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Kitchen Nightmares: Hot Potato Cafe

So it is hard for me to believe that this company that I started working at in 1989 when it was a fairly small restaurant supply shop in Intercourse, Pa, now has grown large enough to need some national marketing on broadcast networks. As any of you that follow our tweeting or have noticed our banner on our home page know, we are supplying the Fox’s show Kitchen Nightmares, with restaurant supplies to help turn around the struggling restaurants that they feature on the show.

Friday’s premiere episode was full of drama, and the surly host almost walked out on the three owners of the Hot Potato Cafe. But, luckily, they convinced him to stay and help them out. And what a dramatic turnaround it was, and I really mean dramatic! Both in watching the show at home, and here at work this morning (to identify products used), I found myself choked up a bit at the parts of the story that featured their twenty-one year old chef, Danielle. I think she really has a future leading the back of the house.

So I thought, since we are on the potato topic, I would feature a few of our best selling and most useful items that relate to America’s favorite starch. Some of these items can be found on the show, while others are just really potato-friendly. For items on the show, we will soon be updating our Kitchen Nightmares banner so that you can view items that we sent to Fox to help the Hot Potato Cafe.

Potato Preparation & Service Items

french fry cups Stainless Steel French Fry Cups were heavily featured on the Hot Potato Cafe episode. French fries are one of the world’s favorite foods, but face it: everyone serves them. Why not put a funky fun twist on your french fry service? And don’t forget the wax paper to line them!
French Fry Cutters: There are french fries, and then there are fresh cut french fries. There is no magic reason why the french fry stands at the fair always have a line; it is just that fresh food tastes better than frozen. The ladies at the Hot Potato Cafe found this lesson out the hard way. But the easy way for you to do learn the lesson costs under $50 for our Choice brand models!
Stainless Steel Potato Ricer: You know, I always liked my mom’s mashed potatoes until I first ate out at a nice restaurant, and realized that for all those years my mother had actually been feeding me starchy glue paste, not mashed potatoes. That may sound harsh, but eventually even my mother agreed. Let me make this clear: Kitchen mixer = starchy glue paste, Potato Ricer = light, fluffy mashed potatoes.
Hobart Potato Peeler: If you use many fresh potatoes, there is nothing quite like the Hobart potato peeler to save you time and money on labor. This tabletop machine can peel up 20lbs of potatoes in just 3 minutes!
Oval Baker Dishes: Whether you are making a mashed potato casserole or a shepherd’s pie, this dish that was featured on the show is the perfect vessel. Not only will it go from oven to table, but the clean, classic shape will complement any baked item.
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