Give a Cheer and Have a Cold Beer!

By Ryan Loose

Well, we’re getting to that time of year that "somehow" always convinces us to eat, drink, and be merry. So, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about something that I am eternally thankful for, BEER! In particular, products we have that can help you serve the best looking, best tasting, most frothingly fantastic glass of beer in town.

The Perfect Glass for the Perfect Pint

Beer’s a lot like wine, it just tastes better out of the proper glass. Now, not many people know this, but there are actually a ton of different beer glasses in the world, each designed with a specific purpose in mind - to make your beer look and taste its best. Here’s a few examples of beer glasses that no self-respecting bar, pub, private club, or beer snob can live without.

  • Tasting Glass - Small Tasting Glasses are great for microbreweries and restaurants with a variety of beers "on tap." Allowing your guests to select a few beers to sample before they buy the whole pitcher is a great way to increase impulse sales and build your brand’s name. Serve the sampling glasses on a Taster Glass Serving Paddle for added presentation points with your customers.

  • Mixing Glass - Perfect for Porters and Lagers, the Mixing Glasses is probably one of the most popularly used glasses in the bar. They’re often referred to as "pint glasses" in the US. The Mixing Glass features gently sloping sides for easy gripping and stacking, and a thick base.

  • Nonic Glass - Ideal for Stouts and Ales, the Nonic Glass is easily identifiable by the slight bulge at the top of the glass, apparently for an improved grip and better aeration. The ridge also helps in stacking, for easy storage.

  • Pilsner Glass - Great for Pilsners and Light Beers, the Pilsner Glass is typically a tall, slender glass that shows off the clean, sparkling quality of light colored beer while maintaining the beers head.

  • Das Boot - ’Nuff said.

Cool Beer Stuff You Need

The best way to make sure your customers are always coming in the door, and not running out covering their mouths, is to make sure your taps and glasses are perfectly clean. Here’s two indispensable products you need to fight the battle against bitter beer!

Kleen Plug Beer Tap Plugs - Cleaning your taps can be a pain. With San Jamar’s Kleen Plug Beer Tap Plugs, maintaining a clean tap is quick and easy. Just soak the plugs in sanitizer during the day and put them in your taps overnight. The plugs help eliminate the build up of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause bitter beer and health risks.

Beer Clean - Never serve a sloppy pint again with the Beer Clean bar glass cleaning system! This innovative cleaner and sanitizer system helps keep your beer glasses crystal clear and your beer tasting great. For more details, Click Here!

The Ultimate Question Answered

Finally, for all of you beer enthusiasts out there, through countless years of hypotheses, experimentation, and devoted research, I can answer one of the most common, yet mysterious, questions ever asked about beer (start drum!)

Question: Why is Beer so Good?

Answer: Because it is.

Wherever your travels may take you, from all of us at, keep it safe and keep it jolly this holiday season!

Have some other pointers for the bartenders and beer enthusiasts out there? Maybe you prefer a particular kind of beer glass over another? We want your comments. Believe me, there’s plenty of room on this blog for your thoughts too.

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