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  • Holds glove boxes for one at a time dispensing
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Noble Gloves - Overview

Noble Gloves - Overview

Proper food handling is a vital part of any successful commercial kitchen, and Noble’s food service grade gloves are the perfect way to help you ensure sanitation and prevent cross contamination. The gloves’ durability and elasticity make them ideal for any type of food preparation, while changing and disposing of gloves between tasks is no longer a major blow against your bottom line, thanks to our always low price. Noble gloves are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of other applications too, perfect for home use or on the job, they are a tremendous option for maintaining sanitary condition in daycare centers, protecting your hands from grease and other abrasives, in light painting, mechanical and industrial jobs, and can even be used for light janitorial work. These food service grade gloves are available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes with both powdered, and powder free options to choose from. Noble gloves feature color coded boxes, so you can quickly pick out the best glove for a job. With pink, powder-free latex, blue powdered latex, green powder-free vinyl, and yellow powdered vinyl, this easy system will help you grab what you need, when you need it. It’s important to invest in multiple gloves sizes so that you have the ideal fit for all of your employees. Gloves that are too big will not stay on, while those that are too small are more prone to rips and tears. Because you should always have numerous glove sizes on hand, it is also a great idea to install a wall mount glove rack for each size to ensure they are always in reach when needed.

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This video gives you an overview of what Noble Gloves offers. These versatile, food service-grade gloves can be used to protect hands in almost any situation and come in multiple sizes and styles so you can provide your employees with the perfect fit

Noble Gloves - Proper Use

Noble Gloves - Proper Use

All of the gloves offered by Noble provide a protective barrier between your bare hand and food, or unsanitary conditions. But that doesn’t mean much if used incorrectly. For food handlers, it is always important that gloves be removed before or after handling money, and replaced with a new pair afterwards. Gloves must also be changed at least every four hours during continual use, and after handling raw meat and seafood, or poultry to cut down on cross contamination. Proper removal of disposable gloves is just as important as wearing the gloves properly. Cross contamination between soiled gloves and clean hands can can easily be prevented by following these simple steps. Grasp the outside edge of one of the gloves near the wrist. Peel it away from hand, turning the glove inside out. Hold this glove in the opposite gloved hand, then slide an ungloved finger under the wrist of the remaining glove, careful not to touch the outside of the glove. Peel it off from inside, creating a bag for both gloves. Discard, and wash hands thoroughly. Making gloves easily accessible allows you to slip on a pair even when in a rush. So don’t forget to purchase a wire wall mount glove rack, so that you can keep your gloves within arm’s reach of your sink, prep table, janitor’s closet, and more.

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In this video, we go over how to use Noble Gloves properly and most effectively; including how to properly remove these gloves. Proper wearing and removal of gloves can prevent cross contamination and keep your employees and customers safe.

Width 10 Inches
Depth 3 1/4 Inches
Height 4 Inches
Opening Width 7 3/8 Inches
Capacity 1 Boxes
Color White
Material Wire


This handy Noble Products wall mount glove rack is designed to hold glove boxes for easy one-at-a-time dispensing. Eliminates the possibility of cross contamination from counter tops. Mounts with 2 screws ( included).

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 10"
Depth: 3 1/4"
Height: 4"
Front Opening Width: 7 3/8"

This wire wall mount glove rack will hold many common boxes of disposable gloves, like our Noble Products gloves.

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Noble Products Wire Wall Mount Glove Rack ( 4.9 stars from 68 reviews )

    These glove wall racks are great for storing a box of gloves, it makes it very easy to quickly grab a pair of gloves and they are neatly placed, without having the glove box cutter up a shelf.

    from nire, inc. Posted on

    These glove box holders were a great addition to our kitchen. Keeps us nice and organized and ensures the staff can always find a ready to use box of gloves.

    from backwater Posted on

    Noble Products Wire Wall Mount Glove Rack This is an excellent product. i recommend this product to any business. Very durable and keeps the health inspector happy.

    from desalvo's Posted on

    I really enjoy this wall rack. It is in easy reach of where I need it, and keeps my gloves up and out of the way. I have this mounted under a kitchen cabinet, with enough space to reload it as needed. Easy to install as well.

    Posted on

    Bought these for my store, didn't have enough room to put gloves in the work areas, so I bought this. These work amazing! And on top of that the price is right!

    Posted on

    Installation was easy and they do their job well. All standard glove boxes fit well into them and we have not had any issues with them so far.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    Super easy to install and surprisingly sturdy, this glove rack will hold up for longer than most other things in your kitchen. It's made of thicker-gauge metal and comes with mounting hardware. I tried a few different glove boxes (different brands) and they all fit perfectly. These are inexpensive enough that getting one for each size is easy.

    Posted on

    I was looking for a strong and durable glove box holder and this one is great! The plastic ones can crack and break. This Noble wire wall mount glove rack is easy to use and will probably last forever!

