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This Traulsen SHELF-CPW1 shelf is a perfect fit for your 27" UPT, UST, ULT, or UHT refrigerator or freezer! Use it as a replacement or to increase your storage capabilities!

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing and transit times will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please note this in the comment section while checking out! Please feel free to log on to our Live Chat should you have any questions before placing your order. After your order is placed, we will update you via email to let you know how this will be shipping to you.


Made in America

Compatible Models

This item is compatible with the listed models, according to the manufacturer. We do our best to keep this listing as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Specialist before placing your order.
Traulsen UHT27-D
Traulsen UHT27-D-SB
Traulsen UHT27-L
Traulsen UHT27-L-SB
Traulsen UHT27-R
Traulsen UHT27-R-SB
Traulsen UHT32-D
Traulsen UHT32-D-SB
Traulsen UHT32-L
Traulsen UHT32-L-SB
Traulsen UHT32-R
Traulsen UHT32-R-SB
Traulsen UHT48-LL
Traulsen UHT48-LL-SB
Traulsen UHT48-LR
Traulsen UHT48-LR-SB
Traulsen UHT48-RR
Traulsen UHT48-RR-SB
Traulsen UHT60-DD
Traulsen UHT60-DD
Traulsen UHT60-LL
Traulsen UHT60-LL-SB
Traulsen UHT60-LR
Traulsen UHT60-LR-SB
Traulsen UHT60-RR
Traulsen UHT60-RR-SB
Traulsen UHT72-DD
Traulsen UHT72-DD-SB
Traulsen UHT72-LL
Traulsen UHT72-LL-SB
Traulsen UHT72-LR
Traulsen UHT72-LR-SB
Traulsen UHT72-RR
Traulsen UHT72-RR-SB
Traulsen ULT27-L
Traulsen ULT27-L-SB
Traulsen ULT27-R
Traulsen ULT27-R-SB
Traulsen ULT32-L
Traulsen ULT32-L-SB
Traulsen ULT32-R
Traulsen ULT32-R-SB
Traulsen ULT48-LL-SB
Traulsen ULT48-LR-SB
Traulsen ULT48-LR-SB
Traulsen ULT48-RR-SB
Traulsen ULT48-RR-SB
Traulsen ULT60-LL
Traulsen ULT60-LL-SB
Traulsen ULT60-LR
Traulsen ULT60-LR-SB
Traulsen ULT60-RR
Traulsen ULT60-RR-SB
Traulsen ULT72-LL
Traulsen ULT72-LL-SB
Traulsen ULT72-LR
Traulsen ULT72-LR-SB
Traulsen ULT72-RR
Traulsen ULT72-RR-SB
Traulsen UPT276-D
Traulsen UPT276-L
Traulsen UPT276-R
Traulsen UPT279-D-SB
Traulsen UPT279-L-SB
Traulsen UPT279-R-SB
Traulsen UPT3212-D-SB
Traulsen UPT3212-L-SB
Traulsen UPT3212-R-SB
Traulsen UPT328-D
Traulsen UPT328-L
Traulsen UPT328-R
Traulsen UPT4812-LL
Traulsen UPT4812-LR
Traulsen UPT4812-RR
Traulsen UPT4818-LL
Traulsen UPT4818-LR
Traulsen UPT4818-RR
Traulsen UPT4818-RR-SB
Traulsen UPT488-LL
Traulsen UPT488-LL-SB
Traulsen UPT488-LR
Traulsen UPT488-LR-SB
Traulsen UPT488-RR
Traulsen UPT488-RR-SB
Traulsen UPT6012-DD
Traulsen UPT6012-DD-SB
Traulsen UPT6012-DD-SB
Traulsen UPT6012-LL
Traulsen UPT6012-LR
Traulsen UPT6012-LL-SB
