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September is National Food Safety Education Month

September is National Food Safety Education Month! This is a great opportunity to highlight some food safety resources both on and off the WEBstaurantStore site. There are few things more important for your restaurant than making sure that you serve safe food to your customers. When people get sick from a restaurant's food, they aren't the only ones that suffer. Both owners and employees can suffer greatly, sometimes even losing the restaurant. Take the time to check out these links, and take the opportunity this month to check your own knowledge and to encourage your employees to increase their food safety knowledge.

Helpful Food Safety Links:

    • National Food Safety Education Month Home Page. - This is ServSafe's page to commemorate the month. Here you will find weekly activities, posters, and "Lessons Learned from Health Inspections."
    • FoodSafety.gov This is the government's food safety page, chock full of resources for both food service establishments and home users.
    • Food Safety News Here you’ll find breaking food safety news and terrific articles on food safety.
    • FightBac.org While it is mainly consumer focused, the website for the Partnership for Food Safety Education has some terrific resources for anyone They even have kids pages, because you are never too young to learn food safety!
    • The Food Safety Supplies Page at the WEBstaurantStore makes shopping for food safety easier by putting all of our food safety items together. Not only do you get convenience and selection, but you also get those low WEBstaurantStore prices!

    Have a happy and food-safe September!

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