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Save Precious Time Shopping with Rapid Reorder!

Running a successful food service operation takes a lot of time and energy, so you are always trying to be as efficient and time-conscious as humanly possible. Because you're a registered user and entitled to all of the benefits included therein (You are a registered user, right? Right?!), WEBstaurantStore.com is rolling out a brand new feature called Rapid Reorder that will help shave a few valuable minutes off of your ordering process! This unique tool eliminates the need to search desperately through old invoices to identify a specific product and allows you to skip navigating through the website itself--everything you need is conveniently laid out for you in one easily accessible webpage.

The Rapid Reorder feature is an innovative new tool designed to display all of the products you've purchased from WEBstaurantStore.com so that, if there's something you would like to reorder in the future, you can access the item quickly and easily. Check out a few convenient highlights below, click the "Rapid Reorder" button in the upper-lefthand corner of your screen, and start taking advantage of this useful new feature to immediately begin saving time and money with WEBstaurantStore.com!

  • Rapid Reorder will show 10 items per page and can be sorted by date ordered, item name, and item number.
  • Features a standard search option targeted solely toward the items you've purchased.
  • Links are included that take you to the product page of each item so you can see more detailed information.
  • Products can be added directly to your cart from the Rapid Reorder page.
  • The Rapid Reorder page features an option to remove items from your reorder form at the click of a button so that you can delete one-time orders, but maintain an archive of regular purchases.
  • This new feature is also available on our brand new mobile site--check back for more on that next week!
Posted in: Restaurant Equipment | By Ethan Gibble
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