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Other Available Sizes:

  • 8 qt. full size capacity
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant 18/8 stainless steel
  • Wood handles for extra stability
  • Stylish lid handle for aesthetics and safe access to the food
  • Elevated fuel shelf ensures the heat remains close to the chafer
  • Elegant beveled legs for optimum stability
  • Water pan, food pan, cover, frame, and fuel holders included
  • Dishwasher safe food pan, water pan, and cover
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Companion Items

Classic Chafers

Classic Chafers

Our popular Choice brand classic chafers give you a classic upgrade to a standard economy chafer. Whether your event is a wedding, an anniversary or a graduation, these chafers will give you the perfect look for less. Hi, I’m Steve Ziegler, Product Expert at the WEBstaurantstore. The thing that sets these classic chafers apart from your standard economy chafer are these ornate handles. You can see this nice one on the top of the dome here but in addition, the ones on the side are cool touch wooden handles which makes it really easy if you need to carry these around a bit. They also come complete with water pans and food pans and you can see with this round one, the food pan is extra deep which would allow you to use this for soups as well; it comes in handy for that type of application. All of these chafers also come with your fuel cell holders as well which is also a nice, handy feature. Of course, your full-size chafer will come with two of those. But these are complete kits and you can see when they are together they look great and they will fit in any application. In addition to these chafers, we also sell chafing fuel; we sell the polishing clothes; we sell the long tip lighters and we also have any type of buffet utensil you could possibly need. Please, feel free if you have any questions to use our live chat button. Thank you for watching.

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Our popular classic chafers give you a classic upgrade to a standard economy chafer. The ornate handles on these classic chafers really set them apart from standard economy chafers, and they even come with fuel cell holders and food pans included!

Choice Chafer Fuel

Choice Chafer Fuel

Whether you're catering a banquet, wedding, bridal shower, or other special event, we have the best selection of chafers and accessories at the best prices. My name is Matt Schuler, product expert and corporate chef. Today I am going to show you why Choice brand chafing fuels should be your #1 Choice for chafing fuel. Our buying power and skilled purchasing department allow us to keep our pricing incredibly low without sacrificing quality. We offer 3 different types of chafing fuels by Choice. 2 hour, 4 hour, or 6 hour(show pic of 3 cans) Of these three products, you will need to choose which fuel source best fits your application: wick fuel or gel fuel. Choice chafer gel fuel is the hottest and longest burning ethanol fuel on the market! Made from 200 proof gelled ethanol and capable of producing 1630 BTU's per hour, its gelled formula provides a higher heat output than conventional wick fuels and allows for maximum burn time. It is also easy to light, odorless, and burns clean. It delivers high-quality heat that burns hotter, longer, and safer than comparable fuels. Choice Gel fuel is offered in a 2 hour burn time. While Choice wick fuel is offered in 4 & 6 hour burn times. Although the 2 hr gel fuel offers to the lowest cost per can, the best value in terms of burn time & cost/hour is the 6 hour wick fuel. Because our wick fuel offers a convenient screw on lid, you can reuse the fuel to get the full 6 hours of usage out of it. If safety, flexibility and cost per hour are what you are looking for, then Choice wick chafer fuel is your brand. Our 6 hour wick fuel costs 18 cents/hour as compared to 24 cents/hour for the 4 hour wick fuel and 26 cents/hour for the two hour gel fuel. Its wick design and diethylene glycol fuel promote safe burning and help to keep the can cool to the touch even during use, while still providing a consistent, long-lasting flame. Even when spilled the liquid does not burn! These Choice fuels are also eco-friendly! Each can is made from recyclable aluminum, and the ethanol is produced using natural and recycled raw materials, resulting in a high-performance chafer fuel that is organic, biodegradable, 100% recyclable and made in the USA. Choice chafer gel and wick fuels are both great product, but here is a comparison to make your decision easier. Offered in a 2 hour burn time, Choice Gel fuels burn the hottest, are the least expensive and are the best option for chafers with low-resting water pans. On the other hand, Choice chafer wick fuels are available in both a 4 and 6 hour burn time, burn clean diethylene glycol, feature a resealable lid to get the maximum burn time and are cool to the touch. In addition, you don’t have to worry about spilled liquid because any spilled wick fuel won’t ignite. Check out our burn time comparison sheet, cost per hour chart, as well as the MSDS sheet, and our chafing fuel buying guide on our product page. (Show screen shot of product page/comparison chart/cost per hour chart). We also have a chafer fuel savings calculator where you can plug in the amount of fuel used per week and see how much savings you will have by switching to 6 hour Choice brand wick fuel. These charts will help you make a better buying decision! As always, click on the chat button for further questions regarding Choice brand chafing fuels. We hope this video helped you make the right “choice” for your foodservice application!!

