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  • Features a maintenance-free dry pump
  • 12" sealing bar
  • Cycle time is a rapid 30-60 seconds
  • Electronic control panel can adjust vacuum power and seal time
  • Marinating cycle for infusing meats with deep flavor
  • Includes 40 assorted bags
  • Includes a built-in cooling fan
  • 110V, 660W

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VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Machines

VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Machines

VacMaster is the professional way to prep, cook, and package! Vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged foods. Not only does this reduce food waste and spoilage, but foods will taste fresher, too! There are two main types of vacuum packaging machines- chamber vacuum packaging machines and external strip vacuum packaging machines. Chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for businesses and establishments that are likely to use the machine several times a day. Chamber vacuum sealers have two different types of bags that can be used – standard chamber bags and chamber bags with zippers. The first is a bag that is pre-sealed on 3 sides, while the former comes with a zipper on one end, with the opposite end open for sealing. To use the vacuum sealer, open the chamber and ensure the seal bar is in place. Chose the type of bag you would like to use and add your food, along with any spices or seasonings, to the bag. Place the bag in the vacuum sealer with the open end resting on the sealing bar and close the lid. Push start and wait while the bag is being sealed. When the process is complete, open the chamber and remove your now perfectly vacuum sealed item. Place it in the freezer for long-time storage, and when you are ready to use it, simply cut the bag open and prepare the item as you normally would. External strip vacuum packaging machines are best used in residential or light commercial settings that more likely to use the machine no more than once a day. External strip machines have 3 different types of bags that can be used – all-purpose VacStrip storage bags, full mesh storage bags, which hold the seal a little better than the standard bags, and bag rolls, which allow you to eliminate waste by cutting the bag to the exact size you need. To use the external strip vacuum packaging machine, place your food and any additional spices or seasonings in a vacuum sealing bag of your choice and place the open end of the bag on the seal bar, with the majority of the bag resting on the counter in front of the machine. Press the start button and watch as the air is drawn out of the bag and the bag is sealed shut. The bag can now be frozen or used to cook the item sous vide.

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VacMaster vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged food while staying fresh! Watch this video for an illustration on how these useful machines are operated.

Width 16 Inches
Depth 24 Inches
Height 9 Inches
Seal Bar Length 12 Inches
Chamber Width 11 Inches
Chamber Depth 12 Inches
Chamber Height 5 Inches
Amps 6 Amps
Hertz 60
Phase 1
Voltage 110
Wattage 660 Watts
Number of Seal Bars 1
Power Type Electric
Style Chamber
Vacuum Packaging Machine Type Manual

Customer questions about this product

How do high altitudes affect the vacuum sealing process?
A vacuum sealer’s performance varies with respect to location. At higher altitudes, where air pressure is less dense, vacuum sealers are unable to remove as much air from the sealing process. High-pressure conditions are an important factor in the proper functioning of the sealer’s compressor, and without enough pressure, you may notice a weaker vacuum.
Can this machine be used for retort or mylar packaging?
These vacuum packaging machines are not recommended for use with retort or mylar packaging; instead, we suggest choosing from our wide selection of vacuum packaging bags for best results! Retort and mylar packaging requires special plastic and foil laminated pouches to seal food safely.
How do I determine if a vacuum machine bag will work on my machine?

If you have a chamber-type machine: Buy a chamber-type bag (mesh-less design). The open end of the vacuum bag must be shorter than the seal bar on your machine, and the bag must also fit inside your machine’s chamber.

If you have an external-type machine: You must buy an external-type, or "out of chamber" bag (mesh design). The open end of the vacuum bag must be shorter than the seal bar on your machine.

All of our vacuum machine bags list how large the open end is, and whether you can use them with external or chamber machines, in the content.

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Perfect for vacuum sealing soups, stews, marinades, and other foods for sous vide cooking applications, the VacMaster VP112S chamber vacuum sealer does not seal by pulling air forward, like external vacuum packaging machines, it seals by taking all the air out of the chamber at once and makes a stronger seal.

This type of vacuum packaging is better to use when sealing liquid than an external vacuum packaging machine because liquid does not get pulled towards the seal. A clamp holds the pouch in place during the vacuum cycle, resulting in less product movement. With a weight of 50 lb., it can be easily moved around, unlike other larger chamber vacuum sealers.

