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  • 2.5 qt. batch bowl
  • Comes with multiple blade accessories for a variety of processing options
  • Safety interlock system and reset switch to promote safe operation
  • Sealed, clear-view bowl
  • 3/4 hp motor
  • LiquiLock seal system to prevent liquid from escaping the bowl
  • 120V

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The Waring WFP11SW food processor keeps up with high demand kitchens while offering unmatched precision and quality.

Looking for an efficient and economically priced food processor for your busy operation? This unit is your kitchen's solution for quickly chopping, mincing, pureeing, or liquefying! This food processor features a 3/4 hp motor with a 2.5 qt. sealed batch bowl so you can create soups, sauces, and a variety of other foods with ease. You can even chop meat or knead bread and pie dough!

  • UL Listed

    UL Listed

    This item has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

  • ETL Sanitation

    ETL Sanitation

    This item meets the sanitation standards imposed by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

LiquiLock Seal System

An innovative LiquiLock seal system holds liquids in the bowl while processing and keeps the S-blade in the bowl while pouring. Its sealed, clear-view 2.5 qt. batch bowl easily processes soups, pesto, and marinades without leaks.

Rugged Construction

For long-lasting durability, the high-impact and scratch-resistant polycarbonate material lets you easily see the bowl's contents. This way, you'll be able to monitor your products as they are being processed.

Easy to Operate

There are two large controls: "On" and "Off/Pulse." The food processor is set up with a safety interlock system, which prevents the unit from operating unless correctly assembled. To prevent the unit's motor from overheating, it also features an automatic reset switch. If your unit powers off during heavy use, simply turn the power switch off and unplug the power cord, allowing the unit to cool down for at least five minutes. Then, you can resume processing.

Helpful Accessories

This food processor comes with plenty of accessories right out of the box: a sealed S blade, adjustable slicing disc, and a sealed whipping disc for outstanding versatility.

Dishwasher Safe

Once you're done processing, this unit cleans up easily. All blades and accessory discs are removable and dishwasher-safe, as are the batch bowl and cover.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

Are there other processing disc options available for this WFP11SW food processor?
You can use any of the discs made for the WFP11S food processor on the WFP11SW food processor, if you also purchase the following accessories:

-2.5 Qt. Bowl Lid with Feed Chute (WFP11S3B)
-Large Pusher (WFP11S9)
-Small Pusher (032221)
-Disc stem(s) appropriate to the discs you plan to use (WFP11S7 or WFP11S7B)

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Chef Justin Bogle and Waring Products

Chef Justin Bogle shares one of his favorite recipes in this must-watch video! With a Waring food processor and spice grinder, you can also make this dish for your establishment.