    Posted on

    Love this product!. Price is right and it keeps the gloves out of the way but within reach. If you have a kitchen area with a tight prep space this little holders make a world of difference!

    from Cold Stone Creamery Posted on

    Perfect glove mount for my shop. Nit fits nicely under some shelves that I have and stays securely on the wall. My only suggestion would be to offer a stainless steel finish instead of just white.

    from Sophisticakes Posted on

    The glove racks were EASY to install! They are perfect for non-traditional spaces allowing for a creative layout in addition to placement in smaller kitchen spaces.

    from Camp Posted on

    I own a food truck and it gets hectic. People were always looking for the box of gloves. Well this has solved all issues everyone knows exactly where to look Totally recommend will buy again for sure.

    from rollin' coal bbq and catering Posted on

    Very easy installation and easy to fit the gloves in to the rack. This rack makes it easy to reach your gloves once you are done washing your hands.

    Posted on

    We have these in our BBQ Concession Trailer and they are awesome! We've tried another brand but the boxes no matter what size would find a way to fall through. Ordered 3 more to put in our newest trailer.

    from LAST SUPPER BBQ SMOKERS Posted on

    extremely useful piece of hardware that we use at city greens to hold glove boxes. Staff can easily can loves prior to making each order. The glove rack promotes sanitation standards by giving employees easy access to gloves on our line. Would highly recommend

    from City Greens Posted on

    We have a couple of these glove racks mounted in various places in our concession trailer. It holds the box of gloves very nicely and it is great when your trying to keep things in their place.

    Posted on

    Great price for a simple glove rack. While it does come with the mounting hardware, it was just loos in the main packing box. Be sure to look for it.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    Very handy! Was tired of having the boxes of gloves taking up space on the shelves. This way they are up and out of the way and easy to grab. The only down side is that it is a bit bigger than the box of gloves and the box will fall through the wire some.

    from GLO on the GO Posted on

    No more trailing glove boxes! The Nobel Wire Wall Mount was a great invention! I am thankful for the counter space this has saved my business.

    from Here, There and Everywhere Cafe Posted on


    from Kedbys Kreations & Party Rental Posted on

    These holders are easy to mount and are versatile. We use them as deli sheet dispensers next to our bakery case as well as gloves.

    from Deep Creek Coffee Co Posted on

    I bought three of these to place around the kitchen. Their sturdy construction and easy mounting make these a marvelous deal for the money. Pair this with a case of Noble Extra-Large Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves and you are ready to feed the hungry.

    from Camp Loy White Posted on

    Great glove holder. Place it by the sink and the health inspectors will love you and be impressed . By having the glove holder by the sink, you won't forget to put them on.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    Love these racks. Save on shelf space by hanging them on the wall. One was a little crooked so it was harder to get it to stay on the wall since I was using sticky tape instead of screws, but they are holding on very well.

    Posted on

    Perfect for holding my Noble disposable gloves. Easy to mount on the wall and looks clean because it it off the counter top. quick change and also easy to refill.

    from NASTC Catering Posted on

    Item is exactly as expected. Screws to the wall so in our ice cream truck this is perfect to prevent moving of the gloves while we are driving down the road. Holds the box of gloves perfectly!

    from KTC'S Brain Freeze Posted on

    Very convenient item for gloves. Allows me to wall mount and free up table top space. Boxes of gloves fit securely. Rack is strong enough to not worry about it falling or breaking.

    from Chef Stef Posted on

    just as described and very easily to install, saves you space and keep everything organized, very good price compared to others out in the market. will order again.

    from ERA Posted on

    This tends to hold the boxes we use a little too tightly - we need to crush them a little to make them fit. Regardless, much easier than having loose boxes lying around.

    from Winooski Falls Market and Deli Posted on

    This rack works perfect mounted in our mobile trailer. It keeps the gloves out of the way and gives us easy access to them when needed.

    from Heavenly Mini Donut Company Posted on

    Choice Wire Wall Mount Glove Rack are great! I bought 2 of them, and always smiling to them while I was looking at them:) it will always there, don't need worry about can't find my gloves anymore!

    Posted on

    This product rocks, the cost is crazy cheap and it works awesome, very easy to install and works with most manufactures of gloves, will definitely buy more for the whole restaurant!!!

    Posted on

    This is a great way to make gloves accessible to our employees. This is an affordable way to make gloves available in all prep stations. It would help if the rack was longer (maybe another 1/2". Some of the glove boxes are just bit longer than others.

    from Moe & Anita's Pizzeria Posted on

    Wall mounts make it easy to have gloves accessible and in sight for everyone using the kitchen. Love having the gloves in the same place so they are easy to find.

    Posted on

    This is a great product it fits standard size glove box with a snug hold which is good of you are going to hang this on the wall.

    Posted on

    These racks are at a great quality for the price and are a must have for food safety in the kithcen. It also frees up counter space by always having a box on the wall. thanks!

    from Nye Square Posted on

    works great with our vinyl gloves and is reasonably priced too ,easy to keep clean and mount holds the gloves great ,you may need to force a bigger box of gloves in it but it will fit..

    from jeanne's bakeshop Posted on

    A well placed mounting of one of these on the wall is one of those things where you instantly can't imagine going back to life without them there. They encourage sanitary habits, but it's also a way of reminding people that there is no excuse for not wearing them, because they are RIGHT THERE, on the wall.

