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Over 150 Years of Excellence in Restaurant Equipment
As one of the industry’s leading providers of commercial cooking equipment, Garland / US Range offers some of the best stovetops, ranges, charbroilers, fryers, and cooking surfaces around! Established in 1864, Garland has been producing high quality cooking equipment for the past 150 years. For the most superior cooking experience, pick up a Garland range or Garland stove! Read more

In 2008, Garland / US Range became part of Manitowoc Foodservice, and since then it has claimed Best in Class awards for its Garland ranges in the Primary Cooking Equipment, Storage & Handling Equipment, and Furnishings, Décor & Custom Fabrication categories. Our wide selection of Garland ovens, electric ranges, stovetops, charbroilers, fryers, griddles, and other Garland restaurant equipment is sure to offer whatever you may need to run a successful business, no matter what restaurant type you own!