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Bring the Heat with Alto-Shaam Food Cooking & Holding Equipment

Alto-Shaam prides itself on creating systems and equipment that leads to profitable food service programs in many different industries. Since their formation in the 1960's, Alto Shaam has strived to deliver food product that is superior in flavor and tenderness, with reduced shrinkage to ensure that more portions can be served from each cut of meat.

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Use a high quality Alto Shaam cook and hold oven for steaks, vegetables, braising short ribs, baking dessert, proofing bread dough and reheating convenience food items. Thanks to their patented Halo Heat design, Alto Shaam combi ovens cook food quickly and efficiently using less energy, water, and labor than traditional methods. Use these high speed ovens at your school cafeteria, high volume eatery, and other busy restaurant setting.

Alto-Shaam's innovative Halo Heat technology utilizes thermal cables to provide even heating in cooking, holding, and serving equipment for hotels, restaurants, institutions and supermarkets. Halo Heat provides a gentle, radiant heat source for your food, with no cold or hot spots, or air movement to dry out your food! As a result, the Halo Heat system preserves food quality longer, resulting in less waste!

If a cost-effective, time saving oven is what you need, then look no further than Alto-Shaam food cooking and holding equipment!