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16" Piano Whip

Item #: 92247036


12" Piano Whip

Item #: 92247032


10" Piano Whip

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14" Piano Whip

Item #: 92247034



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18" Piano Whip

Item #: 92247038



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$7.49 $6.86


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$7.99 $7.29


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A piano whip makes a big difference in kitchen tasks that involve mixing, beating, or fluffing ingredients. The light, fine gauge wire on these whips is great for delicate applications like whipping cream, creaming butter, or beating eggs. The wire is slightly flexible to conform to your mixing bowl or pot, helping you to whip and stir ingredients easily. Choose from different lengths depending on the amount of ingredients you're mixing and the size of your pot. Check out our wooden spoons, paddles, and high-heat utensils for additional mixing tools.

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