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Create an Unforgettable Breakfast Experience with a Bagel Guillotine from Larien
Creators of the Bagel Biter, the original guillotine-action bagel slicer, Larien has set the standard for safety and efficiency. Larien designs, develops, and markets all of their own products, giving them unrivaled experience in the manufacturing process. Larien offers replacement blade cartridges for Bagel Biter slicers, as well. These replacements feature the same resin safety shields and precision-ground, nonstick blades and are perfect to keep on hand if your current blades begin to dull. Read more

Perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, coffee shops, and other self-serve areas, Larien bagel biters are manufactured in the USA, feature a limited one-year warranty, and are NSF Listed. Bagel Biter slicers are designed for heavy-duty usage with a durable Lexan polycarbonate base and resin safety shields to protect fingers, as well as precision-ground, nonstick blades for superior slicing.