Keep Cookware, Dishware, and Food Items Off the Floor with a Dunnage Rack or Other Storage Option

Storage racks are necessary in any type of foodservice or hospitality establishment because they will keep your supplies organized. Whether you’re looking for a freestanding dunnage rack to keep food-based items off the ground or a ceiling-mount option to conserve floor space, we have a model for you. You’ll also find a selection of mobile racks that allow you to transport supplies, dishware, and food from one room to the next. Read more

If you operate a restaurant, cafe, dining hall, or bar, we have storage racks that will make your daily tasks more efficient. Outfit your kitchen or bar area with hanging glass racks and pot racks to store bar glassware and cookware while it air dries. You’ll also find models that are specially designed for sheet pans, food pans, and bakery trays. Don’t forget to stock up on warewashing racks, as well, to safely run dishes through your commercial dishwasher.

Our selection includes storage racks for front-of-house applications. You’ll find styles with slanted shelves that are ideal for merchandising pies, cakes, scones, and other baked goods in your cafe or bakery as well as six pack racks for your brewery, liquor store, or winery. These items can even be used to hold bins filled with silverware, napkins,  condiment packs, and salt shakers, so your servers can quickly set dining tables before guests arrive.

Dunnage Racks

Dunnage racks are a great storage option for keeping food-based items off the floor. Use these racks to hold anything from canned goods, bags of flour, containers of sugar, and bulk ingredients to cleaning chemicals and other supplies. Our selection includes options for your standard or heavy-duty storage needs as well as mobile models that make transporting goods easier.

Warewashing Racks

Warewashing racks are essential for the dish room in your restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, or dining hall. We carry racks designed to safely hold glasses, plates, flatware, and mugs while they go through your commercial dish washing machine. You’ll even find dish rack extenders, risers, and dividers to accommodate taller glasses or smaller dishes. Don’t forget to also use a drying rack to store items like sheet pans, trays, and platters. 

Pan Racks

Since pans typically lay flat on counter tops and other surfaces, it can be difficult for them to air dry in a sanitary way. That’s why it’s important to use pan racks that are completely open to allow proper air ventilation. Choose from models that are specially designed for your bakery, butcher shop, pizzeria, or restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a unit to accommodate your bun pans, meat trays, or steam table food dishes, we have an option for you.

Pot Racks & Glass Hanger Racks

Pot racks and glass hanger racks will prevent you from storing your cookware and drinkware in dark cabinets, and they’ll also allow you to sanitarily air dry your wet dishes. You’ll find mobile carts that are commonly used in back-of-house settings to hold pots, pans, and racks after they’ve been washed. We also carry ceiling and wall-mount options that have a more visually-appealing look and are great for use in kitchens with open layouts.

Merchandising and Presentation Racks

Merchandising and presentation racks are ideal for your grocery store, bakery, or cafe. Many of these racks have slanted shelves that will make your baked goods and other treats more visible to your customers, which can lead to increased impulse sales. You’ll also find six pack racks to hold and sell signature bottled beer and wine in your brewery, liquor store, or winery. 

Specialty Racks

We carry a variety of specialty racks to accommodate your specific storage needs. Whether you own a bakery, restaurant, deli, or cafeteria, we have an option for you. You’ll find racks that are specially-designed to hold a variety of items, including canned goods, trays of donuts, kegs, garments, and plates. We also carry racks that roll into walk-in refrigerators and proofing cabinets to keep prepped and cooked foods at safe storage temperatures. 

By using a dunnage rack or other storage option, your establishment will remain well-organized, which results in an efficiently-run business. Not only will you keep canned goods, ingredients, pots, pans, and fryer baskets stored off of the floors, but your employees will also know where supplies are located. Best of all, these racks feature an open wire design that will enable your dishware to air dry in a sanitary way as well as prevent dust from accumulating on food-based items. For other great supplies for your establishment, check out our self dumping hoppers, hand trucks, and dish dollies