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In this video, Corporate Chef Matt Schuler explains the best options to suit your needs when it comes to chafer fuel. From gel fuel or wick fuel, or fuel that burns up to 6 hours, Choice Chafer fuel has just what you need for every occasion!

Chafer Fuel Handling Tips

Chafer Fuel Handling Tips

Remember to always follow equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for pre-heating, but here are some safety tips to insure you have a safe and efficient chafer set-up…(Voice over portion showing shots of each step quickly) -Always select fuel to last the length of engagement so it will not be necessary to change fuels during the event -Always ensure water is hot and steaming and foods are at a minimum serving temperature of 140°F before putting food pan in place -Always use proper tool for removing lids. -Chafing fuels are NOT designed to cook; only maintain proper temperature for serving -Keep chafing fuels away from flammable table decorations or nearby items (i.e., curtains) -Always light fuels IN PLACE; use a long reach match or butane lighter; do not use other lighted cans or rolled up paper -Avoid touching GEL-TYPE cans as they become superheated overtime as the flame burns into the can -Always extinguish chafing fuel at the end of the event, using the proper tool -Dispose of spent fuel cans properly As always, click on the chat button for further questions regarding Choice brand chafing fuels. We hope this video helped you make the right “choice” for your foodservice application!!

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Check out this video to learn some vital tips about handling chafers and chafer fuel!

Chafer Accessories Review

Chafer Accessories Review

Another question we get sometimes is whether or not you can use different sized pans in these chafers. And the answer is yes, you can half size and 1/3 size pans. Now, the unit comes with a full sized 2 1/2" deep pan, which I’ll remove, but as long as you’re using 2 1/2" deep pans, you don’t want them any deeper than that or else you’ll be into the water in the water pan. But you can see those half size pans fit in there just right, and if you take this off, we can see that you can put the 1/3 size pans in there as well. Besides being able to purchase different sized food pans from us, you can also purchase different types of fuel. We have the wet fuel, the gel fuel, and we even have environmentally friendly fuel. We also have these microfiber cleaning cloths; these are the perfect thing for polishing the chafer, sometimes they do so well you don’t even need a chemical polish. And we also have these long tip, refillable lighters available as well. Well thank you for watching, and if you have any questions, please feel free to use our live chat button.

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Accessorize your Choice chafer with our full, 1/2, and 1/3 size food pans! Also check out our 3 types of chafer fuel, convenient microfiber cleaning cloths, and even our refillable long tip lighters.

How To Use A Chafer

How To Use A Chafer

And now to take a look at how we’re going to use the chafer. The first thing you’re going to do once you have it set up and your water pan in your frame is you’re going to fill the water pan with about 1 inch of very hot tap water. This will allow the temperature to come up a lot quicker. So once you do that, cover the chafer with the lid. Open up your fuel cell and place it in your fuel holder along with the fuel holder cover, which you should have open. Don’t light this until you’ve placed the fuel cell underneath the chafer. Then you can light it with a long-tipped lighter. Let it come up to temperature for about 20 minutes and then you’re ready for your food. The important thing about your food is that it has to be hot going in; a chafer is not designed to cook your food. It’s designed to keep it warm once it’s already cooked. I’m going to take the lid off, get my hot asparagus, and there we are. We’re ready to serve. Thank you for watching, and if you have any questions, please feel free to use our live chat button.

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Watch as Steve demonstrates the proper way to use your chafer, from how much water you will need to when you should light the fuel. And remember, a chafer is only for keeping food warm, not for cooking it!