This machine has a compact 11" x 12" x 5" chamber with a 12" wide seal bar. The vacuum power and the seal time on this VacMaster vacuum sealer can be adjusted by the electronic control panel located above the motor. A cooling fan near the motor keeps the unit cool so it can be used for an extended period of time.

This unit comes with (10) 6" x 12" bags, (10) 8" x 10" bags, (10) 10" x 13" bags, and (10) 12" x 14" bags.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 16"
Front to Back: 24"
Height: 9''

Chamber Dimensions:
Left to Right: 11"
Front to Back: 12"
Height: 5"
Seal Bar: 12"

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.


Manual Manual Warranty Information Warranty Comparison Comparison

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Warranty Info

ARY VacMaster machines are backed by a 1-year limited repair warranty. Within this period, we will pay freight costs to ship defective units to the manufacturer for repair, and the manufacturer will pay freight costs to return the repaired unit to the customer. Replacement units will only be shipped if the manufacturer cannot repair the defective unit.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating:

    ARY VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    4.7 stars from 52 reviews


    People Talk About:

    vacuum machine seal Great bags sealer bag chamber food unit

    After looking at this machine for several months I finally bought it. . couldn't ask for more after using food saver for ten years. A vacuum sealer that works with liquids. strongly recommend

    Posted on

    I purchased this machine because I vacuum seal a lot of meat for the freezer. Being an avid outdoorsman I put up various types of meat, fish, and other seafood all year long. I got tired of going through the "other" brand and style of sealers. They didn't hold up, the seal didn't last, and they were difficult to get a decent seal when moisture would flow to the top. This machine works great. I have put up two deer, quite a few ducks and some fish so far and this has been a life saver. Wish I would have gotten this thing sooner. Also I'd like to give 5 stars to webstaurantstore.com for exceptional customer service. The first unit I received was damaged. They worked with me to resolve the problem. It was eventually concluded that I needed to ship it back and have another unit sent. They sent me a shipping label and promptly got my new unit on it's way. They were very nice and pleasant as well as very helpful. Thanks again for awesome customer service!!

    Posted on

    I just purchased this just in time to seal up some pork I purchased. I managed to vacuum seal a 10lb pork shoulder in a 12X14" bag. It was really tight but the machine managed to do it. Very impressive! I have had a another brand for years and this machine is 10 times better. I wish I would have gotten it a long time ago. It is well worth the cost. Plus the bags are much cheaper. I am happy with my purchase so far.

    Posted on

    Finally…A vacuum sealer that works with liquids!!! We have tried all kinds of vacuum sealers in the past and none will work on fresh veggies, meat or anything else that has juices in it. All of them will vacuum but when the juice starts to flow they will not create a seal. This one does the trick. It takes just over 40 seconds per bag on the setting we use (max/4). Every seal is perfect.

    from Johnson and Company Construction Posted on

    I just received my Vacmaster VP112S. I do not have extensive experience with it yet. However, I can sum up my initial usage in two words, "LOVE IT".

    Posted on

    This vacuum chamber is great for a small restaurant. It fits a small size vacuum seal bag. We use ours mostly for bagging up items to put in the freezer.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    I've been waiting to purchase this upgraded model of the VP112 for some time now, specifically because of the new reinforced lid design. My brother purchased the original VP112 back in March 2012 on my recommendation. After about two years of extensive use the lid developed a crack, as noted by other reviewers, and had to be replaced. It was an easy fix but it was an unexpected expense. I was excited to get this upgraded model that hopefully will eliminate the lid failure problems associated with the previous model. It also has a simpler control panel (not that the old was all that difficult) and a marinating/rest cycle which seems like a cool feature. However, when I got the unit I was disappointed to learn that this new model does NOT have an accessory port/hose for vacuum sealing mason jars and marinating canisters that are to big to fit in the chamber. I do a lot of vacuum marinating in large canisters when making beef jerky so this was a huge disappointment and I'll have to hold onto my old FoodSaver just for this purpose. I'll be checking in with ARY and Webstaurant to see if the new reinforced VP112S lid will fit the old old VP112 or if the VP112S can be retrofit with an accessory port/hose.

