Restaurant Booth Seating and How to Organize It

Upholstered Booth

As a food service establishment, you want to “Wow!” your patrons with an organized, sophisticated dining room layout, but you also need it to be space efficient and easy to navigate for employees. How do you fulfill such high standards? There are several key ideas and measurements you’ll want to keep in mind to offer your guests the most comfortable and durable booth seating available on the market!

Though the task may seem daunting at first, there is no need to fear. We have just what you're looking for—a wide selection of sturdy and stylish dining room booths from American Tables & Seating, and a plan to help you space them. You’ll find exactly what you need in order to match the character and atmosphere of your restaurant, bar, or diner! In order to pick the right seating, however, there are some important factors to consider first.

Why Booths?

Because they bring warmth and privacy to the front of the house, restaurant booths are an excellent addition to any dining room. They give your patrons the opportunity to relax and enjoy their meal in comfort. And despite their higher initial cost, which may be intimidating to some, a dining booth actually provides one of the most cost-efficient and space-efficient layouts for a dining room. For example, a 4 person booth covers little more than 3,000 square inches of floor space, whereas a 4 person table and chair set can exceed 5,000 square inches. This equates to 30% more revenue when seating a packed house. Booth seating is a really great way to help save floor space AND help save your bottom line!

Booth Spacing

In order to save that floor space, you need a plan for spacing! Your restaurant booth dimensions can help dictate the spacing of your seating. A standard layout allows the table edge to align vertically with the outer edge of the booth seat. This allows for a comfortable 16”-18” seating depth. The following size chart can help to determine your specific spacing needs. Keep in mind, the standard top cap is 2” wide on all ATS booths.

  • 30” wide tables: booths require 72” from center to center of top caps
  • 24” wide tables: booths require only 66” between the center top caps

It’s important to note that when paring a 24” table with a seating booth, cantilever table bases are your best bet for a foundation. Cantilever table bases are anchored to the wall underneath the table, which offers strong support without sacrificing valuable leg room for your guests. Check out the diagram below for the many different booth seats and spacing combinations you can have in your dining room. The shaded circles represent 10” plates, so you can get a real idea of spacing within the booths for guests!

ATS Floor Layout

Time to Get Started!

Now that you know what kind of spacing and measurements to consider, what style of restaurant bench seating is going to give you the appearance and character you’re looking for? Don’t worry if you’re unsure—we have plenty of options to choose from! American Tables & Seating offers traditional single and double style booths for the perimeter of your restaurant, and 1/2 circle and 3/4 circle booths are available for corners. Another unique option to consider is the use of a wall bench (as seen above). Pairing a wall bench with small tables allows for easy conversation in couple settings, but can quickly be transformed into a party table for large groups.

And don’t forget about the option of upholstered booths for a personalized touch! These booths provide the opportunity to custom design each as you order, so you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need to match your theme or atmosphere. There is no shortage of upholstery choices either, so have fun finding that perfect color combination!

ATS booths are constructed with a heavy duty poplar hardwood frame, and are reinforced with fastened and glued corner blocks. They also feature spring seats with steel attachments and heavy duty connecting links. With their durable build and stylish appearance, it’s clear the American Tables & Seating will take your food service establishment to the next level!

Make sure to check out the drag-and-drop American Tables & Seating Online Space Planner where you can view booth dimensions and digitally plan your layout. Here you can place actual American Tables & Seating products in a floor plan, and get a feel for what your dining room will look like as a finished product!

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Carol Levy Says:

I wish our local Kirk's burgers in San Jose/Campbell would get replacement booths. My back just cannot stand those, or the faux-rattan chairs -- both are absolute torture for anyone with back problems. I don't go as often because the seating is so bad, even though their burgers are the best....

Emily Hewitt Says:

Hi Carol! Thanks for your comment. I haven't been to a Kirk's Burgers, but their seating certainly doesn't sound like it is comfortable! Keep us in mind if you ever make a suggestion to them about replacing their booths (maybe our great prices will persuade them)! And if you are shopping around our site and need any help, feel free to use our Live Chat; we'd love to hear from you! Thanks! Emily, Customer Support at

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