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Whip-It Soda Siphons

Whip-It Soda Siphons

Whether you want to make mixed drinks elegantly, or want to make Italian sodas with our coffee syrups, or a real New York egg cream with our U-Bet chocolate syrup. A soda siphon is the right tool for you. While the Whip-It brand soda siphon comes with very easy and clear instructions, I’ll just go ahead and show you how to set this up for the first time in this video. First, you will remove the top. Then, you'll remove this long tube. Then, inside there will be a measuring tube and you'll remove it by putting your finger in and pulling it out. Now at this point you're going to rinse it out thoroughly. Then you’ll replace the measuring tube and fill it with cold water to the bottom of that tube. Now that you’ve filled it with 1 liter of cold water you’re going to take the long tube with washer and insert it back inside. Then you’ll take the siphon head and screw it back on. Now, you’ll unscrew the cap cover and take it off. Next, you’ll take the cartridge holder and place your CO2 in there. Then you’re going to go ahead and screw it on, and when you hear this sound you know you're about ready. Next, you’ll want to just shake it up a little bit. Right here is your trigger and there you are—you’re ready to make some seltzer. These Whip-It brand soda siphons come in red, black, green, blue, orange, silver and purple. We also stock the real Whip-It brand CO2 cartridges, which you can find as a companion item on this page. Well, thank you for watching. And if you have any questions, please feel free to use our live chat button.

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Whip-It soda siphons are perfect for all types of mixed drinks, as well as delicious Italian sodas and more. Check out this video to see how easy it is to set up and use your Whip-It soda siphon!

Foxs U-Bet Brooklyn Egg Cream Drink

Foxs U-Bet Brooklyn Egg Cream Drink

Hi I’m Steve Ziegler, Product Expert at the WEBstaurantstore. Having spent some time in Brooklyn in my younger days, I came to appreciate a local specialty, the Brooklyn Egg Cream. It just so happens that our house brand of chocolate syrup is Fox’s U-bet syrup, which is the only one that you want to use if you are making a real egg cream. So today, I thought I’d take a break from my usual slicing, chopping, and sharpening, and just have some fun and make some real New York Egg Creams. To make an Egg Cream, you’ll need a few things first, and, of course, the first ingredient is Fox’s U-bet Chocolate Syrup—which we carry in the squeeze bottles or the much more righteous gallon size here, as well. Then you’ll need seltzer water, which you can buy in the store, or, if you want to make an egg cream the right way—we carry these soda siphons on the site along with these cartridges. And you can pick them up here at the WEBStaurantstore. Then you’ll need ice cold whole milk. You must use whole milk. And if you’re worried about your diet, that’s alright, because the Fox’s U-bet Chocolate syrup is fat free. But the whole milk’s going to make the foamy head stand up a little bit better for you. Then you’ll need some soda glasses. I am using these cola glasses here. If you want to find our soda glasses on the site, just look up “soda glass” and you’ll find 10 different soda glasses of all different shapes and sizes. And finally, you’ll need some iced teaspoons, and you’ll want these because they have the long handle that will allow you to get down and mix your chocolate up. From the history of an egg cream to how to make one, everything is a controversy. I’m going to show you how I make an egg cream and you can choose your best way of doing it. One thing I can recommend for everybody: use a chilled glass and cold milk. I’m going to go ahead, and put just a couple inches of milk in there. Then I am going to use my seltzer water next, and spray that in there until I get a nice head on top, just straight down in. Then I am going to take my chocolate and just run it down the side so I don’t break up the head. I am going to put ¾” in the bottom there. I am going to mix this up and you’ll see I have a nice chocolate base, and a beautiful white creamy head. This might bother traditionalists, but U-bet makes many different flavors of syrup—we have the traditional chocolate, the sugar free chocolate, coffee, malt, and even vanilla. And vanilla is extremely popular! Here, I’ll make an egg cream with this. Because this won’t change the color of the head, I am going to put the syrup in here first. I am going to go ahead and put the milk on top, and then put my seltzer water in there. And there you have a beautiful vanilla egg cream! One more very important thing: An egg cream is not meant to sit around, or it will go flat--so once you make it—enjoy it! Thank you for watching, and if you have any questions, please feel free to use our live chat button.

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Try making a delicious Brooklyn Egg Cream using Fox's U-Bet Syrups!


Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste and elegant sophistication of drinks made with the Whip-It SSSV-03R soda siphon! This red soda siphon’s durable, rubber coated body provides extra grip, and its plastic head is perfect for cold and hot applications. This soda siphon adds the perfect amount of refreshing fizz to your water enabling you to create tasty drinks and cocktails! You'll save money by creating your own seltzer water instead of buying expensive club soda!

The Whip-It soda siphon has a 32 oz (approx 1 liter) capacity.

Uses CO2 (carbon dioxide) cartridges, sold separately.

Hand wash only.

Similar to iSi 2247 Soda Siphon SLL.


Hand Wash Only

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Whip-It SSSV-03R Soda Siphon - Red 1 Liter ( 4.8 stars from 9 reviews )

    I like it. It's very fun to use. My only thing is that it leaks from the edges even when it is tightly snugged. Also, after a few hours all the gas comes out so make sure if you going to use the Co2 cartridge to use all the gas and to fill it all the way up as well.

    from Personal Posted on

    This siphon makes it super easy to create the soda water needed for various drinks. I use it at home almost every day along with a splash of fruit flavored syrup to create delicious Italian sodas.

    from Phillip Bystrican Posted on

    I had one of these as part of a cocktail set which I purchased from a restaurant supply house in New York 30 years ago. It lasted forever but got lost in a move, and in the interim they apparently became harder to come by. I'm glad to see they're available again.

    Posted on

    This is great for making unique spritzer drinks! It comes in a number of different colors which will fit in with any decor! Good for making party drinks! Easy to use!

    Posted on

    SUperb product for our bar. We use them to make fresh soda water for mixed drinks. Great level of carbonation, very old fashioned seltzer water mouth feel. I have 2!

    Posted on

    Excellent. Great price for a Whip it Soda Siphon. Use it to spark up some cool drinks or seltzers instead of sugary sodas. You'll use it over and over.

    Posted on

    Dynamite soda siphon, I don't know how I've lived without one for so long. The kids love the 'bubbly water' and I tell them it's soda. Win win.

    from Havana Mgmt Inc Posted on

    Neat item to add to your menu for making old time fizz sodas, we use it for ice cream soda products with great successs we have had

    Posted on

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