    Posted on

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful

    This product will not work. It sealed three bags poorly, obvious air in the bags and now it will not work at all. Machine runs up to 18, then stalls and displays er02. Failure to enter seal mode. Can not force it to seal early either. Very unhappy with a pricey vacuum sealer that is at this point a very expensive paper weight.

    Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Jason. We are sorry this is not working properly. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in touch with you until this issue is resolved.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I've waited a couple months since ordering to make sure it really worked. I think I got one that was a return because there were scratches on the lid and instructions, etc were loose in the box, not in any kind of bag. Also, no protective film on anything. So, I was really nervous about it but it has performed flawlessly. You know that one company that advertises you save up to 2700 a year with their sealer? I don't see how it's possible at the price for the bags. With that sealer, if I have a dollar's worth of leftovers, I have to really consider the worth of preserving them. If I want to cook ahead and freeze for lunches or dinners, the bags for that other machine often cost more than the meal I'm preparing so I find myself almost never using the other machine; it's only worth doing on the most expensive of foods. Then I finally broke down and bought the VP112S after years of drooling over chamber vacuums systems. Now bags are wayyyy less. There's never a serving or leftover that isn't worth saving now. Now, when I cook, I cook for 8 or so even though there is only two of us. That's dinner and 3 more meals. That means I only cook once or twice a week. Everything goes in the freezer and I have a lot of favorites to choose from without having to cook. I even cook rice to fill the rice maker and divide it up in meal sizes. You'd think it would mush in the vacuum sealer and it looks like it does but when you boil it in the bag and open it, it comes out just perfect. I grab a rice, a vegetable or soup, and a main course, throw them in my lunch box for work, and I have a gourmet meal in the microwave. I love to roast duck. When I do, I also make about two quarts of broth that I use with the scraps and giblets, add it all to some rice, and make duck-rice soup. Let it cool, stick it in the VP112S, and I have about 4 meals of duck soup that's better than any chicken soup you'll buy anywhere. Last night, we had hotdogs from the store. These are 1/4 lb ones that you have to buy 40 lbs at a time. They come frozen in 8 packs of 20. What in the world are my wife and I going to do with 20 hotdogs before they spoil? We thaw the 20 pack just enough to separate and divide into 4 packs of 5. Last night, I ate two (yeah, I can be a pig) and she ate one. We had two leftover from our five-pack. I could put them in a quart zip-lock bag at about 10 cents and they'd keep a few days open in the fridge or, as I did, I put them into a 6x10 VacMaster bag at about 4 cents and vacuum sealed them where they will keep for a couple weeks in the fridge. This machine is just so useful that we never hesitate to use it. If the other machine can save you 2700 dollars while charging a lot cents a bag, just imagine how much this one can save you - the savings will be many times over the additional machine cost. At more than the price of the other machine, it has about 20 times the value so it pays for itself easily.

    Posted on

    Do a lot of sous vide cooking and the VacMaster was the next logical step. I use this weekly and for a lot of different size bags. Seals very well and removes suction from everything from lasagna to soups. I did that initially put the gasket on incorrectly which made sealing difficult, but now works great. Have also put mason jars inside with no issues. Would definitely recommend

    Posted on

    I had always been a fan of vacuuming food and saving money. At last I bought the Vacmaster VP112. I have had it almost 2 years and use it every week. I have been able to get at least 40% more in my freezer Here is a tip that nobody else in the reviews mentioned. When we make a large batch of minestrone or chili for example I put the quantity that is enough for two servings into a plastic storage container that will fit into an 8X10 bag and then freeze it. When frozen pop it out of the plastic and into the vacuum bag and into the Vacmaster. Super easy!! When you want to heat it up take it out of the bag while frozen and reheat. Took me this long to figure out that you can cut the vacuum time dramatically by using inserts, so I made myself a set of custom ones. Greg/ Norco, CA.

    from African Gourmet Posted on

    After much research on vacuum sealers I decided to bite the bullet and get a chamber type. A friend of mine had bought another brand normal sealer and I liked it however I wanted the option of making soups and such without the hassle of trying to get it to not come out of the bag. So after going back and forth on types, we decided on the VP112A since we were getting along with nothing. It has turned out to be one of the best investments we have made. From doing venison sausage to chili and homemade chicken noodle soup this sealer has proved to be large enough for anything we have thrown at it yet compact enough to fit in normal cupboard space in the kitchen.

    from PBE Ranch Posted on

    Very impressed with this product. I was looking for a chamber vacuum sealer for sous vide and bought this when it went on sale. Not only does it work well for sous vide items that include liquid, it allows me to make large portions and store them in my freezer. Easy to use.