    Posted on

    These are perfect for keeping the poly gloves out of the way but in a spot where everyone knows where they are. Before, employees would keep moving them around making it difficult to locate. Easy to install!

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    These racks are bigger than the size of our glove boxes, which can make them a little annoying to use. But it is great to be able to keep the gloves in one, easy-access place. That way they are always on hand (ha!)

    from Company Shops Market Posted on

    We go though some gloves when we go to a competition or have a catering event. And we use two different sizes for our team. this allows the gloves to readily available and keeps the boxes from getting crushed.

    from Coop De Grill Posted on

    Great product. For a little price you get convenient way to have gloves at hand with out taking counter space. Easy installation and sturdy built.

    from Llshop Posted on

    This is a sturdy little glove rack for the price. It was easy to install and keeps your gloves up and out of the way.

    from Shaver Lake Pizza Posted on

    Boy for the price i thought yea right this will be a piece of junk, but i was pleasantly surprised when they showed up. we still think it was a good deal.

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    I purchased 10 of these for our new cafe. We never had them in our old location so boxes were always in the way. These keep boxes in their place and make it so much easier to pull gloves out while in a rush.

    from Green Market Natural Foods Posted on

    I bought this to hang inside a cupboard door at a lower height since I am in a wheel chair. I do have one that hangs higher also..They both work great and I never have to hunt for my gloves now...

    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    Kepps those glove boxes from ending up all over the place. 2 screws with anchors included and they work great. Nothing fancy but they dont need to be. Great buy

    Posted on

    Excellent product. Can't believe how much easier it makes it to grab the gloves during food prep and keeps it all sanitary and out of the way.

    from The Blackbird Coffeehouse Posted on

    The Wire Mount Glove Rack. it is great for those one time disposible gloves. Makes for easy access. Easy to assemble with just two screws.

    from Harrison enterprizes Posted on

    good product helps organize the kitchen and counter by keeping the boxes of gloves off the counter and keeping them neatly on the wall wish they carried one that holds spray bottles

    from Dishes At Home Posted on

    The Wire mount Glove Rack is great. We have several wall mount's in our restraunt. In the back as well as in the frount line. We even have one for the dishwasher. The price is right.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    These are perfect for keeping your tables clear and enhancing work space. Its also a great way to have easy access to the gloves in any area!

    Posted on

    I bought several of these wall mount glove racks for my commercial kitchen. I have them over each of my handwashing sinks. They are a must.

    Posted on

    This is a great small wire wall mount rack for disposable gloves! Easy to install and works nicely on a mobile prep cart! Fantastic item!!

    Posted on

    We were always passing glove boxes around and moving them from spot to spot as we change prep tasks which was frustrating. This economical glove box holder is perfect. With our small kitchen and limited space I was even able to turn the boxes sideways and fit two of them in the holder standing upright side by side. This works well for us since we need medium, large and even extra large in our kitchen to suit everyone's needs.

    from signature caterers Posted on

    When your working with food you always need disposable gloves, and we have a couple of these racks with different sized gloves in every prep area in our pizza shop.

    Posted on

    We bought a couple of these recently and love them. They are very convenient and most importantly they add to the cleanliness of our kitchen!

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    This is a terrific item, a great way to store your disposable gloves and keep them handy. When it arrive I put it up right away near the stove, made hamburgers that night and having not to rummage into drawers was super!

    Posted on

    These glove racks mount to the wall with two screws and hold a standard size box of glove. A great way to keep gloves ready but out of the way for other important items.

    Posted on

    A perfect solution for storing your disposable gloves. They mount just about anywhere so you can always have your gloves available when and where you need them.

    from Good Bread Co. LLC Posted on

    what a great find this was. A system that allows us to take the box off the counter and keep in a dry clean place. great price and works perfectly

    from restaurant Posted on

    Read the reviews on this and decided to try it out, glad I did. It is the best buy i've made for awhile. It allowed me to put the gloves up off my cutting boards and out of contaminations way. great price, quality, and usability. Try it, you'll love it.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Very functional item. I wasn't sure if I needed it, but now that I have put this on the wall, I would be lost without it. It's easy to use.

    Posted on

    i like this product. it looks great and very durable. most glove boxes fit in it. very happy with the product functionality and the money i spent.

    from MAJE LLC Posted on

    The wall mount glove rack is a excellent addition to any kitchen. The rack mounts easily to a wall or metal and always keeps your gloves ready to grab.

    Posted on

    Great kitchen product. This has helped us maintain a clean area for food handling and keep safety gloves clean and well organized. It easily mounts to any wall or shelving system.

    from Cafemantic Posted on

    Very good quality wire rack. Careless employees will not ruin this one! Keeps the gloves handy, off the table and off the floor. Makes it easy to keep your prep area organized.

    Posted on

    My husband bought this glove holder for the house and It was just right to have one in the kitchen. I really like it, cause I don't have to worry about looking for gloves anytime I need one. I really recommend to anyone who use latex gloves.

    from lumineux Enterprises Posted on

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