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We have a broad selection of butcher paper, freezer paper, white newsprint & peach treated paper here at the WEBstaurantStore. And our pricing is extremely low, so these have become very popular products for us. But even though we have continued to improve our descriptions, we still get plenty of questions about these papers. I am hoping this Webstaurant Blog post clears things up!


What is the Basis Weight of this Paper?

Our Butcher paper, freezer paper, and peach treated paper have 40lb basis weights. The white newsprint only has a 30lb basis weight.

Is This Paper Coated?

They all are coated with the exception of the white newsprint and the wider rolls of butcher paper. Butcher paper and peach treated paper have a coating called sizing which gives them leak resistance and wet strength. Our 24",30", and 36" rolls of butcher paper are untreated, because they are not often used for meat wrapping (they're often used for crafts or for table covers). Freezer paper has an interior coating of polyethyene. This gives the paper strength, leak resistance, and prevents freezer burn for up to a year!

Can I Write on This Paper?

You can write with sharpie, pen, pencil, or crayon on any of these papers. However, you can only write on the outside of the freezer paper, due to the poly coating.

Are There Peaches in Peach Treated Paper (alt. What is Peach Treated Paper)?

There are no peaches in peach treated paper. Much like butcher paper, peach treated paper is coated with sizing for wet strength and leak resistance. But unlike other papers, peach treat paper allows the meat to breathe, allowing it to maintain an attractive color. Also, the darker color hides any juices that happen to leak. You should not freeze in peach treated paper (or butcher paper) unless you first wrap the product in plastic. For those of you who were really looking forward to peaches, you can have this: Peaches!

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Amber Busby Says:

What is sizing composed of? Petrochemical products? What type of paper would you recommend for wrapping cheeses cut to order? Many cheesemongers recommend wax paper because it allows the cheese to breathe a little bit. And the fats in cheese are supposed to be able to break down plastic if you use plastic wrap, which at least can make the product taste bad, but could also have negative health consequences. Suggestions?

steve ziegler Says:

Hi Margaret, Sizing is a starch-based product..so no worried about petrochemicals. I have heard that using wax paper is good for wrapping cheese also, but some folks will then put the wrapped cheese in a ziplock bag in order to prevent drying. We have pop-up wax paper deli sheets in many sizes, and you can buy individual boxes.Here is the link: http://www.webstaurantstore.com/fourth1041/products/pop-up-wax-paper-sheets.html

Eileen Seaters Says:

Hello! I use to work in a Butcher shop over 20 years ago so I remember the paper well. My question though has nothing to do with MEAT! I am trying to get my ducks in a row so to speak to start a Chocolate co. and thought this would be great for chocolate drops. What do you think? Thank you much! Eileen

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