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1 oz. Serving Ladle

Item #: 92246941


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$0.99 $0.95

4 oz. Flat Bottom Ladle

Item #: 124FL1004


4 oz. Hollow Handle Ladle

Item #: 92246909


2 oz. Flat Bottom Ladle

Item #: 124FL1002




Reg.Lots of 24
$10.49 $9.03


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$6.29 $6.08

6 oz. Flat Bottom Ladle

Item #: 124FL1006


Use a flat bottom ladle to evenly spread tomato sauce on fresh made pizza. A hooked handle easily rests on the edge of stockpots and pans for added convenience and organization in your kitchen. Our selection of stainless steel serving ladles is also perfect for dishing out portions of gravy, soup, and hot breakfast items, and is sure to look great next to other buffetware!

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