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Carnival King Caramel Dip - #10 CanCarnival King Caramel Dip - #10 Can


Carnival King Caramel Dip #10 Can   - 6/CaseCarnival King Caramel Dip #10 Can   - 6/Case


Reg.3 - 34 Lots of 35
$89.99 $89.60$88.00

30 lb. Granulated Peanuts30 lb. Granulated Peanuts


1 - 2 3 - 7 8+
$37.99 $36.29$34.40

Great Western 15 oz. Applicious Candy Apple Coating   - 15/CaseGreat Western 15 oz. Applicious Candy Apple Coating   - 15/Case


$30.49 $29.23

When you have all the necessary candy apple supplies on hand, you can either dip custom orders in front of patrons, or you can prepare apples in advance and package them in plastic candy apple bubbles. From salted pretzel caramel apples to toffee nut apples, you’ll have an enticing menu your guests won’t be able to resist. And, by decorating caramel apples and displaying them in a presentable way, you’ll be able to boost impulse sales. You may also want to check out these cake pop, lollipop, and candy apple sticks and ice cream toppings. These double boilers are great for melting caramel and chocolate for dipping. If you're wondering where to buy caramel candy apple supplies, we have a large selection of caramel candy apple supplies for sale at the lowest prices.