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For the best in commercial bakeware, browse pans, pizza dishes, and cookie sheets from Chicago Metallic! For more than 100 years, Chicago Metallic has provided commercial quality baking pans and accessories to both home bakers and businesses alike. From basic bakery recipes to specialty desserts like molten cakes and biscotti, Chicago Metallic is sure to have the perfect pan to handle your most difficult culinary creations. Read more

Choose from bakeware made of aluminum, aluminized steel, or stainless steel. Aluminum is the best type of bakeware thanks to it's fast, even heating and non-stick properties. However, this soft metal is prone to warping and denting. That's why Chicago Metallic also carries aluminized steel for your most heavy duty bakery tasks! Additionally, they carry stainless steel pans. This material is extra durable, but you lose some of the fast, even heating that aluminum offers. Chicago Metallic isn't just limited to to cookie trays! Choose from tons of specialty molds and pans for making bread, angel food cake, tarts, cupcakes, and even taco shells! They also carry bun pan trucks and dollies to cart all of your equipment around. Learn all about the components of Chicago Bakeware in this behind the scenes video.