5 Things to Avoid When Buying an Ice Machine

1. Avoid buying an ice machine that is too small for your needs. There is nothing worse than having to run to the store to buy ice during a busy shift. Figure out your needs, and then add a 20% buffer.

2. Avoid buying an ice machine that you cannot use: double check and make sure that you have the proper electrical voltage, water lines and drain. Also, please read the description and check out the spec sheet for the unit that you intend to buy.

3. If you need to have an ice machine in an enclosed area, like a closet space, avoid air-cooled machines. An air cooled machine will heat the area in a small space quickly, which will lead to decreased efficiency and machine breakdowns.

4. Avoid shortening the life of your ice machines: don’t skimp on a filter/descaler. Every ice machine we sell has the appropriate filter kit listed as a companion items. A couple of hundred dollars now will save you a couple thousand dollars in the future. Not to mention, your ice will taste much better when made from filtered water!

5. Avoid slow performance and repairs: If you are buying an air cooled ice machine, make sure you have proper clearance for air flow. A minimum of 6” is required around the intake of an air cooled machine. If you do not have the clearance, save yourself hassles and expense by purchasing a water-cooled machine.

For more details on purchasing ice machine and an ice usage chart, visit our Ice Machine Buying Guide. You can check out our wide range of ice machines here.

Posted in: Restaurant Equipment | By Steven Ziegler
evelyn ryan Says:

most states do not allow water cooled machine unless its a closed loop system.

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