Mexican Car Crash Drink Recipe

It's almost happy hour. Do you know where your customers are?

If your restaurant is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Proud Home of the WebstaurantStore), you know exactly where they are. They're at home, doing everything possible to avoid venturing out into the scorching heat produced by the most offensive heatwave in recent Central Pennsylvania history.

If you're a Lancaster restaurateur trying to lure people out of their homes and into your restaurant, what better way to do that than by introducing a unique and refreshingly delicious addition to your cocktail menu? Yes, I know that alcohol is the last way doctors would recommend you quench your thirst on a smoldering hot day, but hey, the party doesn't stop just because Heat Miser's taking over. Ladies and gentlemen without further adieu, The Mexican Car Crash drink.

Mexican Car Crash

Pour all ingredients except the beer into a cocktail shaker, shake, and strain into a salted mixing glass. Quickly stick your beer in the drink, upside down, and enjoy sipping your Mexican Car Crash out of a straw!

Posted in: Bar Supplies | By Ethan Gibble
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