Ice cream scoops and dishers are perfect for scooping virtually any food, hard or soft, so long as you use the right tool for the job. While food dishers work best with soft foods, ice cream scoops are primarily intended for use with hard, frozen foods. Both ice cream scoops and food dishers offer color-coded options for establishments, with a different color representing each size. While this feature allows for fast, efficient size-identification in busy establishments, it also helps to prevent cross-contamination and therefore increase food safety. Overall, ice cream scoops and food dishers make serving quick and easy, and are great for use in a school cafeteria, a catered event, or anywhere that has a large volume of hungry people moving through! For more serving utensils, check out our serving spoons and other serving utensils. For serving options, take a look at our wide selection of china dinnerware to make sure your food is presented elegantly.

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