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This 4-piece measuring spoon set is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and have capacities of 1/4 tsp., 1/2 tsp., 1 tsp. and 1 Tbsp. They also feature a ring that keeps the spoons together, so you don't have to waste time searching for individual spoons in your flatware drawer. This measuring spoon set is a nice addition for any size bakery/kitchen.

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Overall User Rating: 4-Piece Heavy Duty Measuring Spoon Set ( 4.8 stars from 101 reviews )

    These are TRUE Stainless Steel. Great Quality, and are very easy to clean. They come with the ring to hold the Measuring Spoons together, which helps with keeping them in one place! I purchased multiple sets, as I like to have a set for each Wet/Dry ingredients, when i'm baking.

    Posted on

    These are well made measuring spoons. Heavy duty compared to the plastic sets. They look nice and do the job. The price can't be beat.

    from Kaylees Bakery Posted on

    Heavy duty, indeed. These are solid pieces and should last a long time. We would definitely buy these again and also recommend the product to others.

    Posted on

    Can never have too many of these. They are well made and scoop out perfectly. Easy to clean and I know this will last me a very long time. Planning to order more indefinitely.

    Posted on

    Outstanding! These measuring spoons are very heavy duty, sturdy, and durable. I've gone through many sets of stamped metal and plastic measuring spoons, and they've all been very problematic. These have none of the issues that plague lesser measuring spoons. These don't bend, and their volume markings won't wear off because they're etched into the handles. Bonus points for inclusion of both metric and imperial units. These are also extremely inexpensive. I'll be purchasing another couple of sets.

    Posted on

    this is heavy duty and that's why I bought this set. It is strong and lasts for good and the price is great. it is something definitely recommended to buy.

    Posted on

    Though they seemed flimsy at first, after dropping them a few times, they have yet to be scratched or bent. I like them a lot and would definitely order them again assuming I need to replace my current set anytime soon.

    Posted on

    Once again another great product! Great price for such a heavy duty quality set. Goes along nicely with my Extra-Large measuring spoons and Heavy Weight measuring cup set. Much better than any plastic set, this will last a lifetime.

    Posted on

    Stay away from the overpriced 'consumer' models of measuring spoons. Pay the price for these once, don't lose them, and you'll never need another set of measuring spoons.

    Posted on

    These work really well and I feel they are quite accurate. I still have them on the ring together. I can also set them down filled with salt or whatever and i don't have to worry about it tipping to one side. Sturdy.

    from Dancing Cats Cafe Posted on

    I love these. I have a set from the early 19th century and was always hesitant to get rid of them because finding good measuring spoons is hard. Since I got them, I haven't looked at any others. I keep them in an apron pocket while I cook/bake. They hold up with all the abuse I put them through and then clean up like new when I am done.

    Posted on

    I love the metal measuring spoons because it seems like when you are working with a powder or a liquid, they don't stick to the surface as much as other substances. Easy to clean and easy to store. They look nice too!

    from Put the Lime in the Coconut Posted on

    I loved it because it has four spoons on it so I can measure the amount I want and it was easy to use too. I like that it is heavy duty as well.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    This heavy duty measuring spoon set is so much better than using plastic measuring spoons. It's nice to have multiple spoons when baking for employees and family.

    from Legends Salon Posted on

    I'm very happy with my purchase - they do exactly what they're supposed to. They are all joined together by a metal loop so they don't get separated and lost in the drawer.

    Posted on

    Great price and very convenient to keep around the kitchen. I enjoy having all of them together as you often need a couple different spoons at a time. I don't necessarily agree about heavy duty as the metal is prone to bending a bit. But for the price, this is what I expected. At this cost, it is not a big deal to have to replace them every couple years.

