Make a Variety of Hot and Cold Sandwiches with Our Deli Equipment and Supplies

We carry the deli supplies you need to run a successful sandwich shop, concession stand, or small deli. From disposable products and dinnerware pieces, to cooking and warming equipment, you’ll find the essential products that will help you prep sandwiches, subs, wraps, salads, and sides. Browse our varied selection of sandwich shop supplies, so you can serve customers dining-in, patrons ordering lunch to-go, or businesses requesting catering. Read more

Our deli equipment includes a wide selection of electrical and manual machines that allow you to prep fresh toppings, condiments, purees, and even bread for sandwiches! We carry smaller handheld prep tools, as well, that make it easy to grate cheese, open up sub rolls, and slice tomatoes. If you’re looking to cut down on prep time and efforts, you can also stock up on our pre-made toppings and condiments and simply store them in our various dispensers.

Grills, griddles, refrigerators, food warmers, and prep tables are the larger machines among our deli equipment selection. These cooking and holding units allow you to offer guests hot subs and sandwiches, as well as cold wraps and salads. You can even fry up mozzarella sticks, French fries, onion rings, and other sides to make a delicious lunch combo meal.

Don’t forget that the smaller sandwich shop supplies are just as important as the larger equipment units. You’ll find everything you need for front- or back-of-house applications. Food baskets, beverageware, and disposable cutlery are ideal for table service or take-out, while our air curtains and pest control products keep flies and other nuisances out of the kitchen.

Sandwich Shop Disposables

Stock up on all the sandwich shop disposables you need to send your customers on their way with fresh wraps, sandwiches, subs, and salads. Package meals to-go in paper wrap, foil bags, and take-out containers, and offer side sauces and condiments in plastic souffle cups. You’ll also find disposable napkins, flatware, and carrying bags for your customers’ convenience.

Cooking and Holding Equipment

Make hot and fresh sandwiches, paninis, and subs and keep them warm until a customer orders with our cooking and holding equipment. We have everything you need to fry up crispy sides, melt cheese for subs, and roast meat for sandwiches. You’ll also find soup warming kettles and countertop food warmers that will ensure your food remains at safe serving temperatures. You can even make your own house-made dough by using proofing cabinets.

Tabletop Serving Supplies

Create an inviting eating area for your customers with our tabletop serving supplies. You’ll find a variety of bread baskets, diner platters, and plastic beverageware options to use in your fast-casual sandwich shop or deli. We also offer organizers and dispensers that can be set out at self-serve stations to keep cups, lids, straws, and portion cups neat and orderly.

Condiment and Topping Supplies

We have all the condiment and topping supplies you need for any front- or back-of-house application. Set up a fully-stocked condiment station by providing guests with portion control packs, pump dispensers, squeeze bottles, and cheese shakers. You can also fill your refrigerated prep table with olives, peppers, and other toppings so you have everything you need to make custom sandwiches and wraps in one convenient place.

Food Prep Equipment

Use the freshest ingredients by having a varied selection of food prep equipment on hand. Shred cheese with our graters, make purees with food mills, and slice roasted turkey or ham with meat slicers. You can also use portion control scales to ensure you’re offering consistent and equal amounts of lunch meat and deli salad to your customers. These scales will also help you keep track of ingredient inventory and monitor profits.

Food Prep Hand Tools

You’ll find all the food prep hand tools you need to maintain speedy operation during the busiest lunch rush! Stock up on bread knives, utility knives, and cutting boards to make cold sandwiches and subs, and use tongs and turners to flip hot burgers and cheesesteaks on the grill. By having the proper tools for your specific prep task, you’ll be able to keep lines moving and customers happy.

Refrigeration and Storage Supplies

When you’re using fresh vegetables, cheeses, lunch meats, and other spreads to make sandwiches, it’s important to have the proper refrigeration and storage supplies. Keep perishable items stored in any of our prep, undercounter, or worktop refrigerators. You can also store flour, sugar, and other dry goods in our ingredient bins. We even carry plastic food bags, pans, and crisper bins that will keep lettuce and other leftovers preserved until later use.


Our textiles can be used for anything from food prep to table service. Stock up on bar towels and dish cloths to wipe up spills and dry sheet pans, and use mitts and gloves to safely handle hot cookware. Don’t forget to also supply your servers and kitchen staff with restaurant aprons, so you can maintain a uniform and consistent look.

Advertising Supplies

Promote lunch specials, soup and sandwich combo deals, and sub of the month options with these advertising supplies. Set up signs and easels on the sidewalk to draw in passersby, and advertise deals inside your establishment with write-on menu boards. LED signs are also ideal for catching the attention of tourists and new customers.

Safety and Sanitation Supplies

Make sure your employees maintain proper hygiene, and keep your establishment free of pests, with our safety and sanitation supplies! Supply servers and kitchen staff with disposable gloves and hairnets to keep stray hair, germs, and other contaminants out of customers’ food. You’ll also want to ensure that entryways are outfitted with air curtains to help prevent bugs and other nuisances from entering whenever a door is opened.

Equipment Parts and Accessories

Keep your grill, portion scale, food processor, griddle, or oven operating efficiently by stocking up on these equipment parts and accessories. Whether you want to keep extra parts on hand in case an unexpected malfunction occurs, or you need an immediate replacement piece, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Whether you run a catering service that offers gourmet sandwiches and deli salads for delivery, or you operate a small sandwich shop in town, you’ve come to the right place for your deli equipment and supplies. We have everything your servers and cooks need to make delicious, fresh, and flavorful sandwiches their customers will love. Stock your inventory with all the basic essentials, and consider upgrading some of your equipment as your business continues to grow! For more great consumable products to help add flavor to your menu offerings, be sure to check out our bulk condiments, cooking oils and sprays, and herbs and spices.