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  • Same size motor and pump as larger commercial machines at half the cost
  • 50 lb. lightweight design
  • Compact chamber with 12’’ wide seal bar
  • Electronic control panel can adjust vacuum power and seal time
  • Integrated cooling fan
  • Perfect for marinating/infusion
  • Includes 40 assorted bags
  • 110V, 660W
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38 reviews
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VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Machines

VacMaster Vacuum Packaging Machines

VacMaster is the professional way to prep, cook, and package! Vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged foods. Not only does this reduce food waste and spoilage, but foods will taste fresher, too! There are two main types of vacuum packaging machines- chamber vacuum packaging machines and external strip vacuum packaging machines. Chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for businesses and establishments that are likely to use the machine several times a day. Chamber vacuum sealers have two different types of bags that can be used – standard chamber bags and chamber bags with zippers. The first is a bag that is pre-sealed on 3 sides, while the former comes with a zipper on one end, with the opposite end open for sealing. To use the vacuum sealer, open the chamber and ensure the seal bar is in place. Chose the type of bag you would like to use and add your food, along with any spices or seasonings, to the bag. Place the bag in the vacuum sealer with the open end resting on the sealing bar and close the lid. Push start and wait while the bag is being sealed. When the process is complete, open the chamber and remove your now perfectly vacuum sealed item. Place it in the freezer for long-time storage, and when you are ready to use it, simply cut the bag open and prepare the item as you normally would. External strip vacuum packaging machines are best used in residential or light commercial settings that more likely to use the machine no more than once a day. External strip machines have 3 different types of bags that can be used – all-purpose VacStrip storage bags, full mesh storage bags, which hold the seal a little better than the standard bags, and bag rolls, which allow you to eliminate waste by cutting the bag to the exact size you need. To use the external strip vacuum packaging machine, place your food and any additional spices or seasonings in a vacuum sealing bag of your choice and place the open end of the bag on the seal bar, with the majority of the bag resting on the counter in front of the machine. Press the start button and watch as the air is drawn out of the bag and the bag is sealed shut. The bag can now be frozen or used to cook the item sous vide.

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VacMaster vacuum packaged products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged food while staying fresh! Watch this video for an illustration on how these useful machines are operated.

Width 16 Inches
Depth 24 Inches
Height 9 Inches
Seal Bar Length 12 Inches
Chamber Width 11 Inches
Chamber Depth 12 Inches
Chamber Height 5 Inches
Amps 6 Amps
Hertz 60
Phase 1
Voltage 110 Volts
Wattage 660 Watts
Power Type Electric
Style Chamber

Customer questions about this product

How do high altitudes affect the vacuum sealing process?
A vacuum sealer’s performance varies with respect to location. At higher altitudes, where air pressure is less dense, vacuum sealers are unable to remove as much air from the sealing process. High-pressure conditions are an important factor in the proper functioning of the sealer’s compressor, and without enough pressure, you may notice a weaker vacuum.
Can this machine be used for retort or mylar packaging?
These vacuum packaging machines are not recommended for use with retort or mylar packaging; instead, we suggest choosing from our wide selection of vacuum packaging bags for best results! Retort and mylar packaging requires special plastic and foil laminated pouches to seal food safely.
Ask your own question!


Perfect for vacuum sealing soups, stews, marinades, and other foods for sous vide cooking applications, the Vacmaster VP112A chamber vacuum sealer does not seal by pulling air forward, like external vacuum packaging machines, it seals by taking all the air out of the chamber at once and makes a stronger seal.

This type of vacuum packaging is better to use when sealing liquid than an external vacuum packaging machine because liquid does not get pulled towards the seal. A clamp holds the pouch in place during the vacuum cycle, resulting in less product movement. With a weight of 50 lbs., it can be easily moved around, unlike other larger chamber vacuum sealers.

This machine has a compact 11" x 12" x 5" chamber with a 12" wide seal bar. The vacuum power and the seal time on this Vacmaster vacuum sealer can be adjusted by the electronic control panel located above the motor. A cooling fan near the motor keeps the unit cool so it can be used for an extended period of time.