    Posted on

    These are very durable last a long time and great value for the price. These are our 4th set of these since we have been in the food business.

    from Spokes II Inc. Posted on

    These heavy duty measuring spoons are great, they come on a nice ring so you can leave them together or remove and use only the ones you want. We love these.

    from Be Fit Nutrition Posted on

    Better than what expected they are actually excellent quallity order 2 and will be ordering more soon so handy at all times, the only thing wish it came with 1/8

    from Kedbys Kreations & Party Rental Posted on

    I cannot get over how easy it is to use and maintain a stainless steel set of measuring spoons. These spoons are accurate and the handles on them are strong and of good length. I bought this a couple months ago and after moderate daily use, they look just as they arrived.

    Posted on

    Love. Love. Love. They are sturdy and durable and have a good weight in your hand. They are a true value for the price for sure!

    from The Cape Cod Cookie Posted on

    These came in as sturdy as i imagined they would be and feel nice in my hand. These came in exactly as expected which is always a plus!

    from Home use Posted on

    At the risk of repeating what everyone else has said, you really can't go wrong with this measuring spoon set. They are simple, sturdy, and 1/5 the price of any set anywhere else of similar quality. Definitely recommend!

    Posted on

    these are a perfect fit for storage. they can be kept together or when seperated they still fit together in the drawer. They are very lightweight which is a plus when kids are baking

    from Farmers Posted on

    These measuring spoons work great. They are durably made and i love the set that i own. They can be easily stored anywhere because of their perfect size.

    Posted on

    The 4-piece heavy duty measuring spoon set is a good quality product at an excellent price. This smaller set of 4 is a nice addition to other sets I use.

    Posted on

    This 4 piece heavy duty measing spoon set is a must for any bakery. I like it better than the plastic ones. It cleans up well and is very durable. I will be getting a few more of these, especially at this great price.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    I have actually ordered these twice now. Once was a single set, and the last time I ordered 2 for my cafe. Unless you are extremely abusive, these things should pretty much last you forever. Heavy duty for sure. But not in price. A must buy.

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    Great set, clearly labeled, and they don't take up a lot of room in my drawer. These get used on a daily basis at our house. perfect for both home and business.

    Posted on

    I can't count the number of measuring spoon set I have bought before this. Some of the pieces just seem to be growing wings and flying away. I'm glad to find this set. I love the fact that the pieces are tied together. No more disappearing pieces. I've been using this set for a while and I can tell that this will last a very long time. The are durable. No rust after so many washes. A must have for every kitchen.

    Posted on

    Love these measuring spoons. I am just getting serious about baking and cooking. And I have learned that having quality equipment is key. These have worked out great so far. I will say I bent my tablespoon a bit trying to scoop coconut oil out of a jar, note to self.

    Posted on

    This measuring spoon set is indeed heavy duty. They have a good weight to them, they washed in the dishwasher without any problems (no rust spots or discoloration), and the bowl shape is handy for scooping. I really like them and will probably buy another set or two in the future just to have extras.

    Posted on

    If you are trying to decide between measuring spoon sets on this site, get these! They are heavy duty, attractive, and easy to read. The deep bowls make measuring liquids easy and the sturdiness makes leveling dry ingredients a breeze.

    from Southern Girl Soapery Posted on

    A good set of measuring spoons for the money. Solid metal so the handle won't fall off on you. Also has a good deep head on it allowing for an accurate measurement.

    Posted on

    Unbelievable value! I don't think it's possible to find a measuring spoon set as good as these for even 4 times their price. They're inexpensive enough to have two sets in the drawer or give as quick gifts. They have a solid feel and don't bend under pressure.

    Posted on

    I absolutely love this set! I still cannot believe the quality of the product for such a low price. I use these almost every time I am in the kitchen. They are easy to use and they don't take up much room. Great product!

    Posted on

    Great measuring spoons. I got these to replace some plastic ones that I had lost in a move. Overall very well constructed and the measurements are etched in so they won't fade. My only real complaint is that they handles can bend a if you're trying to scoop out a very stiff paste or material. Otherwise they're very sturdy.

    Posted on

    This 4 Piece Heavy Duty Measuring spoon set is nice to have in any kitchen. You don't have to worry about measurement coming off it etched on the spoon. Great price and product.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    This set of measuring spoons are very good quality. I have easily paid 3 times this price for this quality in retail stores. I added these to a bridal basket recently.