    Posted on

    Fits my counter perfectly (just) and was surprised to see that wide mouth pint mason jars seem to fit inside the chamber. fyi - they just changed the model to vp112A (no accessory port), which a bit of a shame, but hopefully will hold up better (as guessing the port was causing a lot of user problems)

    Posted on

    This is an excellent machine for home use and light commercial use. I've used it to freeze meats, vegetables, and for sauces I've prepared in advance. When used in combination with home canning, preserving, and dehydrating, it adds an important and versatile element to storing foods. I've acquired the vacuum canisters, the meat loading tool, and the stands for filling bags; all of these are great options to have and once you get the hang of using them, it makes the process much easier. I recently stocked up on meats and this machine was perfect for breaking up the packages in to smaller portions for less waste and better storage in my freezers. This is also a handy tool to use for shipping and packaging items you don't want to get wet or leak if travelling. I recently sent several boxes overseas in support of a deployed Service Member and this helped to keep the box small and the bottles of liquids packed from leaking. I've also used it for packing liquids in suit cases to prevent them from leaking during the flight and baggage handling. The variety of bags and the external canisters make it a very useful piece of equipment for a multitude of uses. Well worth the price. It is big and on the heavy side, but its pure quality so don't hesitate on getting one. If you want to break up large bags of food into smaller portions this is the perfect item to have. I plan to do the cook and chill and cook and freeze methods to make some meals for quick cooking during the work week. I also plan to use it for the Sous Vide method of cooking. I love this machine!

    Posted on

    I've been very happy with my VP112. It has performed flawlessly for both food preservation and sous vide preparation. Although I was concerned about the lid design, having read that it's prone to breaking, I've not had a single problem with the machine. I have not exactly babied it, either: I once vacuum sealed approximately 80 bags of ground meat in a single afternoon, and it just hummed along the whole time. I've noticed some reviewers complaining about the amount of time required to get a good vacuum. I really recommend getting the set of filler plates for this machine to alleviate that problem. I get good results even with small items at 30 seconds if all of the filler plates are in the chamber. The plate set is inexpensive, saves you time, and I imagine will help extend the life of the machine due to the shorter run times. All in all, a great machine.

    Posted on

    excellent product highly recommended. it makes our job a lot easier thank you for such an amazing product. will definetly recomend it to myt friends and family.

    from el cazador Posted on

    While the unit, the accessory hose mechanism popped off. The spring loaded ball that is meant to seal the accessory port popped out before I had even finished unpackaging the unit. As such, the unit was unable to draw a vacuum at all, since the accessory host was unsealed. I repaired this by removing the accessory mechanism entirely (picture of damaged parts posted separately). After this repair, the unit functions very well. However, given the price I paid, I expected the unit to function properly on delivery without requiring immediate service, and I'm disappointed that I will not be able to use the accessory attachment.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your vacuum sealer wasn't functioning properly upon delivery. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Awesome purchase! This has opened my world of vacuum packing...I had been pondering this for a very long time and finally decided to go for it. I have used it for all kinds of food products, sous vide, and even alcohol infusions. The sky's the limit...it's a little big but really does fit under the cabinets and is super simple to use.

    Posted on

    Webstaurant store, best price, free shipping can't beat that !! I have had the VP112 for three weeks. My garden is 40' X 60' and I put up a lot of vegetables with no problems what so ever. The number one thing I like about this model is the ability to vacuum seal wet items. With my Foodsaver ( my sixth one ) I blanched the vegetables put them in the vacuum bags, then had to freeze the before sealing them. Now blanch them, bag and seal them, saves so much time and aggrivation. You won't go wrong with this machine.

    Posted on

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