A Chafing Dish Will Keep Foods Hot and Presentable Throughout Your Event

Serve hot and fresh meals at your next catered event by holding food in a chafing dish! We offer everything you need to set up a visually appealing buffet line, ranging from the chafing dishes to their compatible stands and heaters. By setting these chafers up in an organized way you'll be able to keep lines moving and guests satisfied. Read more

These chafing dishes are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Choose a smaller chafing dish to keep rolls, soups, and sauces warm. Or, go with a large dish that can accommodate full-size food pans filled with lasagna, meats, or other entrées. We even offer decorative chafers, as well as beverage urns to keep coffee and tea hot!

Chafing Dishes

Perfect for your banquet, buffet, or catered event, provide your guests superior service with our wide selection of chafing dishes. From economy chafers to high end chafers, choose the right chafer to suit your needs and showcase your foods in style!

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Chafing Dish Fuel

Chafing fuel canisters are an ideal heating source for buffets and catered events. Choose from biodegradeable, gel, and wick fuel options.

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Coffee Chafer Urns

Serve your coffee in style with these coffee chafer urns! They are the perfect addition to your catering, buffet, or hotel foodservice operation.

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Drop-In Chafers

Drop-in retractable chafers install right into the countertop for a sleek presentation. These chafers won't tip over, and they reduce the risk of burns from exposed chafer fuel.

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Chafing Griddles

Decorative chafing griddles and grill stands keep your food warm without sacrificing aesthetics. Use these chafing griddles for a unique presentation.

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Chafer Accessories

Whether you need boxes to protect your chafers, pans for food holding, replacement lids and parts, or stands, we’ve got what you’re looking for and more! Or pick up a coffee chafer urn, electric chafer heater, or collapsible food server for your catering business.

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By using a chafing dish to hold and serve food, you can rest assured knowing your meats, dairy, and other entrées and sides are being kept at safe serving temperatures to eliminate the risk of foodborne illnesses. In addition to ensuring food safety, these chafing dishes create a sophisticated presentation, displaying food in a professional way. You’ll also be able to find a wide selection of accessories, including compatible chafing dish fuel, chafer boxes, electric heaters for outdoor events, and decorative stands and lids. To complete your presentation, you may also like our selection of bud vases and accent vases to add a decorative touch, and our tabletop tents and cards will show what the contents are in each chafing dish. Our various serving utensils will also help your wait staff dish out perfect portions to your hungry guests.