Length 26 Inches
Width 13 1/2 Inches
Height 17 Inches
Capacity 8 qt.
Color Silver
Cover Type Lift-Off
Finish Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Product Line Choice Classic
Shape Rectangle
Size Full Size
Style High End Chafers
Type Standard Chafers

Customer questions about this product

Can I use different sized food pans in this chafer?
For any of our chafers that come with a 2 1/2" deep, full-size stainless steel food pan, you may also purchase two 1/2 size or three 1/3 size pans for added serving flexibility. Whichever size food pans you decide to use, make sure you're using only 2 1/2" deep pans, as they allow the proper amount of space for water and steam.
My stainless steel chafer has fingerprints and scratches and I can't seem to get it clean. What can I do?
Try using a microfiber polishing cloth. You may not need to use any chemicals to get rid of the scratches and fingerprints. If they are not easily removed by the dry cloth, our Noble Chemical stainless steel cleaner should do the trick!
Can I put the chafer's food pan in the oven?
Yes, the food pan included with this chafer can safely be used in the oven.
Ask your own question!


Showcase mouth-watering entrees, sides, and desserts at your buffet, wedding reception, or other catered event with this elegant Choice 8 qt. full size chafer. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, this chafer is resistant to corrosion and provides a sparkling, silver exterior. With wooden handles and adorned legs, this rectangular chafer combines style with durability to ensure a lasting product that will impress your guests and customers.

The lid's decorating handle accents the chafer, while providing safe and easy access to your food. Furthermore, this chafer's elevated chafer stand positions heat close to the water pan, maintaining your food's perfect serving temperature for hours. This elevation also minimizes exposure to the flame, ensuring guests and staff safety. Additional safety considerations include the two side handles for easy and steady transportation. Plus, the beveled legs provided optimum stability.

This food pan, water pan, and cover are dishwasher safe. Wash the exterior with soapy water and a microfiber cloth.

Each Kit Includes:
(1) Cover
(1) 2 1/2" deep food pan
(1) Water pan
(2) Fuel holders

Overall Dimensions
Length: 26"
Width: 13 1/2"
Height: 17"
Capacity: 8 qt.

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Customer Reviews

Overall User Rating: Choice Classic 8 Qt. Full Size Chafer ( 4.8 stars from 50 reviews )

    We ordered another great product in the Choice Classic 8 Quart Full Size Chafer. Looks very elegant. Well worth the price. We will order more.

    Posted on

    We use these for our more upscale catering events. You cannot beat these when it comes to classy food presentation. They look great and webstaurantstore sells them at a very fair price.

    Posted on

    I got these because we do so many family events and my niece is getting married in a couple of months and I want her to have a really nice wedding. These are so beautiful it is more than what I expected she already has them rented out for me so who knows I might make my money back on them with rental property.

    Posted on

    I really love these chafers. This was the first time I used them in an informal setting a few weeks ago. I will be posting a picture shortly.

    from Just B'cuz Wedding Posted on

    Great Item! Must Buy! Quality of the items purchased are very well constructed and easy to maintain. Excellent item for a deck BBQ or fest.

    Posted on

    Great size! Perfect for our wedding and for our party rental business. These chafing dishes were shipped quickly, and were the best priced chafing dishes that I've found by far! Will be purchasing more in the future!

    from Quick's Party Rentals Posted on

    What a Classic Piece! I purchased the matching set and this looks so great. Polished and such a classic feel to the product, it makes everything stand out on our presentation.

    from HJS SERVICES Posted on

    We used to purchase these same style chafers from a different vendor. I was nervous to try these out as they were listed at a way lower price! I received these and never turned back - they are great quality! Love this website!!

    from Green Mill Catering Posted on

    We love the formal look of the Choice Classic 8 qt Full Size Chafer. They are lighter in weight than I thought they would be. So far so good...I don't think we would use them for every event maybe for more upscale/formal events.

    from 1st Course Catering Co. Posted on

    I needed an attractive set of chafing dishes without having to spend a fortune each. These chafing dishes look more expensive than they are. For the price, they are excellent. I do keep each one in a plastic crate to avoid excess wear and tear, and I have had some of them for three years and they still look great. These are not the type of chafers you can throw in the back of a truck unprotected, but who does that anyway. They are still shiny and new looking and I just re-ordered six more.

    from Aunt Sally's Catering Posted on

    These chaffers are perfect for home entertaining and look beautiful too. They are easy to clean and move around. I highly recommend them for home or business use.

