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Choose the right table linens with the help of this guide!

Table Cover Calculator

Is your business in need of restaurant table cloths or catering linens? But what if you’re not sure what size restaurant linens to purchase for your foodservice establishment? You're in the right place! Our easy-to-use calculator will analyze any size table and point you to the specific size restaurant table linens you may need. Once you have your table's top and base, finding the perfect cover for you needs is a cinch. Our table linen sizes calculator will even do the math for you! Whether you are in need of square table linens, cotton table cloths, or disposable table covers, let us help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

  1. First enter the shape and dimensions of your table. (HINT: Standard banquet table size varies from 30" to 96" long and can seat 8 to 10 people.)
  2. Then, determine how much of a drop you would like the table linens to have from the top of the table.
    • The standard "drop" or overhang is 8".
    • A 10" - 12" overhang will reach lap level.
    • For standard banquet tables, a 15" drop is recommended.
    • A 29" - 30" drop will reach to the floor.

Example: If you would like 12" of table linen to drop from each side. The suggested linen size will then automatically update itself immediately below the dimensions that you entered.

Table Linen Calculator
1 Select Your Table Shape
2 Enter Your Table Dimensions
in. in.
3 Your Linen Size
in. in.

When purchasing linens, always consider:

  • Texture
  • Design
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Price
  • Theme of the dining facility
  • Usage requirements

Table covers have the power to make or break the image you're trying to portray. We offer a variety of commercial table linens and materials to choose from. And to complete your table's presentation, make sure to check out our linen table skirting.

Cloth Table Covers

Why should I buy a cloth table cover?

  • Ideal for longer commitments, lasting longer than vinyl or disposable table covers
  • Can withstand heavy use
  • Machine washable
  • Can be reused over and over again
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Poly Cotton (50% Poly / 50% Cotton) White Poly Cotton Table Cover
  • Poly cotton blend fabrics offer the look and feel of cotton, compared to polyspun fabrics
  • Lasts twice as long as 100% cotton
  • Soft, durable, and wrinkle-resistant

Polyspun (65% Poly / 35% Cotton) Teal Polyspun Table Cover
  • High quality polyspun fabrics offer long wear and resistance to fading, shrinking, and pilling
  • Will not lint like the 50/50 poly cotton blends
  • These tend to be the most common table linens throughout the food service industry
  • Wrinkle-resistant

100% Polyester Navy Blue Polyester Table Cover
  • Highly resistant to wrinkles, stains, shrinking and pilling
  • Will not absorb liquids if there is a spill
  • Will not shrink on a long dryer cycle; retains size throughout repeated washings

Vinyl Table Covers

Why should I buy a vinyl table cover?

Red Gingham Vinyl Table Cover
  • Provide a longer life than disposable table covers
  • Can be wiped clean after use
  • Require no laundering
  • Economical alternative for a quick decorative change
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Disposable Table Covers

Why should I buy a disposable table cover?

  • They are ideal for one-time commitments, such as catering jobs
  • Disposable table covers are less expensive than linens
  • Require no laundering
  • Minimal storage and maintenance required
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Cellutex Purple Cellutex Table Cover
  • Made of a durable, 1 ply, spill-proof poly liner and 2 plys of highly absorbent tissue
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Linen-LikeWhite Linen-Like Table Cover
  • Linen-like table covers are strong, soft, and come in many color options.
  • They provide attractive, economical, disposable alternatives to linen
  • They do not sacrifice the look of traditional table linens
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