the best option because it is quick, it is efficient, and it minimizes waste. Additionally, using a spoon allows you to get into all the curves and nooks on the ginger root, ensuring that you can peel the product completely without having to break off pieces of the ginger.

Other kitchen tools like Y peelers are too thick to fit into the tight corners of knobbly ginger root, and knives result in a lot of wasted product, which can affect your bottom line over time.

Ginger FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about ginger root.

How do You Mince Ginger Root?

Once you've removed the skin from your ginger root, you can begin to slice, mince, and grate it as necessary. Here's a quick guide to mincing your ginger to bring out its full flavor in your dish:

  • Peel your ginger root with a spoon.
  • Slice the ginger into thin slices.
  • Cut the ginger slices lengthwise to create matchsticks.
  • Gather the matchsticks together and slice crosswise to mince the ginger.

Another great way to use your peeled ginger is to grate it. One of the easiest ways to grate ginger is with a handheld grater or a microplane.

Can You Eat Ginger Skin?

Ginger skin is edible, but as it ages, the ginger skin can become bitter. Additionally, whether or not you peel your ginger can depend on how you're planning on using it. For example, if you want to make tea or smoothies, there's no need to peel the skin. But, if you're planning on cooking with ginger, it's best to peel it first.

How Long Does Ginger Last?

The best place to store your ginger root is in the fridge to lengthen its lifespan. Fresh ginger root can last in the refrigerator for up to a month or up to a week in the pantry. Additionally, peeled and chopped ginger can last up to a week in the fridge.

If your ginger root is soft or you notice the edges have started to darken, it's time to throw it away.

Ginger is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many different kinds of recipes and cuisines, and knowing how to peel it correctly can not only save your restaurant time, but it can also prevent food waste that will cost your business money over time.

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