Banquet Table Seating Guidelines to Maximize Space and Comfort

By Brian Montgomery

Ever feel like a sardine at a wedding reception or banquet hall? If so, chances are whoever set up the banquet tables and stackable banquet chairs either ran out of tables, or decided since all those chairs "fit" around the table, it would work. Since our Customer Service reps are often asked, "How many people does this 60” table seat," I figured I'd provide a quick reference list. Keep in mind these suggested sizes are widely accepted industry-wide, but your specific needs may differ. For example, if you're a fine dining establishment or are serving a complex, multi-course meal, you may want to go to the next larger size.

Banquet Table Seating Suggestions

Now, choosing the right banquet table is just part of the equation. You'll need some handy table trucks to hold and move the banquet tables , plus comfy stackable banquet chairs and stacking chair dollies so guests will actually have somewhere to sit. Oh, and then there's table linens, which also need to be sized properly for the perfect look.... but don't worry, that's easy too! Stay tuned!


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