This unit comes with (10) 6" x 12" bags, (10) 8" x 10" bags, (10) 10" x 13" bags, and (10) 12" x 14" bags. It also includes a cord and NEMA 5-15P plug. Please consult the Manual for additional details.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 16"
Front to Back: 24"
Height: 9''

Chamber Dimensions:
Left to Right: 11"
Front to Back: 12"
Height: 5"
Seal Bar: 12"

Please note: This chamber vacuum sealer should not be used in high altitudes. Filler plate not included.




Manual Manual Comparison Comparison Warranty Information Warranty

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Warranty Info

ARY VacMaster machines are backed by a 1-year limited repair warranty. Within this period, we will pay freight costs to ship defective units to the manufacturer for repair, and the manufacturer will pay freight costs to return the repaired unit to the customer. Replacement units will only be shipped if the manufacturer cannot repair the defective unit.

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: ARY VacMaster VP112A Chamber Vacuum Sealer ( 4.7 stars from 38 reviews )

    This is an excellent machine for home use and light commercial use. I've used it to freeze meats, vegetables, and for sauces I've prepared in advance. When used in combination with home canning, preserving, and dehydrating, it adds an important and versatile element to storing foods. I've acquired the vacuum canisters, the meat loading tool, and the stands for filling bags; all of these are great options to have and once you get the hang of using them, it makes the process much easier. I recently stocked up on meats and this machine was perfect for breaking up the packages in to smaller portions for less waste and better storage in my freezers. This is also a handy tool to use for shipping and packaging items you don't want to get wet or leak if travelling. I recently sent several boxes overseas in support of a deployed Service Member and this helped to keep the box small and the bottles of liquids packed from leaking. I've also used it for packing liquids in suit cases to prevent them from leaking during the flight and baggage handling. The variety of bags and the external canisters make it a very useful piece of equipment for a multitude of uses. Well worth the price. It is big and on the heavy side, but its pure quality so don't hesitate on getting one. If you want to break up large bags of food into smaller portions this is the perfect item to have. I plan to do the cook and chill and cook and freeze methods to make some meals for quick cooking during the work week. I also plan to use it for the Sous Vide method of cooking. I love this machine!

    Posted on

    I've been very happy with my VP112. It has performed flawlessly for both food preservation and sous vide preparation. Although I was concerned about the lid design, having read that it's prone to breaking, I've not had a single problem with the machine. I have not exactly babied it, either: I once vacuum sealed approximately 80 bags of ground meat in a single afternoon, and it just hummed along the whole time. I've noticed some reviewers complaining about the amount of time required to get a good vacuum. I really recommend getting the set of filler plates for this machine to alleviate that problem. I get good results even with small items at 30 seconds if all of the filler plates are in the chamber. The plate set is inexpensive, saves you time, and I imagine will help extend the life of the machine due to the shorter run times. All in all, a great machine.

    Posted on

    excellent product highly recommended. it makes our job a lot easier thank you for such an amazing product. will definetly recomend it to myt friends and family.

    from el cazador Posted on

    While the unit, the accessory hose mechanism popped off. The spring loaded ball that is meant to seal the accessory port popped out before I had even finished unpackaging the unit. As such, the unit was unable to draw a vacuum at all, since the accessory host was unsealed. I repaired this by removing the accessory mechanism entirely (picture of damaged parts posted separately). After this repair, the unit functions very well. However, given the price I paid, I expected the unit to function properly on delivery without requiring immediate service, and I'm disappointed that I will not be able to use the accessory attachment.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your vacuum sealer wasn't functioning properly upon delivery. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    Awesome purchase! This has opened my world of vacuum packing...I had been pondering this for a very long time and finally decided to go for it. I have used it for all kinds of food products, sous vide, and even alcohol infusions. The sky's the limit...it's a little big but really does fit under the cabinets and is super simple to use.

    Posted on

    Webstaurant store, best price, free shipping can't beat that !! I have had the VP112 for three weeks. My garden is 40' X 60' and I put up a lot of vegetables with no problems what so ever. The number one thing I like about this model is the ability to vacuum seal wet items. With my Foodsaver ( my sixth one ) I blanched the vegetables put them in the vacuum bags, then had to freeze the before sealing them. Now blanch them, bag and seal them, saves so much time and aggrivation. You won't go wrong with this machine.

