Increase Your Profits with Popcorn

Want to make an additional $15,984 per year? Sell Zea mays everta!

Sell WHAT?! - Popcorn!

For centuries, people have been fascinated by this wholesome, economical treat. According to, some Native Americans believed that a spirit was living inside each kernel of popcorn. The belief followed that when the kernel heated, the spirit within it grew angry and would burst out of its home and into the air in a puff of steam.

On a more scientific note, popcorn is a type of maize, or corn, and is a member of the grass family. Of the 4 most common types of corn—sweet, dent (also known as field), flint (also known as Indian corn), and popcorn—only popcorn pops!

Contrary to the other types of corn, popcorn’s hull has just the right thickness to allow it to burst open, creating the treat that we have all come to love.

Why Sell Popcorn?

By offering popcorn in a variety of sizes – namely, “small,” “medium,” and “large” – you are opening the door to endless profitabilities. In fact, it takes only one ounce of un-popped popcorn to produce a quart of popped popcorn.

Speak My Language

Gold Medal Products Company breaks it down like this:

  • A small order of popcorn costs about $.22 in food costs and sells for about $1.25. That is a profit of 87%!
  • A medium order of popcorn costs about $.37 in food costs and sells for about $1.85. A profit of 80%!
  • A large order of popcorn costs about $.53 in food costs and sells for about $2.75. A profit of 81%!

At an estimated 20 servings / day, 30 days / month, 12 months / year, that’s a total projected profit of $15,984! (more or less)

So How Do I Get Started? has everything you need to make your popcorn sales a success. From popcorn poppers to popcorn kits, boxes, bags, and so much more, we have it all!

Once you get all set up, try selling your popcorn at sporting and entertainment venues, high-traffic stores, fairs, and festivals. Make your popcorn as mouth-watering as possible by buttering it up movie-style, or try out a kettle corn or cheddar variety.

Always Remember

You can EASILY double your net profits by keeping your popper out in front of your business and popping the corn around your busiest times. Just the scent of hot, buttery, fresh-popped popcorn will draw in the crowds like never before!



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