Keep Your Asian Restaurant Supply Fully Stocked with Our Varied Selection of Products

We carry all the specialized supplies you need to outfit your Chinese, Thai, or Asian themed restaurant. By making us your Asian restaurant supply store, you’ll be able to find all the essentials that are necessary to store ingredients, prepare entrees, and serve traditional cuisine. Whether you’re offering take-out service for lunch and dinner, or you’re serving customers dining in, we have the supplies that will make your food preparation tasks more efficient! Read more

Offer your customers a true cultural experience by stocking up on chopsticks, Chinese soup spoons, bento boxes, sushi boats, and Asian-inspired dinnerware. You’ll also find sake cups and sauce dishes to serve Japanese alcohol and dipping sauces. We even carry condiments, rice, and other popular ingredients, as well as the proper cutlery and utensils that will help you cut down on food prep times.

Complete your Chinese restaurant supply by outfitting your kitchen with the proper equipment. Steam rice and vegetables in our steamers, smoke pork and chicken in our smokers, or make stir fry on our wok ranges! You’ll even find towel steamers that will allow you to offer guests hot towels to clean their hands before their meals.

It’s also important to have disposable supplies in stock to serve customers ordering take-out, patrons requesting delivery, or guests taking home leftovers. We offer everything from chopsticks and containers to condiment packets. Don’t forget to also add a fortune cookie to customers’ plates or in their to-go bags!

Take-Out Supplies

Offer your customers meals to-go by having these take-out supplies on hand. You’ll find Chinese take-out containers, drinking cups, and portion packs of Asian condiments. We also carry organizers and dispensers to stock self-serve stations, so guests can grab everything they need before leaving with their orders.

Service Supplies

Stock up on these service supplies, so you can provide your guests with a true cultural experience. Serve traditional Asian entrees in bento boxes, and present dipping condiments and glazes in sauce dishes. You’ll also find chopsticks and Chinese soup spoons, as well as regular flatware. You can even use towel steamers, so you can offer hot oshibori in the wintertime.

Sushi Supplies

We have the sushi supplies you need to serve customers dragon rolls, futomaki, steamed vegetables, rice, dipping sauces, and other traditional Asian cuisine. Be sure to also check out our chinaware decorated with signature patterns. You’ll even find chopsticks, knives, and other specialty cutlery that will help cooks properly prepare sushi.

Cooking Supplies

Use the proper cooking supplies that will help you prepare entrees to perfection! You’ll find a varied selection of Asian cutlery to fillet fish, slice vegetables, and cut large portions of meat. We also carry various cooking utensils that allow you to stir, strain, and portion out ingredients. Don’t forget about the larger equipment pieces to steam rice, boil broths, and smoke meats.

Asian Inspired Dinnerware

Set your dining tables with our varied selection of Asian inspired dinnerware. These plates, platters, bowls, sushi boats, and tea cups feature beautiful designs that represent various aspects of Asian culture. Serve anything from stir fry and lo mein to sushi and wonton soup! Many of them are also crafted from extremely durable melamine, offering break- and shatter resistance.

Asian Consumables

Make the food prep process more efficient by stocking up on these Asian consumables. We offer various types of rice to serve with any entree, as well as vital ingredients like mushrooms, bamboo shoots, chilies, and bread crumbs. You’ll find essential condiments, too, including soy, sriracha, duck, and sweet and sour sauce. Customers will also love receiving a fortune cookie with their take-out orders, and guests dining in will enjoy and after-dinner cup of oolong tea.

Advertising and Display Supplies

Ensure that your Asian-themed restaurant is properly decorated and that you’re marketing your meal specials by stocking up on our advertising and display supplies. Use bud vases, display stands, and menu tents inside your dining room, and set up a welcoming hostess stand at the front door. Be sure to also let customers know you’re open for business with our various window signs!

Whether you’re running a Chinese take-out restaurant that offers traditional cuisine, or you’re specializing in sushi and hibachi at your sit-down establishment, we’re sure to have all the Asian restaurant supplies you need to maintain a successful operation. Prepare entrees, create an inviting dining room, and provide a cultural atmosphere with our varied selection of products. From basic serving essentials and cooking equipment to decor pieces and accessories, we have you covered! Don’t forget to supply your chefs with cut resistant gloves for preparing large cuts of meat for entrees. If you’re looking for furniture to complete your dining room setup, then you may want to check out our restaurant seating and restaurant tables.