    Posted on

    Up until recently I was a fan of Food Savers. Before I married, I burned out 4 that were considered "Professional" models. After I married, I burned out 2 more. After the last one, I decided it was time for a change. I started to research food vacuums and was introduced to the "chamber vacuum" models. After lots of research, it was quite apparent the best for the money especially, was the ARY VacMaster VP112 for home use. I have never looked back, or been disappointed. This machine eats everything I throw at from clam chowder to large pork and beef ribs. I have never had a single incident of freezer burn, and no problems identifying the food especially if I forget to write what is in the package. There is nothing I have tried to vacuum that this machine won't take. It is especially great for vacuuming soups, stews and chowders, as it does not suck anything into the system. I wished I had bought this machine a long time ago. It could have me a lot of money and headaches! John P.

    Posted on

    I have been researching chamber vacuum's for a while and I decided on this one because of all the great reviews. It is a great machine for the money and the bags are so much cheaper than FoodSaver bags. Works great!!!

    Posted on

    Very easy to use and looks and feels extremely sturdy. Having to use two hands to open the lid can be a pain sometimes. I have had no problems vac packing over 100 bags in less than a month

    Posted on

    Excellent tool. It beats the foodsaver machines hands down. I have gone thru several foodsavers. I buy bulk food and bring it home and break it down into smaller packages for storing

    Posted on

    Kudos to WEBstaurant, Quick shipping and safe arrival. I would purchase from this company again. As far as the unit I am very impressed. I am very happy with the automatic mode it is ease of use and the unit provides more than enough PUMP with a good seal. I have not had to adjust the vac/seal times at this point. I have owned ALL the top of the line foodsavor products which are ok for moderate use but if you are one who crosses that fine line this unit is for you. The bags are a FRACTION of the cost in addition you can do liquids. You can achieve the commercial use for what I feel is a very reasonably priced unit.

    from Hitmancharters Posted on

    Great vacuum packing machine that works for both commercial and residential use! It\'s compact but very reliable. I use it for my catering business as well as at home. Great price too!

    Posted on

    I love being able store individual portions of prepared foods, especially soups, stews and sauces. The machine is easy to operate and the bags are very sturdy. When I use the pouch clip, I don't get a complete seal. No matter how smooth I have the bag across the seal bar, it gets small wrinkles. Wondering if I can and should remove the clip? On the website, the pouch clip is not pictured.

    Posted on

    As an aspiring home chef I purchased the VP112 primarily to use with Sous Vide cooking. Chamber sealers beat suction type sealers hands down and are much better at handling liquid foods. So, to cook meats with marinades a chamber sealer is essential. The VacMaster Sealer pulls a great vacuum, I can easily get 27-28 in of Hg with this sealer on the standard 30 second setting. In addition to using it for sous vide it also does a great job compressing food and infusing fruits and vegetables with everything from syrups to alcohol. This is a sturdy machine that will provide a household chef and perhaps a very small commercial kitchen with many years of use.

    Posted on

    Infusing Apples with Spiced Rum. Fresh Apple on the right versus infused apple in the vacuum bag. Vacuuming them with a small amount of Rum or simple syrup permeates the fruit with the liquid and changes them into the lovely translucent slices you see here.

    Vacuum Sealing cucumbers also allows liquid to permeate the sells and brings all the flavor of your liquid into the cucumber's flesh. The presentation is lovely and biting into them is a surprise!

    Purchased this after a lot of research on different units and bought the VP112 and am very happy with it. Blows away the bag sealer I was using. I find myself using it so much I put it on a cart to easily roll it into the kitchen but now I just keep it parked there. Great unit just be sure to lift the cover as they clearly mark for you to do. This eliminates a lot of comments about the cover breaking which is no doubt why it is now so very visible. i left the decals on the cover as i have grandchildren now taught to use it.

    Posted on

    Far to convenient not to use all the time even in a normal home kitchen like mine

    This machine is perfect for the serious home cook. It has a large seal bar and yet does not take up that much space and the price is unbeatable for the quality.

    Posted on

    being a chef I work with large vacuum machines the value of this machine is that does such a great job for home use and sous vide cooking with smaller packets. So glad to have purchased .

    from self Posted on

    The VacMaster is awesome. This is the best investment I ever made works perfect. We have tried 2 other food savers and ended up returning them.