    Posted on

    AWESOME! I got this for snacks for football games. It worked great to divide in half for both potato skins and stuffed mushrooms. The food was warm through six hours of football. The only problem was my great niece felt the chafer was too fancy for football.

    from Dragon Pest Control Posted on

    You will not be disappointed with this item,. It was the best purchase I have ever made, It will stand out when serving. Very durable

    Posted on

    I got this and I love it!!! I'm going to use on my grandson birthday Paty. Definitely I recommend that, and is very good price!!

    from Home used Posted on

    I bought this chafer for my catering business. It is very elegant looking and is very impressive. It looks live a very expensive chafer. Definitely buying more for my business.

    from Gerard catering Posted on

    I like the new 8 Qt rectangular chaser's I got for my business. It's very elegant, I am looking forward to using it for my up coming event. It's going to make a very elegant statement in my table scape.

    from couture event planning Posted on

    So happy I ordered. Very nice chafing dish. It has incredible detail and looks very elegant. Can't wait to use in a few weeks for a family party.

    Posted on

    I ordered these for my upcoming graduation party in May. I was quite impressed at how quickly they arrived. I can't wait to showcase them at my party and I am in the process of ordering more!

    Posted on

    These Chafer was an elegant touch to our Annual Rainbow dinner. Thanks to the Chafers the dinner was a success. sent many people to the website to order.

    from Grace Apostolic Church Posted on

    I ordered this for my daughter's wedding. It was lovely and added so much elegance to the buffet table. I was even more impressed with your customer service. They were very quick in addressing my questions and resolving a shipping mishap that resulted in damages. Thank you.

    Posted on

    These dishes are great just as pretty as silver and so mush easier to keep up. No tarnish. I have the silver ones also but will be using these more often

    from debbie's decorations Posted on

    Beautiful and elegant looking chafers! They were the perfect size for my food and made my catering event look so classy! i am pleased and you will be too!

    from All things delcious Posted on

    These chafers lend wonderfully to an elegant wedding buffet. They are sturdy--and still in the same condition as when we started using them 15 weddings ago. And you cannot beat the quality for the amazing for webstaurant price!

    from Bocca Felice, LLC Posted on

    A trio of these beautiful chafers on display at a summer wedding!

    I recently purchased two of these chafers for an event. The design on the lid and legs gives it a touch of elegance. The chafer is very sturdy and looked great on the table. I will order more in the future. Great Value..A++++

    from Atlanta Linen Rentals LLC Posted on

    Beautiful chafers. Excellent pricing. The presentation has increased our bookings of up scaled events. Easy to maintain and transport to events. We've purchased more to do more than one event at a time.

    from Events of Excellence Catering Posted on

    We bring the Excellence to You!

    I really like webstaurant's service from the time I placed the order to the point when I needed help. I had a problem with the chauffer when I used it for the first time when the trays had bubbles on them from the heat. I was advised that it was normal for the bubbles to occur however the chauffer will not have any performance issues. I'm really hoping that this will not be a major issue for future use.

    Posted on

    We bought 7 of these chafer and they are the talk of the town in Ottawa Canada This is our # 1 store for shopping

    from Lil Negril island grill Posted on

    The chafers come with everything you need minus the fuel. The fuel canisters have a convenient closing snuffer. The quality is little on the low side as far as appearance goes.

    from City of Lindsborg Posted on

    Thanks for your review! This is a quality chafer offered at a great price. If you are interested in another chafer, be sure to check out our Chafing Dish Guide.

    WEBstaurantStore.com Customer Solutions

    I live in France and visiting the USA at this time.Those are the greatest deal forever I have been encountered so far. At my first sight, I knee the quality was incredible and I ordered threat first. Upon receiving them, I was so happy and satisfied of my purchase, making me ordered another set of three. I would recommend these chafing dishes to anyone. There are just " fantastic".

    Posted on

    I love this item it was great for my outside backyard event it gave the entire event a touch of class. both items 8 Qt as well as the 4 Qt made a beautiful setting that is still being talked about a year later. this price is great!

    from Lick's Catering Posted on

    I've received so many compliments about the items I recently purchased. I am ready to order two more of the classics midrange chafers bringing my total to six. I love them along with the speedy response I received when they were out of stock. I would recommend this company to any and every one that asked. Keep up the good work.

    Posted on

    Needed these for a banquet and got my first order in a couple of days. Excellent delivery times at great shipping rates. Great price and service.

