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How to Pipe a Rose with Buttercream Icing

Decorative icing roses can quickly turn even the simplest cakes into pieces of culinary mastery. And since they are appropriate for just about any occasion, these accents offer a versatile option when decorating cakes for the masses.

Not sure how to pipe the perfect petals for your pastries? Keep reading for a no-fail how-to on piping roses! For more pastry decorating hints, check out our Pastry Bags and Pastry Tubes guide.

How to Pipe a Rose

  1. Start with a pastry nail, a rose tip, a pastry bag, and a coupler. Put the coupler into the pastry bag and slide it through the hole at the base. Then attach the rose tip to the coupler and secure the tip in place with the coupler screw. Add icing to the pastry bag with a pastry spatula, making sure not to overfill the bag.

  2. How to Pipe a Rose

  3. To begin piping your rose, start by piping a base for the center of the rose.
  4. Build up this center to keep your flower from collapsing once it's created. The larger the rose, the larger the center will need to be to support.
  5. Once you have the center of the flower complete, begin to pipe the rose bud. Holding the narrow end of the tip upward, begin to pipe the icing while turning the pastry nail counter-clockwise until the bud is closed off.
  6. Next, start creating your flower petals, beginning with the first row and working your way out. While twisting the nail counter-clockwise, start by creating a small arch for each individual petal. Continue with the next level of petals until you have achieved the desired size of the rose.
  7. Once the rose is complete, gently remove it with an offset baker's spatula and place your creation in the location of choice on your cake or pastry.

Check out our video to see exactly how to pipe a rose out of icing:

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Linda Potter Says:

I have a problem starting the small inside curl. I think my base is too high. When I try to do the first row of three, it looks like the leaning Tower of Pizza! Practice, practice, practise!

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