The 12 Pains of On-line Holiday Shopping

By Ryan Loose

Fact: I haven’t been in a store Holiday shopping in 8 years. Fact: Holiday shopping at the mall sickens me. Fact: On-line shopping can be a pain in the butt too. The twelfth thing about on-line Holiday shopping that’s a royal pain to me...

12) Can I Request A Gift Receipt or Blind Shipping?

- All I want to do is mail this to my buddy, but obviously don’t want a receipt in the box. I go through check out, but there isn’t a box to check to blind ship. So, I try to email the company to request a blind shipment, only to find out the order’s already gone. Voice Mail - "Hey Ryan, thanks for the $7.26 sneaker balls you sent me. Really thoughtful. And, apparently I have stinky feet. Thanks again."

11) HOW Much For Gift Wrapping?

- Alright, I’m a guy. Therefore, I am terrible at gift wrapping. Seriously, I once had to use duct tape to seal up a wrapping job because I used to much paper. Normally, I’ll elect the gift wrapping if available. But, have you seen some of the charges? Sorry, I’ll just go buy a roll of duct tape for a buck. Get the scissors Ma.

10) Is This A Website, Or A Garage Sale?

- I love searching for a product, finding the lowest price, and then going to the company’s website only to find... my two year old nephew designed it! I love him, but don’t really trust him with my credit card just yet so... back button (click!)

9) An Email a Week for the Rest of My Life

- I still get emails from companies I bought from 2 YEARS AGO!! I must not have noticed that I didn’t not click the button you clicked for me that said I really, really want to know about all of the sales you’re having for the rest of my life. Yeah, it’s just that confusing to find the ’Not Interested’ button sometimes!!

8) Unsubscribe

- (See number 9) These are also the emails that you can never find the ’Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom. So, you try to reply to the email, but there’s no one at the other end reading. Guess you’re stuck. Or, you can just open another gmail account. This will be my third, I think?

7) Customers Also Bought...What?

- (This one’s actually not really a pain, more of a funny observance) A lot of sites put up a list of items that other people bought with the item you’re buying. The best is when the site doesn’t really filter the results. You’ve got a pair of ice skates in your cart, and there’s a Speedo on the list. Who buys ice skates and a Speedo? Wait. I don’t want to know.

6) Combo Deal, My Rear

- Okay, so you’re telling me if I act now, I can get this $15 DVD and this $10 book for an astounding $25? That’s just peachy.

5) The Infamous 10% Discount

- Look, all I want is this sweater and this belt, and that’s it. I’ll never shop here again and there is no way in heck that I’m going to spend over $200 today, so, I really don’t need your 10% nor do I want another credit card weighing me down. Stop asking me on every screen!

4) How Did I Get Here From There?

- Want to know the easiest way to feel like you’re 4 years old again? No, it’s not Disneyland. It’s trying to figure out: Which button do I click to check out? Why is there nothing in my cart? So why am I back at the beginning, I just entered my card number? Look, I really want to give you my money, money, money, money. Why has it got to be so hard?

3) Flying Blind

- Steve brought this one up, and I’m the same way, won’t buy anything without an image even if it is a great deal. Can’t go to the store to hold it, at least let me see what it looks like. You’d think online stores would realize this?

2) Where’s The Service?

- Here’s one of Brian’s royal pains of on-line Holiday shopping. Got a question? Got a problem? Here’s our customer service number in big, flashing numbers. Unfortunately, no one answers the phone, and the voice mail has been full for about three months, and you swear you hear crickets chirping on the other end of the line... The answer is no. Humans don’t work there.

1) Your Call

- I’m leaving this one open for you, the blog reading masses. Just let it out. What causes you the biggest pain about online shopping? Please don’t use names of other sites, but if it’s our site we want to know so we can fix it. Just add your comment below!

Thanks to Brian, Steve, Charlie, and Dave for their input on this post.

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Sandra Verrier Says:

You find the best deal, put it in your cart and buy it. Then it says Not Currently Available and We'll Let You Know When It Ships (not anytime soon you can be sure). Grr. So what do you do, try to cancel it (good luck) and find it somewhere else? Or pray it will eventually become available and ship for the price you locked it in at? In the back of your mind you'll wonder if it will charge you the new price when it comes in. Was the wait worth it?

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