Find Wholesale School Equipment for Your Classroom, University Lecture Hall, or Lunch Room

Equip your school or university with the essential school supplies to create the best environment for students, teachers, faculty, and staff. Whether you’re looking to stock classrooms, science labs, and auditoriums, or you need foodservice supplies for your cafeteria or dining hall, we have you covered. Best of all, you’ll be able to find the wholesale school equipment you need while staying within budget. Read more

Our selection of school supplies provides educators with the best tools, from presentation boards, seminar tables, and lecterns to craft supplies, markers, and chalk. By using these supplies, teachers will be able to create more compelling and interactive presentations for their students.

We also carry furniture for your academic building! Outfit classrooms with activity tables, desk chairs, and lab stools, and supply your auditorium with stages, risers, and folding chairs. Computer carts and A/V carts are also available for teachers to transport their supplies from one classroom to the next.

Meal service is also an important part of any school. Whether you run a grade school lunch room, or you’re the operator of a university dining hall, we have the wholesale school equipment you need for foodservice. From ovens, steamers, and countertop food holders to dishwashers, milk coolers, and refrigerators, you’re sure to find what you need for your prep or cleanup needs. Don’t forget to stock up on plates, trays, and other necessary dishware, as well.

Classroom and School Presentation Aids

Keep your students engaged by using the proper classroom presentation aids. Lecterns are perfect for auditoriums or university halls, and presentation write-on boards are great for use in classrooms. You can use easels to display promotional posters, featured artwork, and other advertisements, as well. Don’t forget to also set up a message center outside your academic building with important dates, phone numbers, and contact information.

Classroom Supplies

Stock up on all the essential classroom supplies, so your school day will run more smoothly. Print out worksheets, homework assignments, and quizzes on our copier paper, and stick educational posters, seating charts, and rules onto classroom walls with tape. We carry markers and chalk for writing on your presentation boards, as well as crayons for students to color with. You’ll even find paper and gift wrap supplies for special arts and crafts projects.

School Furniture

Outfit your school, auditorium, or university with our selection of school furniture. Activity benches, student chairs, and lab stands are great for classrooms, while banquet and cafeteria tables are perfect for your lunch room or dining hall. You’ll find folding chairs and music stands for band practice rooms, as well as computer carts and A/V carts that allow teachers and professors to transport their supplies.

Stages and Risers

Set your auditorium up for special events and assemblies with these stages and risers. Stage risers provide a secure and elevated space for your choral students to stand during a concert, while stages are perfect for guest speakers. You’ll also find stage skirting that can dress up your display for events like graduation, holiday concerts, and award ceremonies. These skirts also allow you to store extra supplies under stages, out of your guests’ sight.

Emergency and School Nurse Supplies

Our selection of emergency and school nurse supplies includes everything you need to keep your students and staff healthy, safe, and protected. Outfit your nurse’s office and science lab with eye wash stations, and keep first aid kits available in every classroom. It’s also important to keep a fire extinguisher in every hallway, auditorium, and classroom.

Locker Room and Gymnasium Supplies

We have all the locker room and gymnasium supplies you need for your physical education classes. Set up a comfortable changing area for students to use before and after gym class or sports practice. Lockers will hold clothing, equipment, and personal items, while deodorizers and hand dryers keep the area clean and fresh. You’ll also find interlocking floor mats for your weight room, aerobics station, or yoga area.

Cafeteria Service Supplies

Make meal service in your school lunch room or university dining hall more efficient by stocking up on these cafeteria service supplies. Our selection includes everything you need to prep lunches, serve students, and clean up messes. Fill food pans with veggies and fruits for your salad bar, and use a sneeze guard to keep contents uncontaminated. You’ll also find cafeteria trays, napkins, flatware, dishware, and tumblers for meal service. We carry dispensers and organizers, as well, to keep condiments and other necessities neat and orderly.

Cafeteria Equipment

You’ll find all the cafeteria equipment you need to cook, bake, and clean up at the end of meal service. An ice machine is important so you can keep salad bar items chilled, while reach-in refrigerators, milk coolers, and freezers keep ingredients and drinks at safe temperatures. You’ll also find commercial ovens and steamers to cook anything from pizza, chicken, and vegetables to cookies, cakes, and desserts. Don’t forget to invest in a commercial dishwasher, as well, so you can quickly wash and sanitize trays, plates, cups, and silverware.

Warming and Holding Equipment

Keep prepared foods heated and at safe serving temperatures with our warming and holding equipment. Holding ovens and cabinets are ideal for back-of-house applications, while countertop food warmers are perfect for the serving line. You’ll also find soup kettles that can be set out at self-serve stations. We even carry warming equipment for non-edible items like dishes, mugs, and trays.

Sinks, Shelving, and Work Tables

Sinks, shelving, and work tables will make the food prep and cleanup processes more efficient. Use work stations to prepare ingredients, boxed lunches, and desserts, and check out our single and multi-compartment sinks for rinsing dishes, pots, and pans. Restaurant shelving is also available for convenient storing of canned goods, bulk flour, dishware, and trays.

Janitorial Supplies

Prevent the spread of germs and sicknesses by providing your staff with these janitorial supplies. Housekeeping chemicals can be used on desks, handles, and other surfaces, while mops and vacuum cleaners will clean up spills and dust from floors. You’ll also find commercial rotary floor machines and extraction machines to clean larger areas like hallways, auditoriums, and gymnasiums.

The better environment you provide for your students, the more enjoyable and valuable their school experience will be. We offer only the highest quality wholesale school equipment that will make the academic year run more smoothly. No matter what segment of your school you’re shopping for, you’ve come to the right place for all your school supplies. From elementary schools and trade schools to universities, get all your necessities in one convenient stop. Don’t forget to also check out our coffee and beverage supplies, including coffee airpots, sugar, sweetener, and creamer, and paper hot cups for a fully stocked break room for your administrators, faculty, and staff!