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Everything You Need to Know About the White Glove Service

Purchasing heavy equipment online can be a daunting task, but finding out how to get the products off the truck and into your facility when they arrive can be even more challenging. Luckily, WebstaurantStore offers White Glove delivery for most of our common carrier orders. Read on to learn more about what the White Glove service entails and how to choose it for your next purchase.

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What is White Glove Delivery?

White Glove delivery is a service provided by a specialized carrier company which brings your products into the room of your choosing during the delivery process. These trained professionals are responsible for unloading your purchase from the carrier and bringing the items into your establishment. Once in the room indicated by your delivery instructions, the product is unpacked and the remaining packaging materials are removed from the premises. The White Glove option can provide some peace of mind and reduce the stress of trying to maneuver a large unit off of a truck and into your facility.

The White Glove Process

If the White Glove service sounds like a good fit for your order, here is what you can expect from the point of placing the order to when your product is delivered into your establishment.

White Glove Delivery Process
  1. You will receive a confirmation email with information reviewing the White Glove process and expectations. At this time, you may contact our customer service team to discuss the desired room of delivery, any obstacles the White Glove agents might encounter, and the number of stairs used while bringing the item into the designated room.
  2. The order will ship out with a standard common carrier team and be delivered to the White Glove agents’ local terminal. At this time, your tracking information may list “delivered,” which is an indication that the shipment has arrived with the White Glove team.
  3. The White Glove agents will contact you within 2 business days of receiving your shipment to arrange a delivery appointment within a 4-hour time window for the day that works best for your schedule. At this time, please be sure to prepare the path and room for the delivery, clearing any obstacles in the way.
  4. When the White Glove agents arrive, they will unload your shipment from the truck and unpack your product before bringing it inside. This would be the proper time to inspect the product for transit damages.
  5. The White Glove agents will bring your purchase into your room of choice indicated in the delivery instructions.
  6. After placing the product in your location, the White Glove agents will depart, taking the packing debris with them to be disposed of at an off-site location.
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Is My Order Eligible for the White Glove Service?

Once you have chosen your products and added them to your cart, you’ll be prompted to select a shipping type in the “Cart” page or on the “Review and Payment” page. If your purchase is eligible for White Glove delivery, the option, along with the cost, will be listed and clickable beneath the subtotal of your order. The price will vary depending on the products in your cart.

White Glove Shipping Calculator

There are a few instances where White Glove is still an option for your purchase, but cannot be selected in the checkout process. This will typically occur if your order exceeds a particular weight or if your selected address is in a remote location. You will be prompted to contact our customer service team who can request a manual White Glove quote for your order from our traffic team.

White Glove Shipping Unavailable

If you do not see this message and are not given the White Glove option in the cart, feel free to reach out to our customer service team to look further into this matter for you.

It is important to note that the White Glove service is not eligible for orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.

What You Need to Know About White Glove Delivery

Before choosing the White Glove option, there are certain aspects about the delivery type that are essential to consider.

  • White Glove shipping will typically add 5-7 business days to the delivery timeframe. The reason for this is because the work is performed by your local certified White Glove team and usually requires additional hands to bring your shipment inside.
  • The White Glove service only covers 30 minutes of on-site time. Beyond the initial 30 minutes, a $15 fee is charged per 15 additional minutes on site. If time is a concern, feel free to contact our customer service team about the obstacles in your facility so the traffic team can make the proper arrangements when discussing the delivery with the White Glove agents.
  • You are responsible for measuring your doorways and stairways before purchasing a product with the White Glove service. Be sure that the unit you are purchasing fits through all of the passageways of your facility required for the delivery. If the unit is too large to fit into the room requested, the White Glove agents reserve the the right to refuse the service and return the product to their terminal until further arrangements can be made. This would result in the addition of a redelivery fee.
  • You are responsible for noting damages to your product before the White Glove agents leave your location. If anything is damaged, be sure to:
    • Make a clear note describing the damage on the delivery receipt before signing for the delivery
    • Keep a copy of the delivery receipt
    • Keep the damaged packing materials instead of having the White Glove agents clear it away
    • Contact our customer service team within 1 business day of receiving the product
    • Take pictures of the damages and the packaging
  • White Glove delivery does not include:
    • The installation or set-up of the product you purchased
    • The installation of casters on the unit you purchased
    • The removal of old equipment
    • The unpackaging of smaller items from your purchase
  • Being fully aware of and familiar with the White Glove expectations and services can lead to a smoother experience overall.

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    The White Glove delivery option can provide you the ease of purchasing heavy equipment without having to leave your establishment. You can effortlessly order an Avantco refrigerator online and have it in your restaurant’s kitchen in a matter of days. Remove the anxiety of common carrier orders by considering the White Glove service for your next purchase with WebstaurantStore.

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