Keep things Organized Back-of-House with Our Selection of Restaurant Shelving

Transform your crowded freezer, warehouse, dish room, or other foodservice or commercial storage facility into a well-organized area with restaurant shelves! Our Regency shelves offer a huge variety of customization options, while Metro shelves and other restaurant wire shelving give you plenty of alternative options! Read more

Regency Shelving has the storage solution for your foodservice operation, no matter the product! Browse our variety of Regency restaurant shelving units for a convenient and affordable way to expand your organization options. Choose from rust-resistant units for walk-in refrigeration, wall mount racks, shelving specially designed for wine, and other great retail and warehouse storage options.

Build your own storage space with our selection of Regency restaurant shelving units and accessories! Ideal for warehouses, kitchen storage, walk-in refrigeration, and retail applications, these affordable shelves and posts are easy to assemble and add-on. Open-wire shelving permits draining and air flow to help shelf items dry quickly and maintain a consistent temperature.

We carry pass-thru shelves, wall-mount shelving, pot racks, wall cabinets, and hundreds of accessories to cover, label, divide, protect, and upgrade your shelving! If you need additional storage options in your freezer, refrigerator, dry storage, or warewashing area, our wire shelving, solid shelving, Metro shelving and other units offer you a convenient and affordable way to add valuable storage space!

Regency Shelving

Regency Shelving and Shelving Accessories

Regency shelving is an ideal storage solution for a variety of applications. We carry wire shelves of different colors and finishes, as well as their compatible stationary or mobile posts, so you can customize your own unit. You can also find wall mount shelves that don't take up counter space and specialty shelving options, like wine racks and security cages.

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ChromeSet up a storage unit in any dry environment with Regency NSF epoxy chrome wire shelving and posts.Learn More
GreenRegency NSF epoxy green wire shelving resists corrosion in humid settings like walk-in coolers and dish rooms.Learn More
BlackBlack Regency NSF epoxy wire shelving can withstand dry or moist environments, including retail and warewashing areas.Learn More
Shelving KitsRegency shelving kits are resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for dry storage in your pantry, warehouse, or retail shop.Learn More
Wall MountRegency wall mount shelving saves you valuable countertop storage space and can support your small kitchen appliances.Learn More
Wine RacksRegency wire wine racks store bottles of vino at the proper angle to keep corks moist and airtight.Learn More
Security CagesPrevent theft in your establishment by storing valuable and personal items in Regency security cages.
Shelving Casters and AccessoriesEnhance the functionality of your shelving unit with Regency shelving casters and accessories.
Metro Wire, Solid, and MetroMax Shelving

Metro Wire, Solid, and MetroMax Shelving

Outfit your supply closet, pantry, or other storage area with Metro wire, solid, and MetroMax shelving, so you can keep your products and supplies neat and organized. These shelves and posts offer unmatched strength to hold anything from bulk ingredients to small appliances. Plus, many of the shelves are adjustable to accommodate your constantly-changing needs.

Cambro Shelving, Camshelving, and Elements Shelving

Cambro Shelving, Camshelving, and Elements Shelving

Cambro shelving, Camshelving, and Elements shelving are ideal for your heavy-duty storage and transportation needs. Choose from stationary units for your supply closet or pantry, and check out our mobile racks for transporting dinnerware, cookware, canned goods, and other supplies around your kitchen.

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Solid and Wire Security, Wine, and Dunnage Shelving

Solid and Wire Security, Wine, and Dunnage Shelving

If you’re looking for sturdy storage options, then these solid and wire security, wine, and dunnage shelving options are great for you. You’ll find units with wire shelves that reduce the amount of dust buildup, making them perfect for storing food items. We also carry solid shelves that can hold heavier items like appliances.

Wall Mount Shelving

Wall Mount Shelving

If you need to conserve countertop or other preparation space, then wall mount shelving is a great choice for you. Choose from different shelving types that are designed to hold anything from microwaves, small appliances, and cleaning chemicals to dishware, glassware, and plated food.

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Shelving Casters and Shelving Accessories

Shelving Casters and Shelving Accessories

Enhance the functionality of your storage unit with these shelving casters and accessories. You’ll find casters that make your racks mobile, shelf inlays to prevent items from falling through wire shelves, and covers to protect contents from becoming dusty. We also carry bins, label holders, and dividers, which can be easily attached to shelves.

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Choose epoxy coated green and black wire for moist, damp environments like garages and walk-in freezer and refrigerator units. Their NSF Listed, coated zinc-plated wire shelves will resist corrosion. Our chrome shelving units offer a sleek storage solution for heated and dry environments. To keep countertops clear, try one our wall mounted racks to store ingredients, microwaves, and other commercial kitchen supplies. We even carry specialty storage racks for wine that keep bottles held at the optimum angle for flavor preservation. Thanks to our selection of Regency Shelving casters and accessories, it's easy to modify your storage rack. We also carry Metro racks and other shelving supplies that make transforming any cluttered area into an organized space!