Hi my name's Justin Bogle, i'm the executive chef here at Gilt Restaurant in midtown Manhattan New York City. Today we're going to be making a hamachi sashimi with preserved lemon, yogurt, chamomile, and za'atar, all using the Waring spice grinder and food processor. So for the za'atar spice that we're going to be making today, we have our spice mixture here. The za'atar spice is really gonna work with the flavors of the dish we have some preserved lemons, some crispy cous cous, like I mentioned, the yogurt snow, they really work all together this is a middle eastern spice mixture so they're all really gonna work, uh, combine together. We have dry oregano, a little all spice, some sumac, it's going to bring a little sour note to the dish, toasted cumin, toasted sesame seeds, and some dried thai chilis. We're going to take all of our spices except the toasted sesame seeds, we're going to leave those for last, we're going to mix those in at the very end. We're going to take them all, we're going to add them to the Waring spice grinder, uh, what's good about this spice grinder is that is has a pulse option, so you can really get the consistency that you're looking for, you can have a fine powder, you can have a coarser spice grind. So we're just going to go ahead and combine everything in the spice grinder. Take all those and we're going to pulse them into a fine powder. The Waring spice grinder really gives you the power and capacity to take this down to an ultra fine powder, which is really going to, what we are looking for when we are seasoning the fish for this dish. We'll take that, we're going to add it to the bowl, the fine powder, as you can see, and then last we're just going to add the toasted sesame seeds to the mixture and then we're going to just fold those in. And there we have it, our zatar spice to season our hamachi sashimi. So we're going to go ahead and make our chamomile-infused yogurt "snow." First we're going to start off by making the chamomile-infused yogurt. Here we have a little simple syrup that we infused with chamomile. Made a simple syrup, added the dry chamomile, brought it up, let it steep, and that's what we have right here. We also have a little organic greek yogurt, we're going to add that to the bowl first. Nice and creamy yogurt. After that, we're going to add our chamomile-infused simple syrup to the mix. So we'll get all that in there. We're going to give it a couple spritz of lemon, some fresh lemon juice, we'll go with two of those, and just a little salt to season it up. Now we're going to mix all this together, give it a good whisk, get it really incorporated, get all those flavors in there. Alright we're going to take our chamomile-infused yogurt, we're going to take that and transfer it to just a disposable piping bag, that way we can pipe it easily into the liquid nitrogen and we really don't have any mess. Just pull this up, twist it off, so we don't really have any leaks, move that out of the way, and then we're going to go into the liquid nitrogen, which we have here, in a bowl. Uh, be careful with liquid nitrogen if you can get your hands on it, it's really, really cold. So we're just going to take a pair of scissors and we're just going to take the tip off the pastry bag, and then we're going to squirt it in here slowly, and it'll automatically freeze, I mean it's so cold in here, that it's just going to start to freeze instantaneously. Once we have it all in here we'll just stir it around, let it freeze completely through, and then we'll break it up a little bit before we transfer it to the food processor. As it's going we will just break it up, you can see it's starting to freeze into solid pieces like that, but we'll just break it up a little more that way when we transfer it to the food processor it'll puree a lot faster into that powder consistency that we're looking for for the dish. So we're going to be using the Waring food processor here, it's 2 and a half quarts, 3/4 horsepower so it's really going to give us that consistency that we're going for. Uh, we're just going to take the lid off, be careful with this once again it's very cold, and we're going to transfer that, the contents of this bowl to the food processor, put the lid on, lock and load, we can start off with a quick pulse, there's two options, you can give it a pulse or a continuous running with the on button so we're going to start off with a pulse like that. Break it up a little, and then we're just going to go for it. So now that we've pulverized it into our snow consistency, we're just going to remove the lid, we're going to take this over here, and we're just going to take everything out of the bowl. But as you can see, we've taken yogurt, we've frozen it in liquid nitrogen, and then we pulverized it into snow, this is going to balance our hamachi sashimi, so we can go ahead and start the plate up. We're going to start off by seasoning the fish with a little florida salt. Nice crunchy salt, bring a little texture to it, we'll continue with the za'atar spice that we made in the Waring spice grinder, just season each little fish individually with the spice mixture. Then we're going to transfer that t our plate, which we have here, give it a quick wipe. Just arrange them sporadically, it doesn't need to be any order whatsoever. Just have fun with it. Then we'll uh, little micro-chamomile, we used chamomile when we made the yogurt snow, that we will finish the dish with. So we're just going to reinforce that chamomile with the micro-chamomile, adds a little grassy note to the dish. The crispy cous-cous, which we've cooked like pasta, dehydrated, fried in hot oil, so it's nice and crispy, couple viola flowers on there for some color, brighten up the dish. Some star flowers. Bright red. And the baby cucumbers with bloom, nice little garnish on there. They are beautiful for em and tasty. We got our preserved lemon puree, put a couple dots on the plate, couple on the fish. Put a little chili oil, a little heat. And then we're going to finish the dish with the yogurt snow that we made earlier in the liquid nitrogen and the Waring 2 and a half quart food processor. So, we blitz that into a powder, and we're just going to garnish the fish with the snow. So there we go, hamachi sashimi, preserved lemon, yogurt, chamomile, and za'atar spice.

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Waring WFP14S Series LiquiLock Food Processors

Featuring patented LiquiLock technology, Waring's line of 2.5 qt. and 3.5 qt. food processors allow you to perform a wide range of food processing tasks without any mess or spills. Check out this video to learn more!

