Complete Your Table Settings with Our Varied Selection of Restaurant Flatware

Browse our selection of restaurant flatware to find the perfect pattern and style to complement your fast food, casual, or fine dining establishment. Our sets of commercial flatware are designed with presentation and quality in mind, so whether you choose an option with a shiny luster finish or a set with a soft shine, your choice is sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your dining tables. We also offer flatware in various weights, depending on how casual or upscale your dining establishment is. Read more

Choose from medium weight for economical flatware, heavy weight for a sturdier feel, and extra heavy weight for the most upscale and durable option. Our restaurant flatware includes forks, spoons, and knives, as well as specialty utensils like bouillon spoons, salad forks, grapefruit tools, and steak knives. Your staff will also appreciate our various commercial flatware options that are dishwasher safe, which is ideal for use in high volume establishments where cleanup times are an issue.


Medium Weight Flatware

Medium weight flatware, also known as economy weight flatware, is great for schools, hospitals, and other institutions where loss or theft happens more frequently. This stainless steel flatware is corrosion-resistant and feels light in your hand. Thanks to its economical price, you can reorder more when you need it without stretching your budget!

Heavy Weight Flatware

Heavy weight flatware is made of durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It's more durable than medium weight flatware, and it also features a finer silver finish. These utensils feel heavier in your customers' hands, and we offer a wide range of styles, from undecorated to ornate designs, to add style to your table settings. Use heavy weight flatware at casual, fast casual, and mid-level food service businesses.

Extra Heavy Weight Flatware

Extra heavy weight flatware comes with more nickel content, making it more durable and rust-resistant than alternative options. Because of its nickel content, extra heavy weight flatware won't be picked up by flatware retrievers, but it boasts a superior shine and luster. This premium grade flatware is great for fine dining establishments and feels very sturdy in your diners' hands, giving them more stability and control as they eat.

Flatware Accessories

Our flatware accessories are great for buffets and catered events. Choose from spoons made of stainless steel or plastic, and pick solid, slotted, or perforated spoons to suit the item you're serving. We also offer durable steak knives that come in several sizes and feature wood, steel, and plastic handle types to complement your steakhouse or restaurant.

From owners of cafés and coffee shops to operators of large dining halls and popular restaurants, our restaurant flatware will allow you to create the perfect tabletop presentation. You’ll also find flatware with intricately designed handles for an even more elegant appeal. Whether you need medium weight flatware for your healthcare facility or heavy weight flatware for your casual restaurant, we have the options for you. To complete your table setting, be sure to check out our china dinnerware, beverageware, and cloth table covers!