    Posted on

    Great Price. It works so much better that the small ones do. It works so well I'm considering buying one for my dad. He has a garden and uses a small vac sealer.

    Posted on

    This product is the real deal. Heavy, built like a tank, really. Its perfomance is so superior to my FoodSaver, there is just no comparison. If you cook sous vide and want to seal your food, easily, completely, and inexpensively, look no further.

    Posted on

    I've been having fun with sous vide cooking and this chamber sealer replaced the Food Saver sealer that I was using because it's so important to be able to use liquids- you do still have to be watchful for spill over (bananas!) but keeping a close eye on it prevents that. Beautiful stainless and I have setup that puts the vacmaster and the heater on a rolling cart- away it goes into the closet!

    Posted on

    The vacuum machine is well built, we use a very large machine in our commercial production facility and the final vacuumed products look very similar. The hood mechanism requires two hands to open and close smoothly as the dual hinges allow slight torque to the clear cover that can create tension causing resistants to an otherwise very smooth procedure. I did use the machine for a longer session of 2 hours straight (about 40 bags) with the vac setting set to max 30 seconds and the sealing to max also. After about 90 minutes the machine got quite hot and the sealing mechanism failed to seal the bags therefore product was not vacuum sealed. We often have problems with all of our commercial machines when we run them very hard and this one is no different but after 2 hours of cooling down everything seem to work well again. A couple of things to help with the efficient operation of the vacuum machine, rub a very light vegetable oil on the black gasket to create a better seal, put very slight pressure on the lid for the first couple of seconds of vacuum initiating the seal as this will quicken the removal of air from the chamber. Overall I think it's a great machine for light use around the house or small commercial kitchen.

    from California Snax Posted on

    Just got the VP112 Vacmaster sealer,what a machine.Just sealed up the first deer of the season.did a great job after i learned how to use it for the job.Great machine and a real good price and fast shipping. Harry R

    Posted on

    I should have ordered this a long time ago. I have owned several food saver style vacuum sealers, and always wanted a chamber style. Finally broke down and bought this one, and love it. It is a little heavy, but actually fits in my cabinets, so I don't have to keep on the counter. I do wish the power cord plugged in the side, and not the back, which makes it a little hard to attach and keep on the counter, but that is minor. It does take some practice deciding how long to set the vacuum cycle for depending on what you are sealing. In general, 30 seconds does not give a great seal, so I usually do 45. Of course, if liquid is in the bag, going too long starts it cold boiling, which seems to make getting a good seal more difficult. Using cold liquid helps. My only complaint is the very expensive shipping charges for the bags, so even though some claim the bags are so much less expensive than food saver bags, the shipping costs do cause a bit of concern! Still, I love the product.

    Posted on

    Thanks for your review! We are happy to hear that you are pleased with your purchase. In order to save on shipping costs, we recommend that you buy in bulk. To find other money saving hints, check out our guide for Time and Money Saving Shopping Tips.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    Really nice chamber vacuum. Same electronics as the model one level up. Unlike typical vacuum sealers, with a chamber vacuum sealer you can vacuum liquids which lets you make quickly marinade meats and macerate fruits, make quick infusions and pickles.

    Posted on

    The Vacmaster has saved me hours of pachaging time and works great. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs vacuum sealing their product. It is very cost effective vs. other comparable units.

    from ocDoggieDinners Posted on

    I owned and wore out 3 exteranal bag machines over 25 years. Finally bought the VP112 and wished I had done it years ago!! Cheaper bags, Now I can vacuum bag spices and liquids. Great product.

    Posted on

    Great vacuum! It is very well designed. It's also very easy to clean up. I spilled some liquid inside the chamber once. All i have to do is just wipe it off.

    Posted on

    great vacuum sealer. took me a litte to figure out how to use it properly. but once i did it works great. the chamber seal is awesome. the fact that i can do liquids as well as solids is such a convenience. the only reason i gave this four out of five stars was because of the learning curve it took me to get a great seal on some difficult to vacuum things. but with the optional settings for vacuum time and seal time i was sealing in no time.

    from big e's burger joint Posted on

    When it is working it is great, but it had to be returned to factory twice as it would not seal? Last time it would not remove air from chamber enough to sous vide, which is the reason I went to this line? Frustrating.

