Dutch Gold Honey

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Dutch Gold Honey is the largest family-owned honey company in the United States and has been offering the highest quality honey products to its customers since 1946. Based in Lancaster, PA, Dutch Gold Honey offers a variety of honey flavors with distinct tastes based on what flowers and plants the pollen was harvested from. Their unique flavor profiles give chefs and bakers a wide range of sweetening options when preparing their foods! Read more

Here at The WEBstaurant Store, we offer Dutch Gold Honey in 1 lb., 5 lb., and 60 lb. capacities to suit any application, whether you need an all-natural sweetener for your coffee shop or bulk honey for your bakery! Dutch Gold Honey's products are True Source Certified, meaning its honey has been sourced from ethical beekeepers and suppliers; that they abide by all U.S. laws and trade duties; and that the source of their honey is accurately labeled, quality tested, and handled safely.