    Posted on

    These 8 qt Full Chafers are so nice for catering or family get togethers. They are very well made and do the job well. Very Happy with mine.

    Posted on

    These 8qt. chafers are so nice for any party. I do weddings and they are just beautiful on my tables. I have 4 this size. Great buy.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    I use these on the buffet tables for weddings and they rught away add a sense of elegance. They are holding up nicely and do not seem to need polishing so far.

    from Evelyn's Culinary Services Posted on

    The 8 Qt. Classic Rectangular Full Chafer is great for any catering job.We have used ours many times for weddings,annaverserys. Easy to transport. Keeps food warm with the sterno's our customers love it,and we do too.Easy to clean .

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    This Chafer sets a very attractive buffet. It is lightweight for transporting but sturdy for using. Easy to clean. My clients have been very pleased with the presentation of the buffet at their event.

    from In the Kitchen Posted on

    They were Very Nice I had a Cartering & it just Laid my catering OUT!!!!! I received them in 3-days. I will be ordering From web resturant

    from Family Tyme Catering Posted on

    We are very pleased with the quality of the chafers we ordered. Can't be the price on such an elegant chafer. These chafers will look great for special ocassions.

    Posted on

    Clients DO Notice Detail! Brides ask "Are those the exact Chafers that will be on my Buffet?" Beautiful Presentation, the graceful appearance of the legs and footing on these trays lend to a soft elegant appearance setting on a buffet table. Pretty scrolled simulated wood handles and the ornimental decor atop the lid just make these a must! They dress up a back yard BBQ, Beach Wedding, and Still look stunning at a banquet room! The food trays are deep,saves your staff from constantly dropping in refill trays. They clean up very well, although these are not non-stick pans nothing seems to stick, The top lid has a beautiful mirrored finish and it's easy to care for...finger prints just wipe away with a soft cloth! Ashame to say but my other Chafers which we spent more money on, just sit on the back shelves!

    from California Beachfront Weddings Posted on

    We chose to order from Webstaurantstore.com because of the good reviews we had seen for your customer service. We could find a comparable chafer elsewhere for a little less but we went with Ths Webstaurant Store because it had such a good rating by so many customers. WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED! You truly do have the best customer service team in the industry! We ordered two 8 Qt. "Classic" rectangular full chafers. When they arrived one of the cartons was damaged and the chafer was dented and scratched. Additionally, the hole for the handle on top was off-center. I contacted customer service and was told to submit photo evidence of the damage and misdrilled holes. After submitting these, replacement chafers were sent out the same day. We were informed that there had been a bad batch of chafers and to keep or donate the bad ones to charity. We are glad we bought from the WEBstaurant Store! Sincerely, Philip & Kathy Posey

    Posted on

    Very good purchase I own a small Catering Service and this chafer has enhanced our presentations. We are completely satistifed and would recomend this item to anyone on a budget that wants a quality product.

    from Sothern Hospitality Catering Posted on

    Bought this Chafer recently and they are so preety laid out. They make a really good looking buffet setting for the occasions we have used them in. They are great for the price as well.

    Posted on

    I love this chafer I took it to the caribbean and do two weddings and every love it this is really good and also I am planning to buy some more I will recomend it to any one

    from Telesfordsisterscartering Posted on

    Nice chafing dish for the price. It is a little time consuming to put together but worth the time. Nice fit and finish and shine.

    from The Mocha House Posted on

    This is was beautiful. Im going to purchase a few more of the other matching items that go along with this chafer dish. I would recomend this item to everyone.

    from Virtuous Designs Posted on

    Great product! Arrived in a timely manner. Product was very elegant looking, will order the same product again. Very pleased. Thanks Webstaurant. Will post photos after I used this product.

    Posted on

    These lightweight chafing stands are easy to use, put together, clean and you cannot beat this price. I ordered six of them and you should too.

    from Specialty Catering Posted on

    I live in Leland, Illinois and received my chafers in excellent condition and the quality is superb. Everyone complimented the excellent look and quality of the products. Webstaurant was accurate in the photo's, quality and delivery of the product. I will definetly use Webstaurant again for all of my restaurant and catering needs. I would recommend to anyone looking for equipment at a great price, with great quality and superb service. Thank you webstaurant! Kathy Hanson, Country Girl Catering.

    Posted on

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