    Posted on

    Inexpensive, yet works as it should. This is a no-frills tool, but still a necessity in any kitchen. It's not as heavy as the other measuring spoon I have, but it's a great back up set. If I'm doing a lot of baking, it's great to have an extra set of measuring spoons to avoid washings between use.

    Posted on

    Love these!! It is my go-to set now every time I bake. I bought several for gifts as well. They are deep enough to make getting a level measurement easy, and they feel good and balanced in your hand. They are strong and always come out shiny. You won't regret.

    Posted on

    I bought these as a impulse, I wanted a nice set of stainless steel measuring spoons and thought that i would give these a try. I was worried that their necks were too thin and would want to bend, but no they are quite sturdy (they will bend however under excessive force). They are accurate and look and feel nice!

    Posted on

    Measuring some vinegar, notice the measurements are stamped!

    These are the spoons we use all the time in my bakery. They are accurate and wash up great. Plus the price can't be beat.

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    This measuring set is made of stainless steel and are very durable. The stamps are stamped deeply so there is no need to worry about the markings wearing off.

    Posted on

    These are my absolute favorite measuring spoons. I have 5 sets of them so that I always have one clean and ready to use. They are the perfect weight and are dishwasher safe.

    from B. Tucker Posted on

    I bought this set for my daughter and she loves them. They are strong and well made. She loves them. The handles are plenty long to reach into ingredients packaging.

    Posted on

    i really like these mesuring spoons the're heavy weight and they are a really good price for there good quality. these mersing spoons are great!

    Posted on

    The 4-piece heavy duty measuring spoon set is very sturdy. I like the weight of them, and think they will last for a very long time. I am very pleased with them.

    Posted on

    These are great! Sturdier than I would have expected considering the thin handles. I would purchase more of these over the American Metalcraft MSSF75 4-Piece Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set, which I also purchased. Those don't seem as sturdy.

    from Pye Posted on

    The 4-Piece Heavy Duty Measuring Spoon Set is exactly as described. Great quality without being too heavy. This set is easy to keep together with the ring that is provided unlike some spoon sets. Great purchase!

    from A Cupcakery Inc Posted on

    The four most common measuring spoon sizes, all kept together with a ring for convenience. Although these are marked "heavy duty" they're not heavy or cumbersome. Good value for the price.

    from Professor Cocktail Posted on

    These measuring spoons have a nice look and feel. They are not the heaviest of heavy duty though--they can still get bent pretty easily. If you're careful though, these should last you a long time.

    from Rainbow Bakery Posted on

    This measuring spoon set is as good as any more expensive, brand name sets. It is not flimsy, looks beautiful and is easy to clean. I like the flat feel of the handle.

    from Home cook Posted on

    Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set

    The measuring spoons are great. They are strong and will hold up to heavy use. They have a nice flat top to make accurate measurements.

    from Bites & Delights Posted on

    Great little set of measuring spoons. They don't feel flimsy in your hand, and the sizes are imprinted on the handle so they won't wear away with time (I am left guessing the sizes of all my plastic measuring spoons because they sizes have completely faded off!).

    Posted on

    I don't know about you but I bend my measuring spoons and cups all the time. These truly are heavy duty, nice and strong and not a bend in them!

    from The Busy Little Baker Posted on

    These are great measuring spoons. I use them everyday and have not let me down. I plan on having and using them for a long time.

    from DREAM CRUMB TRUE CAKES Posted on

    These are my favorite measuring spoons by far. I wish I had gotten at least a few more of these because they are that great. The labeling on each spoon is very easy to read and hasn't worn off after 2 or 3 years of use unlike my other stainless steel pair. When you hold these, you'll notice how well they are weighted and how conveniently they\\\'re shaped for quick use. You certainly won't regret picking up a few of these.

