14 Gauge Heavy Duty

Heavy duty commercial work tables are made of premium 14 gauge stainless steel to guarantee quality and durability. These 14 gauge tables are the table of choice for butcher shops as they can withstand repeated, heavy blows from a cleaver or meat tenderizer without denting. Made from type 304 stainless steel, they offer corrosion resistance and will last for many years in your food service business.

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16 Gauge Standard

Constructed from 16 gauge stainless steel, standard duty commercial work tables are ideal for foodservice professionals seeking both quality and affordability. These tables offer a higher level of durability over an 18 gauge model at an affordable price. A great all-purpose option for your commercial kitchen, you'll find that many of our name brand tables are made of 16 gauge stainless steel.

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Our stainless steel open base work tables leave room to store ingredients and other supplies underneath the countertop, providing you more space for storage. From standard to heavy-duty models, we’ve got a work table to match every price point! Choose from 14 gauge or 16 gauge tables depending on the food preparation requirements of your kitchen. These tables are great as work spaces and can hold pieces of equipment or tools to increase the organization of your space. To further organize your kitchen, store dishes and pans in dish rack dollies, plate dollies, and bun pan dollies under your work tables.

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