Optimize Your Storage Unit with Our Vast Selection of Durable and Dependable Regency Shelving

Whether you’re looking to install shelving in your walk-in fridge, warehouse, retail establishment, warewashing area, or other location, Regency shelving has the products to meet your storage needs. Choose from a variety of colors, materials, and sizes to best accommodate your foodservice environment. We even have NSF Listed options for safe storage of food, ingredients, spices, and other kitchen appliances. Read more

Our Regency Shelving considers all sorts of establishments. We have shelving for high moisture and humid settings that will resist rapid corrosion, as well as shelving for dry environments only. Or maybe you’ll like our black wire shelving that can be used in dry or moist areas. And for upscale restaurants, wineries, or bars, we offer Regency wine racks designed to store bottles at proper angles to preserve aromas and flavors. We even have kits for easy installation, and casters and accessories to optimize your shelving unit.

Regency NSF Epoxy Green Wire Shelving

Ideal for moist and humid environments, including walk-in coolers and warewashing areas, Regency NSF epoxy green wire shelves and posts feature zinc plated wire construction with an epoxy coating that enables them to resist rapid corrosion.

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Regency NSF Epoxy Chrome Wire Shelving

Perfect for dry storage areas, heated environments, warehouses, or other retail applications, Regency NSF epoxy chrome wire shelves and posts are the perfect choices for any area with very little moisture.

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Regency NSF Epoxy Black Wire Shelving

Great for dry or moist storage areas, these Regency NSF epoxy black wire shelves and posts can be installed in your warehouse or walk-in fridge. Their sleek black coloring also makes them popular choices for retail environments.

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More Regency Shelving Products

If you're looking to mobilize your storage unit, take advantage of extra wall storage, or need to store wine properly, Regency shelving has the products and accessories to help you achieve your goals. Choose from wall mount shelving, pre-assembled kits, and wire wine racks for other great storage options, and be sure to check out our accessories like frames, casters, clamps, dividers, and more to customize your shelving system.

From wall-mounted options to conserve counter and floor space to specific material types to suit any environment, we have the Regency shelving option for you. Start making your pantry, fridge, or other storage area more organized and efficient. For more storage options, be sure to check out our various food storage containers and dinnerware storage and transport options. You might also like our various transport carts to easily load and unload items to and from your shelving unit.