    Posted on

    These heavy duty measuring spoons are handy in lots of places. We keep them in the kitchen or in containers where that is the size portion needed at the counters.

    from Taste & See Coffee House Posted on

    Great set of spoons! We use this product every day and have been very pleased. They have a very quality feel to them plus even after a years worth of daily use, the chrome is still as shiny as ever.

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    These measuring spoons have a nice weight and are easy to use. They have help up to very heavy use in my restaurant and I would buy them again.

    Posted on

    The 4 - piece Heavy Duty Measuring Spoon Set. made of heavy - gauge stainless steel and has 1/4 tsp., 1/2 tsp., 1 tsp., 1 tbsp. They are on a ring that keep the spoons together.Great for any bakery or kitchen.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    Wonderful set of measuring spoons. Sturdy and well made. The edges are thin so the spoons can fully reach the bottom of jars and bottles. Order several sets - you won't regret it!

    Posted on

    Nice and sturdy set of spoons. I keep multiple sets of spoons around and like these because I can use the tradition round shape for shaping foods into nice domes

    Posted on

    Yet another great buy from the Webstaurant store. Nice and sturdy. Cups are nice and level for accurate measuring. A lot better than the previous spoons I bought from this site.

    from KAMI Cakes Posted on

    Measuring spoons

    This measuring spoons are dirt cheap and worth it! They're durable and are great for measuring dry and wet ingredients. They are dishwasher safe as well!

    Posted on

    These measuring spoon sets are very well made. I bought 3 sets. 2 for work and one for home,I dont think i will need anymore. Very good Price.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    Great measuring spoons! We got one set to try and after using them, I threw away all of our cheap plastic sets and bought 4 more sets of these. Great shape and they hold up well with daily use.

    Posted on

    The spoons are definitely and heavy duty and the price cannot be beat! They do not bend even when scooping heaving items like brown sugar. Highly recommended!

    Posted on

    Measuring out brown sugar. The spoon did not bend like lesser quality spoons would with the weight and density of brown sugar.

    These measuring spoons are very durable and make measuring very easy. Plus they are easy to clean and make my cakes extra delicious!! Great Price!

    Posted on

    This is a great accessory for our spice table. It includes all of the measure sizes we use everyday. The size is clearly marked on the handle and the heavy duty design should give great service.

    Posted on

    Very nice craftmanship on the 4-Piece Heavy Duty Measuring Spoon Set. Much better than the ones I had and fells sturdier too. The price is great!

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    I am so happy to have purchased these measuring spoons.. No longer will I have to figure out witch one is the teaspoon or the tablespoon.. All the marking are embossed on each spoon

    from The Chubby Cupcake Posted on

    These measuring spoons are very good quality, are heavy weight material, and they work perfectly for commercial use. I will definitely purchase these spoons again.

    Posted on

    when it comes to measuring spoons you have two options. buy the ultra cheap and rebuy on a regular basis, or buy good one time. this is the way to go. ultra great price and will last forever.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    Good measuring spoon set for any chef in training and dishwasher safe. Spoons bend easily, so when needed again, will purchase more expensive ones next time.

    from church Posted on

    Nice deep spoons so that there is no guessing about whether it's filled or not (like the very shallow spoons). Nice heft and the handle design makes holding it easier and the set more quickly identifiable from the set I'm using for liquid measures.

    from Mrs. Smith's Baked Goods Posted on

    These work great for someone into cooking and baking as these are more level in the measurements. There heavy and solid stainless steel which feels like there built to withstand a lot.

    from Tristan's Posted on

    These measuring spoons last forever! They are definitely correct when they use the word "heavy duty." Easy to clean and I love how they all stay together because they are attached! Can't lose just one of them!

    Posted on

    These are definitely heavy duty measuring spoons. We use them everyday in our commercial kitchen and after 1 year of use, show very little wear. They also wash easily.

    from Queen City Cupcakes Posted on

    These measuring spoons are a great thing to have. Buy a dozen of them and stash them all around the kitchen. I've gone through a lot of them, but I'm pretty sure it's because the dishwashers throw them away!