I'm here to introduce our new line of food processors, with our patented LiquiLock seal system. We have a 3.5 qt.and a 2.5 qt.The 3.5 qt. is 1 hp, and the 2.5 qt. is 3/4 hp.The 3.5 qt comes with a chute attachment. Both come with all of our discs - we have a slicing, shredding, and grating disc. Our patented LiquiLock seal system enabled you to process up to 3.5 qt. of liquid without any spillage from the work bowl or, as you can see, the cover has the seal and the blade will not come out as you're pouring. Very important. Our warranty is the best in the industry, 5 years on the motor, 2 years parts and labor. OK, let me show you the power and speed of this food processor! As you can see it has 2 levers, "pulse" and "on." I can put in just 1 clove of garlic, and you can see how well it processes, just with 1 tiny little thing. With the garlic, through the chute attachment, I'm going to add some basil, and then I'm going to put in some plum tomatoes for a great tomato sauce. This will really demonstrate the seal system. All the way up to the top, let me show you. Perfect - no spills, it can go right into a pot, and we're going to make a great tomato sauce. I'm going to put the pot here, hold onto the work bowl and as you can see the blade stays in place as I'm pouring. That is the magic of our seal system - no spills, perfect every time! I got a brand new bowl here so that I can show you - left to right, it locks in. Our grating disc - very easy to put together, snap it in place (on the disc stem) left to right it snaps right in, and you can remove it with this little lever. We'll put on the cover and add some Parmesan cheese. A little pressure, "pulse button" - incredible! Let me show you how fine this cheese is. Perfect for a spaghetti marinara! Now we're going to slice some peppers with the slicing disc. Same process, left to right, snap in place (on the disc stem). Add the work bowl cover. Right in the feed chute. "Pulse button." You could not get better pepper than this! And now let me show you the continuous feed chute. You could do up to 875 pounds of food in an hour. Great cheddar cheese. Take a look how easy it is to put together. Left to right, it snaps right in place. you have the slinger that shoots all the food from the feed tube. Inside we have the shredding disc - same system, same way. Left to right, snaps right in. A nice big block of cheddar. OK let's turn the unit on, and you're going to see how quick this cheddar is going to shred. Beautiful! And as you can see this is just a small sampling of thousands of things that you can do with our food processor with our LiquiLock system. We have slicing, we have grating, we have shredding, my tomato sauce is finished. I'm going to just finish it off with my spaghetti, and put that fine, fine grated cheese right on top. Voila! LiquiLock system - go get it guys! Bon appetit!

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Voltage 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120
Capacity 2.5 qt. 2.5 qt. 3.5 qt. 3.5 qt. 4 qt. 3.2 qt. 4.5 qt. 4 qt.
Horsepower 3/4 HP 3/4 HP 1 HP 1 HP 2 HP 1 1/2 HP 1 1/2 HP 3/4 HP
Made in America - - - - - - - Yes
NSF Listed - - - - - Yes - Yes
Number of Discs / Blades Included 2 5 2 5 5 None 1 1
Speeds 1 Speed 1 Speed 1 Speed 1 Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 1 Speed 1 Speed
Type Batch Bowl Processors Batch Bowl Processors Batch Bowl Processors Batch Bowl Processors Batch Bowl Processors Batch Bowl Processors Batch Bowl Processors Batch Bowl Processors
Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 7 Inches
  • Depth: 13 Inches
  • Height: 11 Inches
  • Capacity: 2.5 qt.
WFP11SW, WFP14SW Spec Sheet Specsheet WFP11SW, WFP14SW Manual Manual Waring's Warranty Information Warranty WFP11SW Parts Diagram Diagram

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Warranty Info

Warranty is not valid on any product leaving the U.S.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating:

    Waring WFP11SW Food Processor with 2.5 Qt. Bowl - 3/4 hp

    5.0 stars from 3 reviews


    People Talk About:

    prices processor unit keeps job Italian high handles great garlic

    i have been using it a lot and it is work very good i love it very much ,I can't live with out it now

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    Needed a unit to do sauces and purees but didn't want to pay the high prices. This waring unit is well worth the price and works great.

    Posted on

    Powerful little processor! For the money this food processor gets the job done, it handles our constant demand, making pesto's and pureed garlic often in our Italian restaurant, and keeps going. Will definitely purchase again but this one does not show any signs of quitting any time soon.

    Posted on

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