Traulsen UPT6012-LL-SB
Traulsen UPT6012-RR
Traulsen UPT6012-RR-SB
Traulsen UPT6012-RR-SB
Traulsen UPT6024-DD
Traulsen UPT6024-DD-SB
Traulsen UPT6024-LL
Traulsen UPT6024-LR
Traulsen UPT6024-LL-SB
Traulsen UPT6024-RR
Traulsen UPT6024-RR-SB
Traulsen UPT7212-DD
Traulsen UPT7212-DD-SB
Traulsen UPT7212-LL
Traulsen UPT7212-LR
Traulsen UPT7212-LL-SB
Traulsen UPT7212-RR
Traulsen UPT7212-RR-SB
Traulsen UPT7218-DD
Traulsen UPT7218-DD-SB
Traulsen UPT7218-LL
Traulsen UPT7218-LR
Traulsen UPT7218-LL-SB
Traulsen UPT7218-RR
Traulsen UPT7218-RR-SB
Traulsen UPT7224-DD
Traulsen UPT7224-DD-SB
Traulsen UPT7224-LL
Traulsen UPT7224-LR
Traulsen UPT7224-LL-SB
Traulsen UPT7224-RR
Traulsen UPT7224-RR-SB
Traulsen UPT7230-DD
Traulsen UPT7230-DD-SB
Traulsen UPT7230-LL
Traulsen UPT7230-LR
Traulsen UPT7230-LL-SB
Traulsen UPT7230-RR
Traulsen UPT7230-RR-SB
Traulsen UST276-D
Traulsen UST276-D-SB
Traulsen UST276-L
Traulsen UST276-L-SB
Traulsen UST276-R
Traulsen UST276-R-SB
Traulsen UST279-D
Traulsen UST279-D-SB
Traulsen UST279-L
Traulsen UST279-L-SB
Traulsen UST279-R
Traulsen UST279-R-SB
Traulsen UST3212-D
Traulsen UST3212-D-SB
Traulsen UST3212-L
Traulsen UST3212-L-SB
Traulsen UST3212-R
Traulsen UST3212-R-SB
Traulsen UST328-D
Traulsen UST328-D-SB
Traulsen UST328-L
Traulsen UST328-L-SB
Traulsen UST328-R
Traulsen UST328-R-SB
Traulsen UST4812-LL
Traulsen UST4812-LR
Traulsen UST4812-LL-SB
Traulsen UST4812-RR
Traulsen UST4812-RR-SB
Traulsen UST4818-LL
Traulsen UST4818-LR
Traulsen UST4818-LL-SB
Traulsen UST4818-RR
Traulsen UST4818-RR-SB
Traulsen UST488-LL
Traulsen UST488-LL-SB
Traulsen UST488-LR
Traulsen UST488-LR-SB
Traulsen UST488-RR
Traulsen UST488-RR-SB
Traulsen UST6012-DD
Traulsen UST6012-DD-SB
Traulsen UST6012-LL
Traulsen UST6012-LR
Traulsen UST6012-LL-SB
Traulsen UST6012-RR
Traulsen UST6012-RR-SB
Traulsen UST6024-DD
Traulsen UST6024-DD-SB
Traulsen UST6024-LL
Traulsen UST6024-LR
Traulsen UST6024-LL-SB
Traulsen UST6024-RR
Traulsen UST6024-RR-SB
Traulsen UST7212-DD
Traulsen UST7212-DD-SB
Traulsen UST7212-LL
Traulsen UST7212-LR
Traulsen UST7212-LL-SB
Traulsen UST7212-RR
Traulsen UST7212-RR-SB
Traulsen UST7218-DD
Traulsen UST7218-DD-SB
Traulsen UST7218-LL
Traulsen UST7218-LR
Traulsen UST7218-LL-SB
Traulsen UST7218-RR
Traulsen UST7218-RR-SB
Traulsen UST7224-DD
Traulsen UST7224-LL
Traulsen UST7224-LR
Traulsen UST7224-LL-SB
Traulsen UST7224-RR
Traulsen UST7224-RR-SB
Traulsen UST7230-DD
Traulsen UST7230-DD-SB
Traulsen UST7230-LL
Traulsen UST7230-LR
Traulsen UST7230-LL-SB
Traulsen UST7230-RR
Traulsen UST7230-RR-SB
Traulsen UST7224-DD-SB
Traulsen UST7224-DD-SB
Traulsen UST7224-DD-SB


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