    Posted on

    These measuring spoons have been a great addition to my kitchen. I only wish there was a 1/2 tablespoon measurement (1 teaspoon + 1/2 teaspoon). Other than that, they function great, and I like that they are attached so there are no worries about losing them. The metal has a nice sturdy feel too them and seem built to last.

    Posted on

    These are nice measuring spoons. My favorite part is that thats all they are simple and efficient. they arent shapped like anything other than they need to be.

    Posted on

    These measuring spoons are very well made. The metal used is a very high quality and can stand up to long periods of use in a kitchen or bakery.

    Posted on

    These measuring spoons are great. They are easy to fit into small jars and they level off easily. The spoon sizes are engraved well in the handles so they are very easy to identify quickly. I have purchased several sets of these for baking and I love them.

    Posted on

    These are a nice set of spoons. Doesn't feel like the handles will give or bend like a lot of measuring spoons tend to do. Well worth the purchase.

    from Sansations Posted on

    Great measuring spoon set! The price makes these easy to invest in! Works great for dry ingredients as well as liquid ones! Heavy duty material makes sure they will last!

    Posted on

    This is a very good measuring spoon set, especially when you consider the price! They are of a decent quality stainless steel and include the essential sizes.

    from A Gluten-Free Bakery in Philadelphia Posted on

    The design of these spoons make them easy to hold and easy to measure ingredients.

    These spoons are a good deal. They're heavy duty and have a nice deep bowl, which makes it easy to fill with liquids or powders.

    from Simply Cupcakes of Arlington Posted on

    Great for liquids

    These are very sturdy measuring spoons. I like the shape of the spoon because it's easy to measure out a precise quantity without the spoon bending or cupping to hold more or less. the cup part of the spoon is firmly attached. Overall, very nice.

    from Sterling College Posted on

    How can you go wrong with the price of this measuring spoon set? It's not fancy, but it is durable. It is great to have as a spare if you're doing a lot of cooking.

    Posted on

    Perfect measuring spoons for the kitchen! You will be sure to get the exact measurements. These spoons will leave no residue behind when washed. Really wonderful spoons for a wonderful price!

    from JAM Vegan Bakery Posted on

    Great value, fast shipping. These are the type of spoons my mother still has from her mother. The last forever and I will give them to my kids.

    from BURDGE'S GARAGE Posted on

    These measuring spoons are a good value and well made. The measurements are easy to read and the spoon are heavy duty. This set will last for a long time.

    Posted on

    Stainless steel and very durable--the only trouble we have with these is losing them--and that's really our fault. They last forever and never degrade at all.

    from Cafe Manna Java Posted on

    These are really sturdy little spoons. They have a nicely shaped bowl that fits my bottles, and the slightly deeper bowl makes it easier to level these than with the cheaper model. These will still be in my kitchen in 25 years.

    from Mahogany Roasters Posted on

    These measuring spoons were exactly what I needed to boost my bakery tool supply. They were cost effective, they have held up great, and they have not rusted whatsoever in three months of use. I would definitely recommend these.

    from Hip 2 Be Squared Cupcakes Posted on

    Great spoons at a great price! These spoons are well constructed. Heavy weight that I expect to last a lifetime. My old spoons were plastic - becoming discolored, cracked, and the size stamps were rubbing off. I can't believe I could get something so nice for so little money.

    Posted on

    This is such a bargain that you may as well get a couple extra. They come on a convenient metal ring to hold them together.

    Posted on

    Great product! I use mine every single day. Great to buy for stocking stuffers, adorn a home gift. SO little, but so useful. Great price and great customer service. --Patricia from Front Royal, VA

    Posted on

    I've always liked these measuring spoons, and I bought a pair on WEBstaurantStore.com to replace a set I had misplaced - these are the sturdy kind, dishwasher safe, and super cheap...I'm used to paying twice the amount for these. I let them air dry out of the dishwasher and they don't rust at all!

    Posted on

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