Turkey Fryers & Peanut Oil: Hints, Safety Tips, FAQs, & Links

When we have the lowest pricing on hot items, like our line of Bayou Classic Propane Turkey Fryers, we inevitably end up with lots of questions regarding those items. What kind of oil should I use for a turkey fryer? How much oil should I use in the fryer? What accessories do I need for frying a turkey? Well, Brian did a great job with the descriptions of the turkey fryers, and most of those questions can be answered just by clicking an item and reading those descriptions. Here is a link to our turkey fryers: Pro Turkey Fryers. In this post, we'll cover the right type of turkey frying oil, and the basics of how to use a turkey fryer. Keep in mind, all of the fryers with burners also have spec sheets, which you can get to by clicking the "Spec Sheet" tab in the description of the item. Please keep in mind that your turkey fryer will come with instructions, and you should carefully read those instructions. But for now, here are some more tips and FAQ’s relating to our turkey fryers:

Safety Tips

  • Important: always allow a turkey to thaw completely before frying. Never attempt to place a frozen or even a partially frozen turkey into a fryer, or you will have a violent boil over and grease fire!Make sure your thermometer is working properly before use.
  • You must properly measure the amount of oil to use for each individual turkey. Turkeys are all different, even if they weight the same. So please measure the oil properly: we have instructions for oil measurement in every turkey fryer description.
  • When placing the turkey in the fryer, it will cause the oil to come to an intense boil, therefore you should wear a long sleeved shirt, fryer gloves, safety goggles, and shoes.

Preparing a Turkey for Frying

  • Clean and dry turkey inside and out before frying and trim away all excess fat and skin. Make sure the opening around the neck is wide and clear—this is important.
  • Also important: make a 1" slit in the skin at the thigh-leg joints to allow oil to drain when the bird is done.
  • If you wish, inject your bird with marinade. We recommend a mix of your favorite wine or beer with Worcestershire sauce. Although the turkey fryer kits come with an injector, it is a small one. We have a really nice one that holds 2 oz here: Marinade Injector. When using an injector, depress the plunger as you pull out and you will evenly distribute the marinade.
  • Rub the poultry with seasoning and/or salt and pepper. Here are some great Fried Turkey Seasonings: Cajun Spice, Country Chicken Blend, Big BBQ Blend, Caribbean Sunrise Jerk Rub. You can really turbo charge your turkey’s flavor by adding these to the liquid marinade as well.
  • Place your turkey upside down on the rack, so your legs are facing up.

Peanut Oil and Turkey Frying FAQs

  • Why do they recommend peanut oil for frying turkeys? Peanut oil has a higher flash point then other oils, so it is less likely to catch on fire. Its higher smoking point will insure long life and clean flavor. The best thing about it is that it is cholesterol free. Which leads to the next question - how much peanut oil to fry a turkey?
  • How much turkey fryer oil do I need? That depends on the size of your pot and the size of the turkey. Be sure to follow the instructions for making sure you use the correct amount. Here are some typical amounts: 30qt Pot—3 gallons oil; 32qt pot—3 1/3 gallons oil.
  • Where is the best place to buy peanut oil? Answer: At the WEBstaurantStore, of course. Peanut oil is expensive and you will need plenty to fill your pot. Peanut oil is often sold for two to three times as much as we sell it for. We have both 50% peanut/50% soybean in a bulk 35lb container and 100% pure peanut oil that comes in a case of 2-17.5lb containers. In addition, any extra peanut oil can be stored up to six months in a dark cool place. Here is a link to our peanut oil, you can choose the 50/50 or the 100% on the page: Peanut oil. Since, in order to ship this without it breaking, we ship via common carrier; small quantities are expensive to ship. But larger quantities ship very inexpensively for the same reason.
  • What size turkey will fit in my pot? This is a very common question that we get about our turkey fryers. Here is your answer: 30qt pot: up to a 18lb bird, 32qt pot: up to a 20lb bird.

Whether you plan on eating your fried turkey outdoors or inside, our Hoffmaster 856766 9 3/4" x 14" Happy Thanksgiving Placemat and Napkin Combo Pack 250 / Case will be great on the holiday table. By the way, we offer $4 off of your next order for customer pictures--We would love to see your fried turkey pix! Happy Turkey Frying, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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