We bring you the cleaning chemicals you'll need for any purpose. Give your wooden furniture a like new shine and pleasant lemon scent with dust / furniture polish from popular name brands. Duster polish will give your furniture a lustrous appearance and the protection of wax with the convenient use of an aerosol!

To keep your glass surfaces shining bright, we feature popular cleaners in spray and concentrated forms, and we also have the cleaning chemicals to keep your bathrooms crisp, clean, and smelling fresh! Our restroom cleaners will work well on nearly any bathroom surface including sinks, stalls, tile floors, and more. To keep your toilets and urinals in tip-top condition, our toilet bowl cleaner is just what you need!

Accidents will happen no matter what type of operation you run, and our spill and vomit absorbents have you covered! Whether that is a beverage, cooking oil, syrup or yes, even vomit, these absorbents will do a thorough job soaking up the moisture so that you can sweep away the mess.

Other Cleaning Chemicals