Our Buffet Equipment will Keep Food Hot and Fresh in Your Service Line

Successful buffet service requires proper lighting and heating methods so your food looks and tastes fresh. Whether you operate a small catering company, a large banquet or family-style restaurant, or a hotel cafeteria, we’re sure to have the buffet supplies you need to serve satisfying meals to your customers. When you browse our selection of buffet equipment, you’ll find everything to serve, hold, heat, and cook entrées and sides for your breakfast, brunch, or dinner service. Read more

If you’re transporting pre-cooked meals from your kitchen to an off-site location, then be sure to have the proper buffet equipment to keep food hot. From chafers and chafing dishes to heat lamps and buffet warmers, we have what you need to serve meals at safe and desirable temperatures. You’ll even find ranges, carving stations, and other heating elements to cook or prep food on-site! And, to protect your cooks’ clothing and to maintain a professional appearance, browse our aprons, jackets, and other safety textiles.

It’s also important to set up an eye-catching food presentation to entice customers to try your signature dishes. Browse our selection of buffet supplies, including food pans, salad bar items, serving utensils, and display risers. You’ll even find bakery cases and other appetizer and dessert trays, as well as signs to label the featured dishes on your dessert table. Also, don’t forget to also set out dishware, flatware, and beverageware for serving customers or for guests to serve themselves.

We also offer the buffet supplies you need to clean up your event space thoroughly and efficiently. Check out our various bussing tubs, sweepers, and scrubbers to wash dirty dishes and floors. Dish room accessories and gloves also protect your staff members’ hands, and pest control products help you take preventative measures to keep rodents and flies out of your cooking and dining area.

Serving Line Supplies

Heat, hold, and serve entrées and sides at your buffet with our selection of serving line supplies. Find everything from chafers and trays to slicing knives and other serving utensils. We even offer sneeze guards, food pans, and other salad bar items to display fresh vegetables, fruits, and salads.

Steam Tables and Cold Food Tables / Wells

Whether you need to keep cold food cool or hot food warm throughout your buffet service, you’ll find steam tables and cold food wells to meet your holding needs! Serve anything from soups and salads to lasagna, meat, and other entrées. We also have a variety of accessories and replacement parts to keep your units operating efficiently.

Beverage Service Supplies

Offer your guests hot or cold drinks with our beverage service supplies. Choose from airpots and urns for coffee and hot tea, or check out our plastic pitchers and dispensers for lemonade, punch, and cocktails. We even have a selection of stylish glassware, as well as beverage napkins for your customers’ convenience.

Place Setting Supplies

Create festive, casual, or intimate dining areas with our various place setting supplies! You’ll find everything you need from dinnerware and flatware to decorative doilies and table linens. Our restaurant table lamps will also add ambience to your banquet hall, and our flatware holders will make setup and cleaning more efficient.

Bussing and Cleanup Supplies

Make cleanup as quick and efficient as possible with our bussing and cleanup supplies! Transport dirty dishes and silverware in our bus tubs, and use scrubbers and gloves for dishwashing. Floor sweepers allow you to keep tile and hardwood surfaces tidy, and pest control products keep away flies and rodents.

Serving and Display Supplies

Create an eye-catching dessert or appetizer table with our serving and display supplies! Set out delicious cakes, cookies, and other confectioneries in any of our bakery cases, or offer hors d'oeuvres on our trays and risers. We even have cutting boards to perform last minute prep on-site, and tabletop signs to label your featured dishes.

Breakfast Supplies

Offer a continental breakfast or brunch in your hotel or restaurant with these breakfast supplies. Display cold cereal, fresh bagels, and muffins in any of our dispensers and baskets, and provide eggs, bacon, and other hot items in our chafers. You’ll even find equipment pieces, including toasters and coffee makers, as well as condiments, sugar packets, and other small necessities.


Ensure your catering staff looks professional and clean by outfitting them with our quality selection of textiles. We have aprons and jackets in various colors for your servers and chefs. You’ll also find safety textiles, including mitts and pot holders, as well as dish cloths for wiping down countertops and tables.

Stock up on buffet supplies and equipment to prepare and serve food at your buffet, restaurant, or event. From the hot entrées and cold sides, to the refreshing beverages and decadent desserts, you’ll find everything you need to serve, hold, and present your menu offerings. Not only will you keep food fresh, but you’ll create a decorative dining environment that will make your customers feel welcome. For even more great products to assist you with prepping for a large crowd, be sure to check out our canned vegetables, dry goods, and sauce pots and stock pots!