    Posted on

    We are sorry to hear about that. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you to see how they may assist.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    The Vacmaster VP112 worked GREAT. We used this it for 4 days at 8 hour intervals and it did wonderful. We were looking for a vaccume sealer that would not over heat and this worked great. Be sure to play around with the settings to get your desired seal and vaccume. We found that that a seal setting of 7 worked the best.

    from Zimmer's Butcher Shop Posted on

    Wish I'd known about the Vacmaster sealer years sooner. We garden and freezer cook. This product is a tremendous help storing our food! We burned out at least 3 of the Food Sealers, thinking it was our only vacuum sealing option, until we starting doing more thorough research. So glad we found this unit. It's not too bulky or unsightly to sit in the corner of my kitchen counter waiting to be of service. We use it on a daily basis.

    Posted on

    I love this machine,it is deffinitely worth while spending a little more money for an inchamber machine,its makes all the difference in the world,and you actually save in the long run on bags.Great work Vacmaster!!!

    Posted on

    Recently we bought one, this will be the second, it is everything we read in the reviews. We are very please and we highly recomend it. www.elmesondelacava.com

    from MESON DE LA CAVA Posted on

    Got this unit a few days ago after eying one for over a year, since I've gotten into Sous Vide cooking (polyscience pro). Makes sealing sous vide items with liquids now possible. I also now are making stocks with everything. Last night I grilled a 4 lb lobster, then made stock with the shell parts that night and captured all that goodness in 1 cup portions and placed in freezer for when I want to do a bisque or seafood pasta. I'll do the same for 10lbs of beef bones to make my own stock and demi glace. I made a huge batch of chili outside on the fire in my dutch oven, and vacuum sealed individual portions the next day. Makes cooking in bulk a smart thing to do. Already love this unit. Very easy to use, the quality is apparent, and ranks up there with my favorite appliances: Vita Mix blender, Polyscience sous vide pro, Kitchen aid mixer and my Big Steel Keg!

    from Jeff A (personal use) Posted on

    I bought this particular product, because I am doing a good bit of sous vide cooking and I wanted a chamber sealer to replace the Food Saver sealer that I was using. This particular unit is well suited to home use. It fits on a typical two-foot-deep counter top (just barely), and its profile is low enough that it works fine where there is an overhead cabinet. This vacuum sealer is fairly heavy -- over 50 pounds. While it is easy enough to lug around, you should probably plan to leave it on the countertop. It is easy to use, and seals very reliably as long as you take care to keep the area of the bag where the seal is made clean. I usually roll the top of the bag down an inch or so and roll it back up after filling. This device is excellent for sous vide, but I also found that the ability to seal liquids means that I use it a lot just to package leftovers, to package food for freezing, and to repackage foods I have unwrapped to extend their shelf life. Bags come in a wide range of sizes. I haven't tried anything other than the bags sold by the manufacturer, but these are inexpensive -- much less so than Food Saver bags -- and work well. As a final note, this was the first time I ordered from Web Restaurant Store. I placed the order on their Web site and received an e-mail with shipment tracking information within a few hours. I don't run a restaurant, but as a serious home cook, I'm sure I'll do more business here.

    Posted on

    Works great. As a small restaurant I was afraid to overspend on the next unit up but was happy to find that this works great for us.

    Posted on

    I am very happy with this sealer! It's great, and it's everything I need it to be and everything I expected it to be. The motor in it is powerful enough to do instant compressions and infusions. This is also the perfect tool for low-volume sous vide cooking applications, which is perfect for a personal chef operation like mine. There are a couple of minor problems. First, the product description says "easily portable". I'm not so sure about that. This thing is a freakin' tank. Yes, you can pick it up and move it, but it weighs about 50 pounds and it's about the size of a very large microwave oven. Second problem, again a very minor one, I would prefer the vacuum gauge would give its measurements in percentages. Thomas Keller's sous vide book gives a lot of his recipes in vacuum percentages, so I have to do some experimentation to get the vacuum pressure just right. Not a huge problem, but it would have been nice. Other that that, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who does low-volume vacuum packaging, such as a home user or a very small personal chef business like mine.

    from Nerdychef Personal Chef Services Posted on

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